The tree house

Katie moves into a house with a secret door. She becomes close friends with her next door neighbour but their friendship turns into something more until something happens, will things ever be like they were...i dont'll have to read it ;)


2. The New House

A year previously



We pulled up in front of a large house, it looked like it was out of a movie. There was another large house next to it, their sides were almost touching but there was a tiny gap in between the two houses.

Mum, Dad and my brother were all un packing the car, I just stood there staring at the house. It was beautiful. The front garden was perfectly mowed, flower heads peeped up from the soil. The two houses that stood side by side looked nothing like the other houses on the street. It had a kind of magic feel to it. I don't know weather i like it or not. Dad led us all the the garden path and in through the front door. In side was a huge hall way with doors leading of it. Everyone was buisily setting down their things and looking round but I was still stood staring. I walked slowly up the stairs and began the search for what would be my new room. I looked in the first but it was too small. and the next one was the master bedroom which I knew was my parents room. At the end of the hall was a door, surely that should be another bedroom. but when I opened the door there was a staircase leading up to a room on the next level. I decided to go and explore and found a bed, a desk and a wardrobe. This was my room. I turned slowly around to take in the full view of my new room and noticed a window. I went over to investigate the view but a curtain was blocking it, so I pulled back the curtain and got the shock of my life.

A boy about the same age as me with blond hair sat looking at me through the window, he had a book in his hands. I quickly came to realise that this window looked out onto the house right next to it, and clearly so did the other one. The gap between the two windows was about as long as a CD case and each window had a windowsill perfect for sitting on. "Um hi?" The boy said shyly.

 "Hi...i'm Katie Bekett" I replied to him

"I'm Kevin Lewis...I take it you just moved here"

"Yeah I did. My dad got a promotion and so we had to move up here...I dont mind though"

"What school will you be going to?"

"Harton girls school"

"Oh thats just across the river from my school, I go to Harton boys school. Thats a really nice school, I don't tend to talk to people form that school"

"Oh how come?"

"The girls there seem to throw themselves at the boys theyre so desperated theyll walk around naked."

"Sounds lovely"

"It's a really nice school and there are some girls who are nice. So you'll make friends"


"Yeah, well you've got me to help you find things and to walk to and from school...I mean...if you want."

"That sounds good"

"Cool...yeah, awesome"

we both sat staring at each other. The air was starting to become more and more awkward. As I was looking at him, I realised how attractive he was. His hair was blond and he had bright blue eyes. he looked tall from his sitting position and was rather muscular. The top that he was wearing was tight and gripped to his muscles in a way that made my throat dry (in a good way)

"So why is there a window here?" I said trying to remain calm instead of doing the huge fangirl I was currently doing inside my head

"Well when the house was built it was only my house and so they put a window. but then the people who owned this house decided to build an exact replica next to it. with a window. Its been like this for decades." He replied smiling every so often. God he was hot!

"It's quite cool"

"Yeah, its a fun way to get to know people"

"I can imagine"

A voice shouted up from the bottom of the stairs it was my mum

"Katie...Katie you need to come down and get the rest of you things"

"Okay mum just a minute" I called back down to her

I turned to look back at Kevin "I should be going anyway, mum's cooking dinner or I think cookies to bring round to you as a 'welcome' gift"

"Oh well see you soon Kevin Lewis"

"Yes you shall Katie Bekett" we  both smiled. I was trying not to give away the look of secret crush on my face as I left. This was the best house in the world.

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