Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


30. So Sick

Harry POV

As i got my phone taken of me i look up to see management standing in front of  me, ''Ah ah ah! i don't think so'' He says looking down at me, I look blankly into space. The bus is so quiet, Nobody is speaking, The boys are too depressed and too busy trying to comfort me and Niall, The girls just don't feel like talking to each other, Let alone anyone else, And the band don't dare to speak either, As the only voice we can hear, Is Pauls, hes on the phone to his wife, Then when he hangs up, The environment is dead silent, And all you can hear is the bus engine and Lux breathing. I Couldn't take it all i got up and headed towards the bedroom, As i walked over to my bunk i climbed up and lay down, i attempted to fall asleep but it was mentally impossible! it's still only half eleven in the morning and this morning felt like last night! As i never got breakfast in the hotel, i am starting to feel hungry but i don't dare show my face at least until we have arrived at the venue, As i try to close my eyes and just zoom out of life for a little while, Natalie's face keeps popping up in my head, I can still see the brown of her eyes, The smell of her hair, The rosiness of her cheeks, The squeakiness to her laugh, Lips to her smile, As i open my eyes, i can feel i'm not alone, i don't dare get out of bed, but i look around the room looking for someone, As i try not to move so much the bed creaks, But as i stretch my head to the right as far as i can, I see gold blonde locks, Belonging to someone i know very well, Niall. 


Niall POV

Even though his bed is not creaking,  i can tell that Harry is looking at me, I don't turn around, I just want to be alone. As i close my eyes, All i can see is Maria, The blue of her eyes, The Ginger of her hair, The dimples to her smile, The enthusiasticness to personality, I can't, I just can't i open my eyes and begin to cry small quiet sobs, But obviously not quiet enough i hear Harry getting out of his bunk and coming towards me, Just before he stands over me, i rub the tears away from my face, ''What?'' i ask, not looking at him, ''Scootch'' He says pushing me over, He comes and lies beside me, We are back to back, Is quiet for about ten minutes then Harry says, ''Hard isn't it?'' ''Thought you would know!'' I reply, Beginning to break down into tears again, As i turn around i face his back and he turns around as well, He looks at me and starts to sob as well, As we sob together and joke, giggle and cry some more. We lie on our backs, Sniffling, i say ''Harry, I'm happy i have your shoulder to cry on'' He smiles and replies ''Niall, i'm glad to have you for the exact same thing'' Then we smile, ''Well i'm hungry dude, C'mon gotta face them sometime'' I say to Harry, He nods and we lie there for a while longer, then he gets up, I look at him puzzled, ''Well c'mon mate hungry or wha?'' He says smiling and gives me a hand up, As i take his hand and i am standing beside him, We leave the bedroom together, ''Where's the food?'' I ask when we enter the social area of the bus, Everyone looks at us, And they look at us smiling, Management looks puzzled, ''Smile mate'' Harry says to the as we pass him on the way to the kitchen. As we smile away the pain, We both know, That behind the smile, Theres the pain, Waiting to smack us in the face.



Natalie POV

As we recognise the roads again, We have to face the fact that our dream has ended, And we are back to our normal life. As we pull into the local petrol station ,The taxi driver tells us he will only be a minute, As we decide to get out to get some fresh air, We decide to go into the shop and get a roll, As Maria tells me to put on sunglasses, We do and walk in casually, And they're put be some dedicated fans in the little town, But we get mobbed by about six girls asking us for pictures and Twitter follows, We don't mean to sound ignorant, but we barge through them and keep our heads down, the manager ended up closing the shop until we left, which was very kind of him, ''Hi huns orders?'' He asks us, ''I'll have a chicken roll please'' Maria asks trying to sound enthusiastic  ''Coming up babe'' He says to her, ''Thanks'' She replied, ''I'll just have a ham roll please'' I say to him, He goes to the back of the shop, And comes back a couple of minutes later with our rolls and we pay for them and thank him, And leave the shop. As we get back into the taxi, The driver got out and told all the girls around the car to move back, They don't listen, So the driver just gets back in and start the car, Then they start to back off. As we are on the way home, We eat our rolls, And take our phones out, Almost forgetting about what happened this morning, Then look at Twitter and quickly remember. And i put my phone away and continue to eat my roll, But Maria is still on Twitter i slide over to her, And a picture of us about two minutes ago has just been posted! We are in the shop, At the deli counter and we we're smiling, But only at the manager! And the comment is ''Naww girlfriends going home for a while, They are staying strong to be away from the boys by showing a smile!'' Maria was about to comment, ''Don't Maria! then they will know! they will find out themselves!'' I say to her, ''You're right'' she says, And put the phone away.


