Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


25. Summer Love

Harry POV

As we get up and Niall hands in his black card, we leave the restaurant, and see fireworks! We all looked at each other shocked, then we turn to Lou and Paul they grin, and we run over to them and form a group hug, then we let go, and each boy grabs their girl and hold them close, i grab Natalie by the waist and pull her in close, she puts her hands around my neck and we watch the fireworks together, As Niall does the same with Maria, And Louis does the same with Eleanor, Liam does the same with Danielle and Zayn does the same with Perrie we all stand in a line outside of Nando's looking at fireworks, Then just as the last one blows up, Everyone kisses, And we see a flash, as in someone took a picture but we were to living in the moment to care. As the night sky goes dark again, we pull away, and all hold hand in hand with each other taking up the whole sidewalk as one big family. 


Danielle POV

As we get back to the bus we all head straight to the bedroom to get changed we agreed the boys could get changed first. As they finally come out Lou is putting Lux to bed, She comes running towards us and we all give her hugs and kisses, Harry and Zayn put her to bed, as the other boys go to the kitchen to get drinks, and told us we will meet them upstairs, so we agree and go into the bedroom, As we are getting changed, we decide to swap a item of clothing each, Maria takes Eleanor's pajamas bottoms, and Natalie takes Perrie's top, I give Perrie my bottoms and Maia gives me her top, ad Ruth gives Maria her top and Perrie gives Natalie her top, as we giggle taking off our make up, We walk out of the bedroom and we catch Liam going up the stairs, he has to take a double take, When looking at us ''Wow, splendid dressing skills if i do say so myself'' He says holding my waist them putting a cold beer on my belly, i screamed with chilliness, All the girls laugh as Liam kisses my cheek and heads upstairs, Then me and the other girls go into the kitchen and grab some Bon-Bon's and a HUGE pack of kinder bueno's and some Walkers crisps and we head upstairs.


 Perrie POV

As we sneak up the stairs, rattling the food! We hear cheers as Natalie and Maria lead the way and all the boys start to whistle at our conflicted pajamas, then as we get up stairs we noticed they did it too! ''Copy cats!'' I hear Eleanor say pointing at the boys, they laugh and stand up high fiving each other as they greet us upstairs with hugs, Zayn hold my hand and sits down and i sit down beside him, All the girls just form a circle following the boys and we all sit and pass drinks around as Maria opens the crisps and pours them into a bowl Liam hands her, Niall tries to grab a crisp and is tackling her now shes laughing and spills a couple, and without wonder Niall ate them. We laugh at him and he blushes while thinking nobody saw. As Josh comes up and opens the sunroof before squeezing in between Liam and Louis, And we all lie down on the blankets and look at the stars, As we all hold hand in a circle, We see Lou on the roof as she snaps a cute photo of us in a circle, ''get down Lou!'' we all shout at her! ''okay okay! help me down boii's'' All the boys get up and help her down through the sunroof, as comes and lies with us. 


natalie POV

As we look up at the stars, i take my phone out and check twitter, i scroll and scroll, and all i see is hate, hate and more hate! Good thing they don't know our names, Then i scroll past a picture that is uploaded about 20 times on my time line, its a picture of us all kissing outside Nando's! and the fireworks in the background  I gasp, and everybody asks what's wrong, i pass my phone around for everyone to look, as it comes back to me,Harry takes it off me again, he looks through the comments! ''they are horrendous!'' he says sounding discouraged by the fandom, ''this is a disgrace '' Louis says, ''Its alright!'' I say, i can take hate! Then Harry looks at me with his puppy eyes and i try to snatch my phone back, He pulls away and sticks his tongue out, i jump over nearer to him and still miss, then i just and land on him, and he stares into my eyes, i kiss his forehead and grab my phone back, ''right i think we're off'' Says Zayn helping Perrie up, Heading downstairs, ''G'night!'' They say hand in hand, ''Night Night'' we all say together, Then Louis and Eleanor and Danielle and Liam go down together, 'they give us hugs goodnight, ''Goodnight'' they say Then i decide to go downstairs then harry following me grabbing my hand, ''Na Night you's two!'' Maria says we turn around and she is in Niall's arms they are still lying down ''Night Night!'' i say winking at her she laughs and gives Harry a thumbs up, Then we go downstairs and get into Harry's bunk, i want to sleep but he wants to stay up and look into each others eyes, as we do, He kisses me passionately, then about a minute later Liam pokes us from below, We giggle and them with me under Harry's arm, fall asleep.


Maria POV

As everybody else has gone to bed, me and Niall stay upstairs just talking, ''Weird but true, I don't have your number'' Niall says to me, i look at him in astonishment, ''You're right!'' i say smiling, Give me your phone, i say, He hands it to me as i do to him, he put his number in and he makes a contact photo of us, that he just took, a selfie. We're posing and another which he  puts as mine, is him kissing my cheek, I smile as he hands the phone back, We lie there  and then i hear what sound like an angel whispering into my ear, ''If i lay here, If i just lay here, would you lie with me oh, just forget the world'' I  giggle to myself and begin to sing along ''Forget what we're told, Before we get too old, Show me a garden, that's bursting into life'' Then we sing the chorus together looking into each others eyes, ''If i lay here, if i just lay here would you lie with me, And just forget the world'' Then there's a pause and Niall bring me into a hug, i squeezed him tightly, and just remember that i am hugging Niall Horan! i start to get butterfly's, he plays with my hair as i rub his hand on my waist, Then i start to drift off, Last thing i remember is his hand on mine and mine feeling his warm skin, Then whispers in my ear, ''You're my summer, autumn, winter and spring love'' i remember going to sleep with a smile across my face, and shivering, he gets out of his comfortable position to close the sunroof  and comes back with another blanket, he lies back down and put it over us, he kisses my forehead and then we drift off together, Arm in arm.

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