Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


16. Tell Me a Lie

Natalie POV

As we giggle at Zayn, he gets up and decided to get the drinks himself, Lou decided to take Lux inside because it is past her bedtime, Lux ran around the campfire saying goodnight to everybody, ''Night Uncle Li Li'' she says, ''Night Night baby Luxy'' Liam says back giving her a cuddle, Danielle gives Lux a cuddle and a kiss also, ''Night Night Uncle Lou Lou''' Lux screams with excitement as she runs towards Louis and Eleanor they have a group cuddle and they each give Lux a kiss, ''Night Night Uncle Zen'' says Lux  speeding across to Zayn giving him a cuddle then Perrie a peck on the cheek, Perrie chuckles and gives her a big hug, ''Night Night fellas'' says Lux heading towards Paul, Josh, Andy and Nick they all form a group hug as well with Lux in the middle, as she breaks free she jogs over to Niall ''Night Night Uncle Ni Ni'' says Lux lovingly, ''Night Night angle cakes'' Niall replies, giving her a big hug, She goes towards Mar-ia and gives her a hug and a kiss as well, then she comes towards harry and i, ''And Fwinally Night Night Uncle Hazzy'' She says rubbing her eyes and stretches her arms out for a hug, He holds her tight, and starts to sing in her ear, Then when hes finished he gives her a kiss and she stands beside me expecting a kiss i go to kiss her and she hugs me tight, i hug back, it feels so nice, she's so soft and warm, Then she lets go and says ''Night Night'' i smile at her as she walks back into the house.



Harry POV

''So, How about a game of truth or dare?'' i say enthusiastically, ''NO!'' Zayn answers vainly, ''Ah Zayn! come on! it will be interesting! lets do it!'' Perrie says happily, ''alright'' everyone agrees, ''I'll ask first'' Niall says, ''ermm, Eleanor!'' ''yeah Niall?'' answers Eleanor, ''Truth or Dare?'' ''ummm, i'll pick, Dare please Niall but i have a feeling i might regret this..'' she says enthusiastically, Niall starts to laugh, ''okay,'' Niall began, ''stop i have a perfect dare!'' Maia interrupts, ''What?'' Niall asked, Maia whispered it too him her nodded in approval, ''Okay Eleanor, I dare you, to prank call Nando's and demand a refund for something you never paid for'' Niall says excited. ''oh my god!'' Eleanor says laughing, ''alright pass me my phone Louis'' she says, 'she dials Nando's' and as someone answered she froze! ''she started laughing and mouthed something to the girls, they started giggling too! Me and the boys looked at each other uncertainly, then paid our full attention on Eleanor, ''But jezzay baby, i got poisoned from that chicken!'' She says pretending to sound sick ''' what do you mean you can't give me a refund? we paid in that card i gave you! what do you mean we got it for free no we didn't! you know what Jez! im done were over! i thought we had something special! goodbye!'' Eleanor hangs up! and starts uncontrollably laughing her head of, we were still confused because we didn't know who Jez was, so we laughed anyway, 

''My turn'' Louis shouts, ''erm HARRY!'' he says ''Yeah man?'' ''truth or dare?'' ''truth please my good fello'' i say happily, ''will do my friend'' he says, the turns to everybody and nods his head everybody smirks and looks and me, ''Harold Edward Styles,'' Louis begins, ''True, that you have feelings for,Natalie there beside you aye hazzy sweet cheeks?'' everybody swit sa wooed and i could feel myself burning up ''ehhh'' i say, then i can see natalie looking up at me, i look down at her ''i,,,''  

Then out of the heavens it begins to lash rain! We all jump up immediately and grab as much blanket as we can each Zayn remains on the ground but Perrie pulls him up giggling, Eleanor and Louis share a kiss in the rain, then before we know it we are inside soaked to the skin, Maia puts the kettle on, and we all make our way to our sleeping areas.

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