Skulduggery Pleasant: Death's Dawn

"I grabbed the axe off of one of them, snapping it with a sharp crack, twisting around and driving it into the skull of another. These guys were easy to kill, but we were being overwhelmed. I was almost at Tihana's side again, when I felt the rock hit my head.

"Oh bollocks." Blood trickled down the side of my face, and then I passed out."


38. Chapter 37

Ugh. I admit, this one left me thinking quite a bit. Who could actually get into Skulduggery's head? Well I know I can't. *Sneaks into third person*

Who knows what dark thoughts float through that skull o.o


Shadow Wolf – Skulduggery(ish)

Following the werewolf was an interesting experience. He doubted anyone had actually ever met a werewolf so franticly trying to get to its master. That was how it was, and Skulduggery was prepared to scold Tihana for thinking anything different. Tyrian was her master, whether she liked it or not. As they reached the battle, it was a mess. He dived right in, Valkyrie right behind him.

He lifted his head from the fight as Valkyrie asked her question. “Do you know any of these guys?”

"Probably, I met a lot of people in my time." He snapped a neck. "Did I tell you about Elouise Peregrin? Lovely girl."

He could see her rolling her eyes. "I don't want to hear about your love life, thanks."

If he had his façade on, the eyebrows would certainly be raised. "But I'm allowed to hear you droning on about Tyrian?"

Again, he would have smiled at her reaction. Her cheeks blushed a dark pink. "I don't 'drone' on about him, I mentioned him once or twice." Skulduggery nodded solemnly, smashing in the skull of another skeleton as he did so.

"Just watch him, he's got something off about him."

He turned his head slightly, watching the boy fight out of the corner of his eye. He cracked the ribs of a skeleton who had decided to take advantage of his partner. No one attacked Valkyrie without permission from him. He didn't pause a single moment to keep an eye on the werewolf. They fought quite well- maybe not as a team, but they were OK.

He shook his head, turning away once more and sweeping a pair of bony legs from under their owner. Skulduggery sent a wave of air into the crowd, lifting a number of bodies into the air.

Then the shadows came, and he snapped around instinctively, fire in his hand. As Valkyrie hurried over to the boy and the werewolf, he strolled over, fixing his tie, hat and suit. Things were getting quite heated, it seemed. Valkyrie turned her back as Tihana nuzzled Tyrian's head, moving it out of the way to lap up his blood from beneath. Part of that disgusted him, but another part saw how it was necessary. They didn't really want mortals getting wind of something happening here. Mortals were very skittish, easy to scare and alarm.

He pulled Valkyrie to one side, his gloved hand resting on her shoulder. “Darquesse?”

She gulped, nodding her head guiltily. He pulled her into a hug. “I feel her raging around in my head. She's angry.”


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