Skulduggery Pleasant: Death's Dawn

"I grabbed the axe off of one of them, snapping it with a sharp crack, twisting around and driving it into the skull of another. These guys were easy to kill, but we were being overwhelmed. I was almost at Tihana's side again, when I felt the rock hit my head.

"Oh bollocks." Blood trickled down the side of my face, and then I passed out."


8. Chapter 7

Swordlord and Shadow Wolf - Tyrian

I was sitting on the see-saw, like a loner, when I saw a dark shape tumble towards the park. It ripped through the strong iron fence as if it were butter and charged towards me.

"Oh sh-" I was crushed under the weight of a angry, half-ton werewolf. My breath was running out fast "Tihana, for gods sake! Calm down!" I knew she had turned, but normally she listened. Perhaps she hadn't been feeding. Perhaps she was more scared than me. Whatever it was, she was in a blood lust. She tried to bite at my side with jaws that could probably snap me in half without even trying. I rolled to the side, just as her teeth crunched where my delicate rib cage had been moments before. I scrambled to my feet and sent a jolt of electricity through her sensitive nose. I detested having to fight against her, but with werewolves, even one you considered a friend, you have to do what you can if you want to stay alive. I snapped out my left palm, and a shield of high air pressure stood between me and Tihana.

"Honestly, you really need to take a chill pill." She snarled at me. "And brush your teeth." Perhaps that got her. She scraped at the shield, and the sound set my teeth on edge. She did it again, and I felt it begin to wane. It was then that I heard the shout.

"Oh that's bloody ridiculous, now you two tip up?" I yelled as Skulduggery and Valkyrie stepped in next to me.

"What is a werewolf doing in Ireland? They're extinct, for god's sake!" He roared at me, forcing walls of air down around Tihana. Honestly. He was as bad as the werewolf. I noticed what he was doing, and suddenly released the wall I had put up. Tihana leaped at him.

"That's Tihana! You can't kill- or sedate -Tihana!" I looked at the skeleton with slight anger in my eyes, not bothering the werewolf charging towards us. I realized my mistake too late. This time, I got attacked with slobber.

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