Safe and Sound

What happens when Lacey and Blake find 'The Book Of 20 Dares' ?
What happens when Niall , Harry , Zayn , Louis and Liam have to complete it with them ? Will they be Safe and Sound or torn apart ?


4. C h a p t e r O n e

I was upset , more than upset . Depressed...

Lacey tried to stop him but she couldn't.

Louis knew I hated talking about my parents since the accident..

I wasn't even told how they drove over the cliff. Now it's just Lacey and I in this huge house. It gets scary and lonely. My brother Callum moved to America , Los Angeles to be specific.

The boys had come over and we were just messing about ...

I walked up to my mum and dad's room .. It hasn't been touched since they died , Well despite the few times I've slept in their bed or sat in their closet crying.

I opened the white door and ran for the closet sitting next to a stack of my mother's books.

My mother loved to read.. My dad said that was where she got her big imagination from.

I started going through the books. One caught my eye. It was a dark red book with black letters. A bit old fashioned , No more like ancient. I'd say maybe from the 1920's around..

I took it down stairs to show everyone. Just as I walked out the door , I heard my name being called in almost a childs voice. I decided I was just being paranoid and walked downstairs.


Everyone looked up from what they were doing and put their eyes on me.


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