Skulduggery Pleasant: Death's Dawn

"I grabbed the axe off of one of them, snapping it with a sharp crack, twisting around and driving it into the skull of another. These guys were easy to kill, but we were being overwhelmed. I was almost at Tihana's side again, when I felt the rock hit my head.

"Oh bollocks." Blood trickled down the side of my face, and then I passed out."


49. Chapter 48

Shadow Wolf - Tihana

It was rather nice being back in England. Same smells, same place, same comforting light. In fact, I was back in my forest. Occasionally I'd wander around, marking the old pack boundaries once more. It was more to keep vampires out than anything. Not that I didn't like eating vampires, of course. In fact, I took great joy in tearing their hearts out. I just didn't like trespassers.

If Tyrian and Valkyrie had any sense, they wouldn't come near this place. They would leave me alone, careful not to come close. He knew my boundaries like the back of his hand. He had no excuse whatsoever if he put one foot in. I cracked my knuckles, leaning back against the tree. The sun had dawned around an hour ago. The air was fresh, cool and moist, the sky was pale blue. The leaves were yellowing, and there was a dark cloud on the horizon.

All in all, there were signs of a pretty good day. As long as there were no humans. I probably shouldn't have thought that. Almost as soon as I did, I smelt something. Someone. A growl rose in my throat. Dare they ignore the warnings? I was pretty sure I left a few heads here and there on the perimeter.

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