The tree house

Katie moves into a house with a secret door. She becomes close friends with her next door neighbour but their friendship turns into something more until something happens, will things ever be like they were...i dont'll have to read it ;)


4. Back to the present

Katie was sat in a while room, it had three seats and a small table in the middle with a jug of water and three cups. the door in one of the walls opened and the police woman who spoke to her before walked in, led by Kevin. As she saw him she started to cry, he looked different. his face looked older. worn, sad. it made her sad. He took one look at her and ran towards her and pulled her into a hug. She was shocked, Officer Stone stood behind them and watched. Kevin sat down next to Katie. "Right so you probably know why you're both here"

both kevin and katie shook their heads. "Damara...hasn't yet died, and we are staying positive but we need to think of the future. if she does die, then both of you get taken to court. Obviously you will both have your statments you give today but you will also be interogated and held as suspects. So i'm here today to get your statements. I can do this indavidually or together what would you prefer?"

"i'd like to do it indavidually please" Katie said. Kevin looked at her and nodded. She didnt want to have to hear what Kevin had to say. She didnt think she could face it.

"Right well Katie i'll start with you."

Kevin got up to leave and she held his hand so he couldnt. he turned and looked at her. he pulled Katie into a hug and she whispered "i'm sorry" into his neck. He rested his lips on her neck and closed his eyes. When they pulled he whispered "i'll see you soon Katie Bekett" She smiled, he hadnt said that to her for a long time. She had missed him. It was all Damara's fault. since she came along Katie and Kevin had moved further and further away from each other. Kevin slowly walked to the door and took one look at Katie before leaving. She sat down and looked at officer stone

"Right Katie, now you told me the start of the story but we need to get to the end. i'd like to know all of it. how you came to meet Damara and things like that please"


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