The tree house

Katie moves into a house with a secret door. She becomes close friends with her next door neighbour but their friendship turns into something more until something happens, will things ever be like they were...i dont'll have to read it ;)


5. The First Day

Kevin was waiting for me when I left the house. He was waiting on the bench just down the road he was dressing in his school uniform. Black trousers a blaser and a grey jumper and a red and blue tie. He looked so hot. When he saw me he smiled and stood up.

"Good morning Katie Bekett" he said to me cheerily as he pulled me into a hug.

"Hey." I replied slightly sleepily

"Ready for the first day?"

"No, but lets go" we began walking, he took me the long way I think, we didn't go on many roads, just like little lanes. We came to a forest and I thought that the school couldn't be in there but we carried on. We came to a clearing where I saw a river and two building stood tall on either side. The two building were beautiful and the sun beamed through the trees and hit the schools. "Well this is it" Kevin said with his arms outstretched

it was weird there weren't many people walking about I would have expected it to be busy. "Where is everyone?"

"There are only about 60 or 70 people in your school"

"Wow. Small school." he began to walk to my school and I stopped and stood still when he saw me he tugged on my sleeve "Come on don't be scared, its fine, you can do it" he said encouragingly

"i'm scared"

"Come on there aren't that many people, come on ill take you to the office but then I have to go." when we got to the office he told the receptionist that I was new and she gave me a timetable and told me what room I needed to be in. I turned to Kevin and I must have looked scared as he laughed and gave me a hug "you'll be fine Katie Bekett, now at break come down to the edge of the river and ill meet you there, and then do the same at lunch, but after school I finish before you so walk down the edge of the river, keep following it down and you'll come to a bridge ill wait for you there, you'll be fine, you're easy to get along with" he waved at me as he walked away, I stood there on the spot I was lost already. A girl was looking at me and as I consulted my timetable I realised I had completely forgotten where I needed to go, the girl walked up to me and stood next to me and began to spoke "hello, you're new I'm Stella"

"I'm Katie, I'm really lost, could you help me?"

"Course I can" she took the timetable off me and then smiled "you're in all of my classes today and in my form, so I can take you" she began walking so I followed her. The school was huge and I didn't know if I would ever find my way

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