Charlotte has been waiting years and years to find true love. But has she been looking in the wrong places? Follow Charlotte in this suspensful novella about her journey through love and even heartbreak.


1. The first day

  I hopped out of bed as quickly as i could. My feet hit the cold wood floor as i scrambled to find something to wear. It was the first day of school and i was a senior at Bell Creek High.

  "The senior year sucks," my brother Randy said. I rolled my eyes and stuffed a bowl of soggy wheat thins down my throat. I could never trust Randy's judgement. Even my mom didn't trust him.

  "Ignore him Char," she said. I nodded and scooped up my backpack, darting for the bus stop. My skinny jeans felt warm against my thighs and my pink top felt good against the cold.

  "Charlotte!" My best friend, Jordan, was sitting in the front row of seats. He patted vigorously for me to sit next to him. I smiled to myself and slid into the seat next to him, placing my backpack on my lap.

  "We're seniors!" Jordan said jokingly. I laughed at him. He pushed his already slicked up hair farther up onto his head with his two center fingers. Jordan was cute, but i didn't want to risk our friendship by dating him. It was too risky.


  We jumped off the bus together when the bus stopped out front of the school. I saw many familiar faces, along with some unfamiliar faces, too. Jordan stayed at my side as we filed into the auxiliary gym in the back of the school.

"Hey," Jordan called to a boy i had never seen. He was tall and muscular, his arm around a blonde girl I knew as Mady. The boy waved to Jordan as he walked away. "Thats Niall," Jordan whispered. "He moved here from Ireland during the summer. He seems nice, from what I have heard about him." My eyes stayed on Niall as we walked the rest of the way to our classes. His outfit was so casual: a navy Hollister shirt with beige pants and gray converse. I was disbelieving that we had a new student from Ireland.

  My first class was English. We were supposed to have read five books over the summer, which i had forgotten (not being a big reader.) I received an A on the first quiz about it, though. Better not count on receiving another one. I was never good at English. Jordan was, and i knew this because last year he always received A's. 

  My next class was math. My teacher, Mrs. Grump, had been here for years. She was old and grouchy. Her name fit her quite well, actually. During math i doodled on my notebook and tried to pay attention, but my mind was fixed on Niall so i was having trouble staying focused.

  The rest of the day was science and history, which i don't like either. I am not exactly a school girl. When the last bell rang, i rushed out on the bus, but Jordan was sitting wasnt there so i had to find a seat for both of us. He popped on a few minutes later.

  My first day wasnt so bad. I mean, it could have been better, but it wasnt bad. I raced Jordan home from the bus stop, even though it seems babyish. We are next door neighbors anyways.



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