The tree house

Katie moves into a house with a secret door. She becomes close friends with her next door neighbour but their friendship turns into something more until something happens, will things ever be like they were...i dont'll have to read it ;)


3. A Formal Introduction

 A few minutes later I went down stairs, I found my brother already decorating his bedroom door. He was nine and probably the coolest little brother ever. He didnt care about football or cars or dinosaurs (which was strange as everyone loves dinosaurs) no my brother loved art. He loved painting and cuting up magazines to make collages and sticking things together. I knew he was going to be the next Picasso. Mum must have called for him to come down aswell because when he saw me he put his sellotape down and walked with me, holding my hand as we went (best brother ever) When we got down stairs we saw that the front door was open and a family of four were stood in the door way, Mum and Dad were stood close together holding a plate of Cookies. The woman from the family who I took to be the mother was in conversation with my mum. I saw Kevin smiling at me and he winked at me before looking down at his feet embarrassed. When mum heard us coming down the stairs she looked up. "Oh hello you two, this is the Lewis family, they live in the house next door"

"Hello i'm Jeannette and this is my husband Philip, son Kevin and other son Matthew" The woman said to us whilst pointing at the other people, they all nodded their heads.

"I'm Katie and this is luke" I said with my hands on Luke's shoulders.

"Yes well, The lewis' have invited us for dinner, so I would like you two to go and get changed, and luke please go and get cleaned up." I looked down a luke to see his hands were covered in glitter and glue.

"Oh our Matthew likes art too dont you Matthew" Jeanette said looking down at Matthew

"Yes I do" The smallest boy said, he was about the same age as Luke

"Would you like to come and see my bedroom, I've already put all my artwork on the walls"

"Yeah that sounds cool." He looked up at him mum "is that okay mum?"

"Of course it is darling" Matthew followed luke up the stairs and the two were gone.

"Well Katie how about you go and give Kevin the tour whilst I make Mr and mrs Lewis a cup of tea"

"Jeannette and Philip please"

"Sorry. Jeannette and Philip a cup of tea"

"Sure mum." I looked at Kevin to see him smiling, he walked towards me and I turned around a led him up the stairs. My heart was beating rather fast.

"you've got a nice house, it's a bit bigger than ours" Kevin said with his hands shoved into his jeans pockets

"It is nice" I agreed calmly

I took him round all the various different rooms and came to Luke's bedroom, I peeped my head inside to find the pair decorating Luke's bedroom with different pictures.

"Hey guys, you okay?" I asked them

"Yeah we're both fine. Have you still got that picture I made you? I wanted to show Matthew" Luke asked me "yes I think so, come and get it if you want, its in one of my folders"

"Okay, we'll come there in a minute"

"okay bye guys" I said before taking Kevin away to my room, I carefully and slowly opened the door and made my way up to my room. Even though he had already seen it I was quite nervous and I didn't know why

"And this is my room, even though you've already seen it"

he walked in and looked around, he turned back to me and smiled. He went over to one of the boxes and pulled a huge purple file out of the top, then he went and sat down and balanced the file on his knee.

"That's a picture book from where I used to live, my friend made it me before I left as a sort of going away present"

He began to open it and look through at all the pictures, stopping at various ones to look more at them. He smiled. He came across a page that I had forgotten about. It was a picture of me and a boy laughing underneath a tree. A red plaid blankett was wrapped around our legs. Leaves littered the background of the picture. Kevin's eyebrows nitted together in confusion he turned the page and his eyes widened in shock. The next picture was a picture of me and the same boy but this time the boy was in a hospital bed, he looked ill and I was lay next to him, we were both smiling. "Thats Charlie" I said. My voice cracked and sounded hoarse.

Kevin looked at me his eyes asking a silent question

"He was my boyfriend, he died um last year"

"Jeez, I'm so sorry"

"It's okay, it still hurts but im okay"

we sat in silent for a bit longer whilst he looked throught the rest of the book there were a couple more photo's of me and charlie but he didnt ask me any more questions soon enough he got to the end of the album. He closed it and just let it sit on his knee "You must really miss them"


"Your friends."

"Oh yeah, I do but ive kept in touch so it isnt as bad as it seems."

"it looks nice your old school"

"yeah it was, it was really nice."

"Well your new school is nice so you'll like it tomorrow."

"When does school start?"

"Eight thirty and mum makes me leave the house a quatre to so I can wait for you and we can walk together?"

"Yeah that sounds good. Thank-you Charlie..Kevin! Sorry...I dont know why I called you Charlie."

"It's fine. it's fine, it's okay"

"I'm sorry"

"Stop apologising. it's okay"

"Kevin, Katie come down please"

"Come on, let's go" Kevin said looking straight at me, I bent my head so that I didnt have to look him in the eyes. I called him Charlie...why did I do that?

We stood up and walked down the stairs.We called in on luke and Matthew and told them it was time to go. When we got down stairs we found each sets of parents already to go. "We've had a change of plan, we are going to go out for dinner instead."

for some strange reason I was glad of this. it meant I didnt have to speak to Kevin...I still felt embarassed and stupid for calling him Charlie.

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