Skulduggery Pleasant: Death's Dawn

"I grabbed the axe off of one of them, snapping it with a sharp crack, twisting around and driving it into the skull of another. These guys were easy to kill, but we were being overwhelmed. I was almost at Tihana's side again, when I felt the rock hit my head.

"Oh bollocks." Blood trickled down the side of my face, and then I passed out."


15. Chapter 14

Shadow Wolf - Tihana

Now this was unacceptable. All parted before me, after seeing what I could do. I'd left the prison cell, whilst at least a dozen sanctuary agents puzzled over the ten deep grooves. Honestly, what did they expect a werewolf to do? I'd almost torn right through the metal- which, I might add, was more than two inches thick. No one wanted to say hello to my claws. I got all the answers I needed, the elders backing away from me as I demanded the location of Tyrian.

That skeleton. The famous skeleton detective known as Skulduggery. I would charge straight in, grinding the marrow from his bones. If he didn't smell so... odd. There was something wrong about him, I knew that much. And his assistant, Valkyrie? Something was off with both of them. They had way more power than any of the other sorcerers around here. I could tell that.

Some might say I stormed through the sanctuary. Ghastly had spluttered out the location of the skeleton's house. It was a little way away. Good thing it was the day after I'd transformed. I loved the speed and agility that my body had retained. I still wasn't completely human. I'd never be completely human.

As soon as I emerged from Roarhaven, I set off at a run. It wasn't tiring. In fact, it was quite the opposite. My feet pounded the ground at an odd beat, more like a gallop than run. More like a bound than gallop. I was strange like that.


Thoughts run through my head. Thoughts of how I would make the Skeleton wish he hadn't taken my partner. I've heard he's protective over his. Good. It means that I have a perfectly good reason to be protective over mine. I've known Tyrian almost since he was born. I knew his parents. I knew his grandparents. I knew his great-grandparents. In fact, I've known the Chase family for around 175 years. All seemed budding sorcerers. I suppose that's one of the things that drew me to them.

I slow. My pace now a casual jog. I'm on the same street as Skulduggery's house. I see the Bentley up the road, parked on the drive of the house at the end. I ignore all else, my eyes focused on the door, scowl on my face. So many ways to hurt a skeleton. So little time. I walk up to the door, flexing my fingers, cracking the bones inside, before lifting my leg and kicking it in. It let my anger swell, climbing over the wreckage, gliding into the house.

If Tyrian was hurt... They wouldn't want to know what I would do.


Skulduggery's head snapped around to look at me. I glowered at him, striding from the wreckage of the door towards the detective. I gave Tyrian a dismissive glance, taking note that he was not visibly harmed. Still. The detective would not get away with locking me up for the night. He had done more harm than good. Before I could utter a single word, the skeleton stuck in his statement.

"The elders have decided to send you back to England, werewolf." His voice was calm, with the slight tone of anger. As if he had just finished an argument. I shoot Tyrian a glare that promises pain. He shuffles backwards, nervous all of a sudden, his cocky aura dissipating.

"You proceed to insult me, skeleton." I snarl, eyes flashing angrily, nails digging into my palms. "First, you lock me up in a cage for the night, expecting such feeble metal to hold me. Next, you take the one single person who could possibly control me, away. Why are you so confident of your power?" Advancing, I raise my hand. "There is something off about you." I swing around, pointing one long finger at his partner- Valkyrie, I think. "You, too." Before turning back to face the eye sockets.

"Can I just say something-?" Tyrian interjected, raising his hand as if to ask something in a class.

"No." I snapped. It's too late for reasoning, this duo had managed to poke and prod me to the limit. "Do you want the English Sanctuary to take action? Do you want to be on my naughty list? Do you want to be on the wrong side of my claws?" I take a step back, retreating into shadow. "I've heard things about you skeleton. That doesn't make you that much of a threat to me. But you? Nope. You haven't heard a single thing about me." I step backwards, darkness engulfing me completely. Human eyes would not see me, partly for the dark cloths I wear, partly for the unnatural darkness. This was odd. This was very odd. The skeleton smelt strange, sure. He smelt dark. I could smell blood on his bones, but this dark? An idea passes through my mind and I narrow my eyes.

Only the skeleton can see me. "And yet, dear doggy, you don't know as much as you think you do about what me- and my partner -can do."

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