The tree house

Katie moves into a house with a secret door. She becomes close friends with her next door neighbour but their friendship turns into something more until something happens, will things ever be like they were...i dont'll have to read it ;)


8. The Shock of a Lifetime

5 months later


Me and Katie never really talked about what this is. Katie and her family are coming round for dinner as it's Katie's birthday. I made her a photo album of all the photo's we have together. When Katie and her family came round I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She was beautiful, she is beautiful. Our parents wanted to talk so I took Katie to my room. As we got there she looked around like she normally did even though she's been here hundreds of times. She noticed her present on my bed side table it was wrapped in dark blue wrapping paper and had a large pink ribbon tied around it. she sat on my bed and waited for me to join her. I did and handed her the present.

"Kevin, you didn't have to get me anything"

"Yes I did, and it's not really a present."

I watched as her fingers untied the ribbon and carefully unwrapped the present. Her face lit up as she realised what it was, she opened it and began looking at all the pictures in it. I heard footsteps walking along the corridor to my room and then the door opened. A tall girl with long black hair entered, at first I didn't realise who she was but then I realised. Damara Fortesque-Smyth The bratty little rich kid in Katie's year. Her dad and my dad work together, my parents have always wanted us to be a couple but I detested the girl. unfortunately the feeling wasn't mutual. Katie looked up at her and I watched as her smile disappeared.

"Um Hi Damara" I said trying my best to smile.

 "Hello Kevin" she said walking over to me and hugging me. Katie tensed and fidgeted, I put my hand on her knee steadying her and calming her down. 

"Oh. Katie. I didn't see you there" Damara said coldly, her eyes staring through Katie as if she was a Ghost. Damara studied my hand upon Katie's knee and took a sharp intake of breath.

"Hi Damara, what brings you here?"

"My father needed to talk to Kevin's father about the one true Coupling" My insides turned cold. That was exactly what I was scared of her saying. I glanced at Katie and saw that she was confused.

"Oh I see" she said "you obviously haven't told Katie that we're a couple" Katie turned pale.

"We aren't a couple" I said firmly

"No we aren't. not yet anyway, but everybody knows your want for a better word desires, for me"

"Damara stop" I pleaded. I was loosing Katie

"Don't be silly kevvy wevvy"

"Katie. Do you want to go for a walk?" I asked Katie

"Hmm. No I don't actually feel well. I might go home." she said. her voice was crackled like she was trying not to cry. My heart broke.

"I'll come with you" I said

"No, no you stay here. Thanks for the present" she said and then she literally ran from the room.


I ran from Kevin's room, I needed to hold my tears back just for a few more minuets, just until I was out of his house. I walked into the living room

"um sorry to interrupt, but mum I think I might skip the celebrations and go home" I told my mum, Jeanette answered

"What? are you okay?" Jeanette asked me, she had become a second mother to me.

"Yes. I just don't feel very well"

"Oaky my dear, well I'll see you back at home" my mum replied

I smiled an artificial smile before turning away and walking into the hall. Kevin was there looking just as pale as I did

"Katie. Talk to me"

"Kevin" I said with a smile. A smile he would be able to see through

"There's nothing to talk about" I lied, tears starting to come out of my eyes

"I'm fine" I sniffed. Kevin's eyes filled with tears but he kept his back, he walked towards me as if to give me a hug or kiss me.

"We aren't a couple" he said. I bent my head and cried even more, internally trying to stop myself

"It's fine. I don't mind. I'm happy for you" I said with the last of my voice. I walked past him and out of the door without another word. As soon as I got into my house I slid my back down the front door and wept into my knees. I felt like someone had shot me and then removed my organs. I felt dead, I felt like I did just after Charlie died. Like the thing that made me happy had just been taken away. Like the sun had dried up. I crawled my way up to my room and pushed the door open. Painfully I remembered the blinds into Kevin's room were still open, I composed myself and looked into his room as I began to pull the blinds down. Brutally I saw them. Damara and Kevin, their arms on each others waist their head linked together by their lips. they were kissing. it felt like I was being tortured. Kevin obviously saw me out of the corner of his eye because he broke the kiss, and stared nervously and guiltily into my forever tearing eyes. I pulled the blind down and sank to the ground and began to cry again. That night I cried myself to sleep. in the same position on the ground.

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