Safe and Sound

What happens when Lacey and Blake find 'The Book Of 20 Dares' ?
What happens when Niall , Harry , Zayn , Louis and Liam have to complete it with them ? Will they be Safe and Sound or torn apart ?


3. Lacey Gallagher


Hello all the Unicorns of the world!!!

I'm  Lacey Gallagher I'm eighteen years young and I blow out the candles on July 10

 Heres a bit about me! :)

I'm English I live in the towards outskirts of London

Height: 5'5

Favourite Colour: Baby Blue or Purple

My Best Friends are Bella, Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam!!

I like choclate, shopping and laughing/smiling :)

Well thats all goodbye Oreos!!! :)

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