The tree house

Katie moves into a house with a secret door. She becomes close friends with her next door neighbour but their friendship turns into something more until something happens, will things ever be like they were...i dont'll have to read it ;)


9. The heart Break

The next morning I woke up I was stiff all over. I sat up and realised I was on the floor that's when I remembered what had happened and sadness bubbled in me causing me to cry again. I had to go to the lake, Just to process everything, it was the only place good things happened.

When I was at the lake I looked at the tree. I judged how high it was and how hard it would be to climb and then I did. I put my hands in two places so I was hugging the tree, then I lifted my leg and began to climb. suddenly I fell and cut my knee on the edge of a tree. I cried out as pain surged through me. I carried on up the tree and with a great heave I was there. Sat in that place. I pulled open my bag and took out the Tartan blanket from the picture book of me and Charlie and the new picture book Kevin had given me I wrapped the blanket around my legs and then opened the book. Each page was just another reminder of what I didn't have. the first page was pictures of that first time we met each other and from the time he took me for lunch. Then I came across one of us at the lake. We were sat on the swing and he was kissing me cheek. I looked down and admired the swing, that was where everything happened. Out of the corner of my eye I could see something moving and then to my horror Kevin and Damara were walking hand in hand to the lake. Anger and Disappointment coursed through me like and electric charge. I started crying anger as the two paraded up to the lake edge and sat down with their back to me.

"Damara we shouldn't be here"

"Don't be ridiculous you promised me you'd take me to that special place from the picture. And now you have"

"It's not right. this isn't our place, it cant be"

"Why because it's yours and that good for nothing's 'special place'"

"Shut up Damara!"

"Why? It's not like you love her" Kevin bent his head in embarrassment Damara narrowed her eyes and looked at him

"Oh My God you love her. Well it doesn't matter now. You're mine" she said. Sickeningly she put her arm around his neck and kissed his cheek. Kevin didn't respond her just looked out over the lake. He stood up and went over he picked up a stone from the waters edge and went it skimming over the water he turned back and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"We cant do this"

"You what? Don't be stupid" Damara said getting to her feet. Kevin rolled his head back with frustration and saw me sat there he didn't react but kept talking.

"Damara we cant be together. It's not right"

"Are you being serious. It's not right. Your doing this because you want Katie don't you"

"Yeah I am. I want her. Not you" Panic built up in me as I began to slip of the branch, I screamed and Kevin ran forward to catch me. I fell on top of him and we both began to laugh, he stood up and helped me to my feet.

"You little Bitch" Damara said to me with coldness "You've been listening to our conversation. You're the reason Kevin's doing this. You wont get away with this"

"Damara shut up! you don't even like me, you're doing it for the money or because daddy promised to buy you a car if you did. I don't love you and you don't love me. There is no point in kidding ourselves"

"You are making a huge mistake" Damara said. She marched back to the entrance and then was gone. I went and stood looking out at the lake, Kevin came and stood next to me

"I'm sorry. I knew you weren't okay yesterday and I should have come after you it was just I didn't want to leave her alone in my room and--" He was cut off as I kissed him, we broke apart and he stood there in shock

"I thought you wouldn't want anything to do with me" he said nervously

"I don't...I don't think I just wanted you to shut up" I said truthfully

"Oh. Okay then, Im sorry"

"Look I'm not just going to forgive you for what you did yesterday and today. Kevin im never going to forgive you. She was here, in our special place Kevin how could you" I said, we both started crying.

"I know, I shouldn't have brought her here, I felt guilty as soon as we left the house Katie its our place not hers."

"I still love you, I just cant forgive you for this"

"I know. And I hope we'll all be okay eventually. I just love you so much and I regret everything"

A loud ear splitting scream came from outside the lake. Me and Kevin both looked in horror into each others eyes and then ran to see what had happened.

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