Safe and Sound

What happens when Lacey and Blake find 'The Book Of 20 Dares' ?
What happens when Niall , Harry , Zayn , Louis and Liam have to complete it with them ? Will they be Safe and Sound or torn apart ?


2. Bella Coleman ..

Hi ! I'm Bella ! I'm eighteen ...Here's a little bit about me !

Favourite colours : Hot Pink and Black !

Height : 5'5

Bio : Hi guys ! Well My bestfriends are ; Lacey, Harry , Niall ,Zayn, Louis and Liam !

I'm English ! I love singing , playing truth or dare and Cheerios ! Yes my Cheerios do make me smile ! Oh how I love cereal ! I honestly don't know what I'd do without my bestfriends ! They helped me through my Mums and Dads death .. I have one brother his name is Callum ! He is currently living in the USA ! He loves it there ..We're a wealthy family so I live with Lacey in my house well .. more of a mansion ... Ohwell .. I'm not snobby or posh .. I'm really average .. I have no pets I did have a cat called Prittstick .. Very creative I know .. Well I'm from Rippley originally ! I live in slightly further towards the outskirts of London !  Well by Love ! (Or Loves)






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