The tree house

Katie moves into a house with a secret door. She becomes close friends with her next door neighbour but their friendship turns into something more until something happens, will things ever be like they were...i dont'll have to read it ;)


10. The Fallen Girl

"So you say she fell?" Officer Stone asked Katie. Katie was sat in a chair she was shaking with nerves, he hand clutched a glass of water.

"Yes, that's what we think, but it's like I said, me and Kevin were inside the cave when we heard a scream we ran out and found her already unconscious"

"Can you tell me what happened next?"

"I called 999"

"what happened when they arrived?"




Damara was lay covered in blood just outside the entrance, she had obviously tried to climb the hill but failed and slipped down. her head was bleeding too and she looked unconscious. Kevin ran towards her and felt her wrist for a pulse, he looked up at me and shouted for me to "call 999"

panic started to re build within me. My shaking fingers dialled the number and a voice came instantly to the other side of the phone

"Emergency - what service do you require"

"Ambulance" my shaking crying voice replied

"Okay try and keep calm, I need you name"

"Katie Bekett"

"Okay Katie can you tell me what happened"

"Well this girl, we were in this kind of cave thing and she ran out and then a second later we heard a scream and we ran out and found her covered in blood she hit her head and she's unconscious, we think she might have climbed the side of the hill but fell.

"Okay keep calm Katie, can you tell me where you are exactly"

"Um...we're near Harton Girls and Boys School, but we're up in the hills behind it"

"How far away from eh school are you?"

"about 10 minutes"

"Are you alone?"

"No, my...boyfriends with me"

"Can you two get The girl to the school safely but quickly?"


"Good, an Ambulance will be there as soon as possible"

Then the reassuring voice had gone. "Kevin, we need to get her to the school, an ambulance will meet us there." He nodded then carefully picked Damara up. Her head and arms lolled about every time Kevin moved. I led the way and he followed, the sound of silence reverberated through the hills. It made me feel sick thinking about what had just happened. I could see the school in the distance. We were both crying silently from the shock, my hands were shaking and I could hear the sound on Kevin's teeth chattering. As we got to the school I stopped and so did Kevin, he laid Damara carefully on the ground. I fell to the floor, pulled my knees up beneath my chin and wept into my legs. Kevin came and sat next to me and wrapped his arm around me and sobbed too. "we need to call her parents" I nodded, I pulled my phone out and called my house phone, knowing Her parents would be there. My mum answered the phone, she sounded so happy


"Mum" I said trying to not sound like I was crying

"Katie, are you okay, where are you?"

"Mum, Damara's unconscious"

"what?!" she sounded shocked and worried

"She fell and hit her head, I've called an ambulance, we're at school."

"Stay there, if the ambulance comes go with them, but just stay and wait for now, we'll bring her parents to the hospital, they aren't here yet"

"Thanks mum"

"It's okay, are you two okay?"

"Yeah we're both fine"

"okay, ill see you later"

"Bye" and then she was gone. We sat a few more minuets, I had moved over and was sat next to Damara, I was looking at her, and trying my best to clean the wounds with the antiseptic wipes I had in my bag. We heard and ambulance sound and then saw the lights and the ambulance pulled into the school car park. A man with a big bag came and greeted us and then began tending to Damara, The driver of the Ambulance came and started talking to me and Kevin.

"Well done, for staying with her, and staying clam"

"Can you tell me what happened?"

"Well all we heard was a scream and then we ran out and saw her on the floor" I said

"Then I called 999 and then we carried her to here" I finished

"Right well we're taking her to the hospital, we need you to come with us so we can check if you're both okay" I was worried, Kevin was silent and he looked pale.

The ride to the Hospital was quick and then Damara was whisked away from us. Me and Kevin were taking into separate rooms to be checked. A young man came in and sat in the chair opposite me.

"I'm Mr Garrow, i'm going to do some small checks with you to see if you are suffering from shock, or anything trauma related. Can you just say the first word that comes to your head so for example if I say Day you'd say?"

"Night" i said

"Excellent, okay. Life"



"Ending" I said, my insides were numb.

"Loved one"

"Special" I smiled as I thought about Kevin


"Mourning" I thought of Charlie


"Dead" I replied without thinking






"Finished" The man looked up at me and smiled

"Thank-you, that was excellent, I just need you to do one more thing"


"can you put these head phones in and talk so you cant hear yourself but you're just speaking your mind" he handed me the headphones and then gestured for me to speak. So I did, for ages. I just kept going

"You see after Charlie died I didn't want to trust anyone, but then I met Kevin and he was perfect, but then Damara came along and I thought she was going to take him away from me which she did at first but then she didn't because Kevin told her that he loved me and not her but then...she fell" I said stopping myself from what I was about to say 'I pushed her' but I knew I didn't, I was in the cave with Kevin, she fell. It couldn't have been me. It wasn't me. The man smiled at me again and took the headphones off me.

"Okay, well your not in shock so your okay, and I cant see anything else wrong so you're okay for now, but you may in the future suffer from stress, or depression."

"Can I see Kevin?"

"No. Unfortunately he wasn't as straight forward as you, Kevin is in shock and has links to progressive post-traumatic stress and maybe depression. he should be okay after we begin his counselling"

"I need to see him."

"You will but not now. he's with a specialist at the moment, once their done you can see him"

"How's Damara?"

"she's comatose, the doctors don't know how long it will be before she's back, could be months." sorrow and hope filled me at the same time.

"you can go and see her, just not in her room"

The man led me to her room and stood with me for a while I looked through the window at her, she looked so helpless, innocent. So vulnerable. I stood and watched as her mother and father ran into the room and flung themselves at the girl in the bed. That's when Officer stone came to me.

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