The tree house

Katie moves into a house with a secret door. She becomes close friends with her next door neighbour but their friendship turns into something more until something happens, will things ever be like they were...i dont'll have to read it ;)


7. Getting to know you

7 months later


It was Saturday morning and I was woke to the sound of knocking. I looked at my phone and, depressingly, the clock said 8:30, I dragged myself from the bed to go and investigate. The knocking was coming from the window. Which meant Kevin was causing it. I pulled back the curtain and opened the window.

"Kevin, what the hell do you want, it's a bloody Saturday"

"I know, but I thought we could go for a walk."

"A walk. You woke me up to go on a walk?"

"Yeah. Please Katie Bekett....I'll be your best friend"

"You are so lucky I like you or i'd close the window on your head"

"Cool, meet me outside in about 35 minutes"

I got dressed an went to meet him, I was so tired. I felt like my eye lids would just snap shut from the exhaustion, my body felt like it was melting. Kevin was just stood there jumping up and down with enthusiasm. idiot.

"Hello Katie Bekett" he said in that animated voice he used.

"How are you not tired?"

"Mum makes us get up at this time everyday to. Enjoy the fullness of life, or something."

"where are we going?"

"Back to the lake?"

we started walking. we walked past the school, it was all closed up as it was a Saturday. we carried on up the river and came to the bridge. we crossed it and carried up on the other side.

Before long we came to the front of the entrance to the lake. He went through first and I followed him. I was shocked at how beautiful it was. I had forgotten how overwhelming it was.

Kevin had walked over to the swing and sat down, he rested his legs on the floor but let his body swing he had put his bag on the bench. I went and sat on the grass leaning on my hands I streached my legs out in front of me. "Katie?"


"Can you do something for me?"

"Yeah sure."

"Tell me about Charlie"


"I just want to know. When something bad happens my mum always tells us to talk about it so we forget about it. I thought if we talked about it you would forget"

"Okay. He was amazing. He had brown hair and bright blue eyes, he was our age, maybe a little bit older. He was the kindest person I've ever met. I loved him so much so did mum and dad, we were devestated when he died. That's why I left. I chose to leave, I felt like I needed something new after he died. I didnt want to stay there. After I went back to school everyone treated me like I was an alien, like it was somehow my fault even though it wasnt. Everyone asked me if I was okay, like I couldnt cope for myself. And my old school and house just reminded me of him. so I wanted to leave" I dont know why I had just told him all that. It was like word vomit. Once it started it couldnt stop I needed to tell someone, I hadnt told anyone. He just sat there looking at me, he didnt know what to say. I just lay down and looked at the clouds. a few seconds later Kevin lay down next to me "you must really miss him, I couldn't imagine loosing anyone I was that close to"

"You dont really feel like you've lost them. You're just kind of numb. Like you've died with them. Its horrible." I felt his hand encase mine, we sat for what felt like hours our fingers entwined with each other. It was perfect. He was perfect. after a while he looked at me, I looked at him. his eyebrows notted with confusion, he lent in close and my heart began to beat like mad his lips touched mine ever so softly. it was over before it had started. my eyes remained closed for a few seconds before I lay back on my back and looked at the sky. We remained silent, his hand moved back onto mine.

"Um, i'm sorry, i shouldnt have done that" he said, i looked at his face and saw that his eyebrows were nitted again.

"It's fine, I...don't mind"

He blew a little more air out of his nose which meant he laughed. I cant believe I almost kissed him, like propely. He kissed me! he sat up and then got up on his feet, he held his other hand out to me so he could pull me up. we walked over to the swing and he sat down. I sat the opposite way to him so that I was facing him. we looked at each other, Kevin pushed a piece of hair out of my eyes and the placed a hand on the back of my neck. He pulled his head in and locked his lips onto mine and closed his eyes. His tounge graced the bottom of my lip begging me for entrance. I allowed it. Our tounges battled for dominance, I let him win. We sat there kissing for hours. We broke apart and we both panted from the lack of Oxygen. He turned his head and looked across the lake. The water was still and blue, it glissened from the forever climbing sun.

He stood up and walked over to our bags. He picked his up and swung it over his shoulder, he then picked mine up and walked over to the swing, he gave it to me and then moved my fringe out of my eyes and smirked to himself.

"Come on let's go, ill take you to lunch"

we started walking back to the entrance when he held my hand. I smiled inwardly to myself.

Whatever this was it was perfect.

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