Skulduggery Pleasant: Death's Dawn

"I grabbed the axe off of one of them, snapping it with a sharp crack, twisting around and driving it into the skull of another. These guys were easy to kill, but we were being overwhelmed. I was almost at Tihana's side again, when I felt the rock hit my head.

"Oh bollocks." Blood trickled down the side of my face, and then I passed out."


50. Chapter 49

Sword Lord and Shadow Wolf - Tyrian

I looked into his eyes. His dead, lifeless eyes, with his even more dead, lifeless head rammed into a spike. Tihana had the most interesting decorating style.

"Are you sure about this?" Valkyrie asked me. I hadn't wanted to take her with me. I mean, if Tihana wants to tear out MY heart, who knows what she wants to do to Valkyrie.

"Yes." And then I stepped past the perimeter.


It instantly seemed like a bad idea. An cacophony of howls reached up from the ground, as if Tihana's dead pack were alerting her to the intruder. As the other died out, a single howl was left. It cried out lonely and scared. It sounded like a cub, crying out for the other wolves. As it ceased, we moved forward. We walked carefully, trying our very best not to step on any twigs or anything. We failed miserably. After walking for what seemed like an age, the occasional bones had turned into dust with us almost constantly stepping on them. A figure was on the verge ahead. I clicked my fingers, summoning fire to my palm, whilst Valkyrie let the shadows encase her own hand. The figure tilted its head.

"Little cub, little cub, why don't you let me in? Little cub, little cub, why do you come here?" I gulped, trying to illuminate Tihana's face. Despite her being a few inches shorter than me, she still looked creepy as hell standing up there above us. The commentary didn't help.

"Little cub comes here to seek, er..." I looked at Valkyrie for assistance.

"Forgiveness." She supplied. I saw Tihana bristle above.

"Ah, how quaint. Little cub brings his mate." Valkyrie raised an eyebrow. Ew, that's kind of gross. Not the eyebrow thing, the mating thing.

"Please, just listen!" I tried not to show my disgust. It was quite easy to be honest. Even from here, I could see the glint of Tihana's teeth as she smiled.

"Little cub, I'm pretty sure I told you I would tear out your heart if I saw you again. You should know I'm not one to break promises." A shiver ran down my spine at her tone. Valkyrie glanced at me, before speaking.

"Geez, talk about over reacting! Can you not take a simple apology?" I gave her a slight nudge

"Little human, you want to fight again? You want me to actually tear you limb from limb this time?"

Valkyrie narrowed her eyes, crossing her arms as she did. "I'd like to see you try."

I merely stared at her. Was she crazy? Was she really that suicidal? I like someone who has the guts to stand up for something, but suicidal is just over the top. I pulled her arm to me. "Valkyrie, she's a werewolf. Are you mad?"

She gave me a shaky grin. "Don't worry, I can handle this. There's this thing I haven't told you about."

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