1D Imagines

Hey Guys! This is are first book, we need ideas and request. no hate please.


2. Imagine for Caitlyn

Caitlyn's P.O.V.

I walked into Starbucks to get a vanilla frappuccino when someone bumped into me and spilled tea all over me.

Niall: oh my god i am so so sorry !!!!

Me: it is ok it just really burns!

i finally got my frappuccino and went to go sit down when Niall sits next to me.

Me: what are you doing?

Niall: what a man can't sit down in a resturant.

Me: whatever!

i got up and started to leave when someone grabed my arm.

Niall : do you need a ride home?

Me : no i'm fine

Niall: please let me give you a ride.

me : fine

once we left niall asked me where i lived so i told him and he followed the instructions to get to my home. when we arived at my place, my brother walked out the door and said....

Brad: where have you been? !!!!!!

me: i just went to get something to drink after work!

brad: i don't care you were supposed to be home 20 minutes ago!

me : whatever!

niall : dude just relax you don't need to yell at her.

brad: shut up and leave my sister alone!

after niall left i went upstairs to get changed to go to my parent's wedding aniversary.

once i got dressed i went downstairs to find brad on the couch watching tv.

me: brad are you ok?

brad: no you should have been ready 10 minutes ago and now we are late!

me : brad just because you don't get what you want doesn't mean you can take it out on me!

brad: *slaps Caitlyn* just shut up you have no clue!

caitlyn: *crying* you are so mean i should have just stayed with mom and dad!

brad: then maybe you should go back to them!!!!

Niall's P.O.V.

me : i hope she is okay after her brother yelled at her?

caitlyn: *texting niall* please come and get me i need you!

Me: *texting cailtyn* ok i'm on my way!

once i got to her house she ran out the door and was in tears.

me: are you ok?

caitlyn: no m-my b-brother h-hit m-me!

i try my best to calm her down but it didn't work. i drove us to my place to see if she will then calm down.

caitlyn: where are we?

niall: we are at my place is that ok?

caitlyn: its fine i just wanted to know.

we walked into the house and sat on the couch.

Caitlyn's P.O.V.

i sat on his soft couch in the living room and i started to cry again.

niall: shhh its ok he can't hurt you anymore.

me: i know its just that no one ever hit me before, he would always take care of me, i don't know what got into him this afternoon.

niall: still he shouldn't have hit you!

i finally calmed down and started to fall asleep.

Author's Note:

sorry i will come back and finish it later hope you liked it so far!!



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