Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


32. Torn

Maria POV

As my alarm went off at half seven, I had to drag myself out of bed, As i go to the bathroom, And splash myself in the face with water, I think to myself, 'Has the past week even happened? Or was it just a dream' I go downstairs and i see my Daddy making pancakes, i take one of  the top of the pile, And made my lunch, Then i ran upstairs to get my uniform on, Then i saw all my poster on the ground ripped, Then remember it wasn't a dream, As i get my uniform on and apply makeup and tie my hair up in a messy bun, I go to brush my teeth, and i grab my bag and say goodbye to my dad and give him a kiss on the cheek as i leave and get into the car and start it, Then i dial Natalies number, ''Nat? want a lift to school today hun?'' I ask her, ''No babe its okay Roisin's home from Australia, She said she can drop me, thanks though! see you there'' She replied ''Okay babe bye'' Then i hang up, and drive outta the driveway.

As i got the school, i parked in a spot, And stayed in the car for about five minutes then as i got out, Roisin pulled into the space beside me, She got out of the car and came over to me, ''Maria! i haven't seen you for ages!'' She says hugging me, ''God how long has it been?'' I ask her smiling, ''God only knows'' She replies, then Natalie gets outa the car, ''Hey nat!'' I say hugging her, ''Hey Maria'' She says, ''Well have a good time aye gurls!'' Roisin says in an aussie accent, ''You've picked it up well Ro'' I say to her as she walks away, She turns around and smiles at us, As we head to our lockers, i see Clarrine, And i look at her for a while, She has dyed her hair to blonde, ''Its disgusting!'' Nat says to me, ''Agreed!'' I replied, Then we walk to assembly, And as we get into the classroom, I see Jordan  My ex, As i look at him and he catches me looking at him, i quickly look away, And before we could even get to our seats we were mobbed by all the girls, ''What's this about you's and one direction?'' They all ask, Then as we push past them not answering anyone, I go over to our desk and Clarine is sitting on it talking to maddie, ''*Cough Cough**'' I coughed  ''Oh sorry'' She says turning around facing us, ''I forgot this isn't my desk whoops, Like my hair?'' She says, ''No'' Natalie says, She laughs and calls Jordon over, Then the start kissing, ''Get off my desk!'' I say to them, She pulls away from Jordan, ''Oh sorry, forgot you were jealous that i have a real relationship,And not just a one night stand'' She says, i raise an eyebrow, ''Really? You know what else you have that i don't?'' I ask her, ''What?'' She says, a bruise on your face, And i punch her right in the nose, Everybody gaps, Jordan hold her, and looks at me, i don't take a glimpse at him, Natalie pulls me away from the scene as everyone goes over to Clarine, ''What was that?'' She asked worried, Then i was about to answer and i felt a hand o my shoulder, Our year head, ''I think its time for a trip to the office'' He says looking down at me, I look at Natalie, And he leads me to the principal's office, I sit outside for about three classes, Natalie passes me after every class too see if i'm okay, Then finally after the bell went for the fourth class, I get up, And there is Mammy sitting in a chair in the office, My heart sinks, ''Maria'' She says, i look at her, ''Come in Maria sit down please'' the Principal says, i can feel Mammy's disappointed eyes look right at me, I don't look back at her, I don't look at the principal either, I just stare and go into my own little world, With One Direction, Natalie and Crew and Band, I'm happy there, Then i hear my name being called, ''Maria? Maria!'' my principal calls, ''What?'' I say, ''Pardon!'' She says, ''Pardon'' i say sighing, ''Well? Have anything to say for yourself?'' she says, i think for a while, ''Nope'' I reply, My Mammy looks at me, ''What?'' I say looking at her, ''She deserved it'' I say looking at her, ''Maria, Remember when we had this incident a couple of year ago?'' My principal asked me, I look at her and look away and nod, ''Lets recap shall we? Well, This happened, Right here, right now, You were in this office for the same reason, two years ago, you had a anger problem, And you found something to help you, That something was music, And particular type as well, A band that go by the name of One Direction, i remember because i suggested them myself! After a week in anger management classes and a whole week to learn the album, You came back to school a different person, i let you get away with it them Maria, But i don't know about this time'' She says, I sigh and can feel tears coming up, ''I will be asking Clarine for her side of the story and if it is similar i will be considering consequences for you behaviour, Because honestly, I'm outta ideas Maria!'' She says, Then i am escorted out of the office and she talks to my Mammy for a while. 

As i wait around for about an hours, Mammy finally comes out of the office and her head is low, She has a form in her hand, ''What's that?'' I ask standing up, ''Its a checklist Maria, Just in case you do get thrown outta school, We gotta have back up'' I feel my heart sink to my stomach, ''Mammy i'm not moving schools!'' I say in tears now, ''Well you should have bloody thought about that before you go and hit another student!'' Mammy says shouting at me now, As she walks out to the car i go back into the school, ''Your suspended!'' She shouts at me, I begin to cry, i sit on the floor in the middle of the corridor and i cry, I can feel someone coming closer, ''C'mon Maria, Lets just go home, We will have to see how it goes'' I get up and don't look at her all the way home.

When we get home i go upstairs and take a look at my room, I pick up all the scraps of posters on my floor, And put them in the bin, I rearrange my bed, And go to the shed and decide too give my bedroom walls a fresh lick of paint, As i listen to Little Mix while painting, Ellen comes on the telly, I text Natalie,

To: Nat<3 

Ellens on telly here<3


luckyyy! I have to do homework-_- want to do it for me?:P 

To: Nat<3

Nahh hun your grand:P but i'll tell you what happened today i'll call you later<3

From: Nat<3

kk:* x

As i smile at our conversations, I see my favorite actress Jennifer Lawrence is the Star Guest! I go make tea and sit down to watch it, Then after it finished, I look at my watch and open my window to let the paint dry.

Asi go to bed at eleven, The paint isn't dry yet, So i go into my sisters rooms and squeeze in beside her.  


Niall POV

As the whole tour bus is very weak and tired because we had two shows last night, Then as management came into the bedroom to wake us up because we are going to the west of Ireland now, ''Well lads, A long journey today, Better get up'' 

''Why do we have to get up if were driving there?'' Zayn asks grumpily, ''Or you can walk'' He says, Zayn is up quicker than lightning  We all laugh at him and we get up, And we noticed Liam has been up making breakfast, ''aw leeyum!'' I say him giving him a hug, He laughs and hugs me back, as i pull away i take a plate and fill it with sausages and pudding and i grab a roll before the are all taken, Then i go over to the table, And Harry takes a seat beside me with his plate of food, ''Ketchup?'' He asks, i raise a eyebrow and nod we laugh and then look at the busy tiny bus kitchen, Harry sighs, ''What's up mate?'' I ask him, ''We are going back to Dublin in a week..'' He mutters, I bite my lip, ''uhhmmmmm!'' Harry says, ''Well thats next week mate! we have the rest of Ireland to tour! Enjoy it! and day off tomorrow! i'm going home!'' I say, ''I think i'll join you on that! Haven't seen Greg in ages!'' Harry replies smiling, ''Savage!'' I say, Then we eat our breakfast. 





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