Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


22. Still The One

Maria POV

As we all go into the dressing room cheering, hugging and crying our coach decides to come in, and have a chat to us, ''Is everybody reasonable?'' asks Ash, our girl, Camogie coach, ''yup'' everyone says putting back on their jerseys, we sit and wait for about a minute, then our coaches come in screaming! ''WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS AND WE KEPT ON FIGHTING TILL THE END!'' we start to sing along, then our coaches tell us to shut up and sit down, Then they sat down and started to look really serious, they looked at the ground and looked up again, Then next thing we knew Niall comes in playing the guitar and then our coaches and the rest of the boys start to sing 'So what we're gonna be? T-E-A-M team! Gotta work it out its up to us, This is the last time to get it right! this is the chance to make it or not! We gotta show whats we're all about Work Together! this is the last chance to make your mark, history will know who you are this is the last chance to make it count its, now or never!'' We sing with tears in our eyes, As the boys come over and stand beside us, And after the song is finished we all cheer and hug again, then for real we sit down and listen to what the coaches have to say, ''Listen girls, You couldn't have played any better out their tonight! We were almost short two amazing players cos of these bad boi's over their'' He says pointed to the lads standing beside us, ''But overall, that was amazing! And you's all deserve Nando's!'' We all cheer, and Niall is on the floor, ''what's wrong Niall?'' Liam asks, 'I'm so happy we are going to Nando's!'' he says with a tear in his eye.


Harry POV

Seeing all these woman cheering and screaming is very emotional, But they kick us out so they can get changed. After what felt like and hour Natalie and Maria came out of the dressing room together, Ruth holding the cup, As they see us, the come over and we do hugs again, As i finished my hugs from Natalie and Maria, i decided to go and hug everybody else, After all that, Natalie came over to me, Seeing Natalie so emotionally passionate about something that makes her so happy, has made me fall in love with her even more, As she came over i put my hand around her waist and she moved in closer, ''congratulations'' i whisper in her ear, she giggles and says ''thank you, you's were the best supporters their id say'' She replies, Then she looks up at me and i kiss her forehead, We walk out of the stadium, and we see a huge double Decker bus, ''Our tour bus!'' Zayn screeches, Everybody goes up to it, and Lux greets us on, ''Congraduwelldone!'' Lux says to Maria as she comes in, ''Naw thanks baba'' Maria says picking her up, ''You were the best cheerleader their hun'' She says tickling her, Lux screams with excitement and Maria put her down, Then just as we thought we were gonna leave Paul comes on the bus with the rest of the team, ''PARTAYY!!'' they shout! ''To Nando's Mark!'' Niall says to the bus driver, ''This bus is amazing!'' Natalie says astonished, ''Its got about ten rows of seats near the front, then a gap in the middle of the bus, a downstairs, which leads to a little kitchen and a bathroom, the then the upstairs, then at the back of the bus, is the sleeping area, with Six bunks in a big room at the very back, , And some more seats, Then as we go upstairs, There's a huge spaces full of blankets and pillows, No seats! just a wide open space, ''And watch this'' i say to Natalie, as i open the sunroof and let all the stars shine in, ''They're beautiful! She said affectionately, ''Just like you'' i say looking down at her she looks up at me, I go behind her and tell her to close her eyes, I pull a necklace out of my pocket, and put it around her neck, She opens them and looks at it ''Its half a heart'' she says warmly, ''I have the other half'' i reply, i take mine out, She lets out a little gasp, and looks into my eyes, just as i was about to kiss her, Niall comes up the stairs with probably going to do the same thing i have already done, ''He beat you too it Niall'' i hear Louis voice and a bit of his head hiding behind Maria, ''As i give them a dirty look, the run down the stairs, i look at Natalie, she takes my hand and we run after them, together. 


Natalie POV

I hold onto Harry's hand as tight as i can running down those stairs, He goes and has a chat with the boys and i see Maria talking to Eleanor and a couple of our team mates, As i go over, I sit beside Maria and tell her what happened, She gasps and awes but i keep saying the same thing over and over again ''I really like him Maia! i mean that necklace he game is is so sweet'' i say showing her it, she smiles, and gives me a look, i turn around and their he is standing their, with his hand out, I put my hand on his, and he leads me to the back of the bus, Liam winks at me, as we go into the bedroom, i start to giggle as harry climbs up on his bunk, he gives me and a hand up and we lie there together, After a while of just silence, Harry tuns and faces me so i do too, We stare into each others eyes, And play with each others curls, ''Baby say yeah, yeah ,yeah, yeah, yeah, and let me kiss you'' Harry sings softly, with his raspy voice, as if he just got up, I was about to kiss him, But he kisses me first, everything from their on it was in slow motion, i don't hear any background noise, Just the sound of passion, As the bus grinds to a halt suddenly, i almost fall off the bunk! But Harry was their, to catch me. We look at eachother then we are called by the others '''Harry, Ruth! were here!!'' We hear several voices call, ''Coming we say together helping each other down from the bunk, we walk out together, Harry singing softly, ''Your so Paris when we kiss, when we kiss'' i giggle and bury my head in his his chest as he pulls me into a hug, and then hold my hand and hold it until we reach the door of Nando's. 

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