The tree house

Katie moves into a house with a secret door. She becomes close friends with her next door neighbour but their friendship turns into something more until something happens, will things ever be like they were...i dont'll have to read it ;)


6. An Adventure Awaits

I stood there hands in my pockets walking back and forth, I kicked the leaves around and into the river below the bridge, I hadn't been waiting long for Katie, only about 10 minutes but I didn't mind, I didn't mind waiting for her. Anyone else and I wouldn't have done it but there was just something about her. She was...different. I don't even know what that means but I can talk to her so easily and she makes me smile when I see her. I saw her in the distance and my stomach began to do backflips. It was weird I mean it was only Katie but that was just it. It was Katie.

"Hey Katie Bekett" I said causing her to smile, I bent my head and smiled. "how was your first day?" I asked her

"It was fine, I made a friend she's called Stella"

"Oh cool that's good, see I told you you'd make friends. So my mum thinks that I stay for band practise so I have an hour and 20 minutes to to kill it with me?"

"Yeah sure that's fine"

"Right cool" I began to walk and so did she, we spoke about everything. Life, her old school, her new school. We spent about 20 minutes just walking round till I realise we were lost.

"um Katie?"


"we're lost"

"Ah" we stood there looking around looking up. The hills were so big and we were walking down the middle of a valley.

"Look Kevin, over here" Katie had moved away from me and over to a rock. It had huge arch way carved out and willow branches covered the entrance so that you couldn't see what it was guarding.

"Care for an adventure Katie Bekett?" I asked smiling slightly as I shoved my hands in my pockets

"Why yes Kevin Lewis" she replied giggling slightly.

I pulled back the branches and let her go first, I followed quickly. It was guarding a sort of tunnel but on the other side of the wall there was another entrance with willow branches draped over the entrance. We both looked at each other and walked over to the other entrance, we both pulled the branches back and stepping out into the unknown. We both breathed in in wonder. A huge oval of land stood in a bowl surrounded by high mountain, grass lay on the floor with small bunches of flowers peeking up from the grass. In the far corner was a lake with crystal blue water bumping against the edge of the pool. A huge oak tree stood a little in from the edge, it's branches were old and twisted round themselves creating a perfect place to sit. It was beautiful. We both walked over to the lake and sat on a bench by the water.

"This place is beautiful" I said my mouth still open in wonder. We both took our bags and jumpers off. I noticed a rope swing hung from one of the tree's branches, I got up and held my hand out to Katie, she took it and stood up. We walked together over to the rope swing. "Is it safe?" She asked cautiously. I looked up and saw that the oak branch had grown over the rope trapping it forever in the tree.

"Yes" I replied calmly the swing was big enough for two people once Katie had sat down I sat down next to her. We began to swing the swing with our feet we didn't let our feet leave the ground but just let it sway, there wasn't a breeze as the wind passed over the top of the mountains and missed this opening. It looked like a dormant volcano that had become dormant millions of years ago and had since become able to sustain wildlife.

Katie looked at up and then hopped off the swing she stood back at looked at the branches high above us

"That would be a great place to sit" she admired

"Yeah I was thinking that, how about you climb it and tell me what you see?" she began to climb, got half way and fell down. I ran forward and caught her I fell backwards and she landed on me we fell to the ground with a big oomph

"You okay?" I asked her

"Yeah are you?"

"I'm fine" we both started to giggle and once we started we couldn't stop. Once we had calmed down I stood up and pulled her onto her feet. We stood there for a moment staring into each others eyes, we began to lean forwards as though we were about to kiss when I cleared my throat and we both pulled back, we both bent our heads in embarrassment.

"We should um get back"

"yeah, that sounds, good" she replied

Oh my god I was so stupid why didn't I just kiss her, she clearly wanted to. Now she's going to think I didn't want to...No wait you know why you didn't kiss her it's been like 3 day's since you met her! you cant go that fast, you need to wait. While I was having that internal head battle between angel me and devil me we started to go walk home, by the time we got there we had begun talking about things again. When we got to our front doors I pulled her into a hug and whispered "sorry" into her ear, before letting her go and walking to my front door.

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