Maria POV

As we put our phones away, Me and Natalie tried to take the time to be together as we can

''I guess we have school tomorrow then?''  Natalie says to me,

''The time must have flown by your hun cos its only Saturday!'' I reply, We laugh and then the taxi goes quiet again, 

''But MAria, What happens when we go back to school?'' Natalie asks,

''I don't know, They're gonna ask questions, So we just gotta think of a story we can tell them before they realize that we are over,

''Ok'' Natalie agrees, Then the taxi driver pulls into my house, ''Wow that was quick'' I say depressed, ''Its okay Maria, I'll call you later, And we'll be together Monday don't worry'' Natalie says to me, ''Thanks hun'' I say hugging her, Then the driver opens the door for me and gets my bags out of the boot, ''Thank you'' I say to him walking down to my house, And i turn around and wave at Natalie who is waving to me from the car, As i wave and see the car pulling out and driving off into the distance i suddenly feel the feeling of emptiness inside me, As i unlock the door to get into the house, I hear  my mammy coming to the door, and looks at me then hugs me, The warmness in her arms reminds me of Niall, I begin to cry, And Mammy wraps her arms around tighter, I pull away, And smile through the tears and run upstairs into my bedroom. 

As i opened the door, All i can see is One Direction posters all over my room, And here comes the tears again, I go to my walls and look at Niall, As i put my hand over his face, i begin to tear the poster, I rip it off the wall, And go to the next one above it and shred it, Then another, Then another, As i get to my favourite poster, The one of them on the Little Things set, With their guitars and smiles, I look at it, And all the memories of our time together came flooding back, Football, Campfire, The rain, The movie, School  The match, Nandos, Tourbus, Shopping, Soundcheck, Concert, Tesco and the hotel, everything about the hotel came flooding back into picture i closed my eyes and opened them again i can still see him, I rip the poster, into a million pieces and sit on my bedroom floor for hours. 

As i heard my room door open, Its not my mammy or daddy, Its my six year old sister, ''Maria?'' She asks, ''Yeah babe?'' I say smiling at her, ''What's wrong? you is your boyfriend on the floor?'' She asks concernly, i laugh at her, ''Ah babe her was just a friend, and now hes gone for work'' I reply not looking at her, ''Ok well i wuv you Maria'' She says hugging me, ''Love you too hun'' I say hugging back. 


Natalie POV

As the taxi driver drops me off finally, He takes out my luggage, i thank him and wave goodbye, As i walk into the house my mammy is sitting down reading a book, As i close the door she looks up at me and smiles, ''How was your trip with?'' she asks, ''Oh just friends'' I reply quickly smiling, ''Ahh, did you have fun?'' She asks, ''Yeah suppose'' I answer, then there was an awkward silence, ''Well i better go up  to my room and put my stuff away'' i say breaking the silence, ''Oh okay, well i kinda booked for us to go out for dinner tonight, So just be ready by six'' Mammy said smiling, ''Beautiful, i'll be ready'' I reply, heading upstairs, As i enter my room thinking about tonight and what happened these past few days completely flew outta my mind, Then i opened my bedroom door, And there is my older sister Roisin, Sitting on my bed, Like shes been expecting me, 

''Hello stranger'' She says to me smiling, The smile on my face widened as i ran up to her,

'''Where have you been all this week!'' I said to her in an embrace, I can smell the scent of her coconut conditioner, 

''I'm back from Australia for a while, And i've heard rumors that need to be confirmed'' She says, My head drops, 

''I'd rather not...'' I say, sitting on the bed

''C'mon Natalie! Its me, you can tell me anything'' She says playing with me hair,

''Okay, Well  as you know, big fan, Tried to follow our dreams, succeeded, Happy for two days and then the dream was teared apart.''I say sighing, 

''Still don't get it'' She replies, Then i tell her the whole story, The painting of Maria's back garden, Sleeping, The boys coming, Playing football, going to Nandos, Going to school, the match, Nandos again, Tour bus, Shopping, Soundcheck, Concert, Tesco and the hotel, i broke down into tear at the hotel bit.

''Ah babe'' Roisin says putting her arm around me comforting me, As the heat of her body reminds me of Harry's i begin to sob more, As we hear mammy coming up the stairs, We get up and i rub my eyes, Rosin pretends to start a fight, ''Urg! get off me!'' She shouts hitting a pillow at me, ''Urg! how dare you!'' I say flinging it back in her face, i can't help but laugh, Then as mammy enters the rooms she says, ''You better not be acting like that in the restaurant tonight you two! and you's better get ready its half five!'' Half five alread! i though, Wow! ''Time flies when you fight with your other half'' Roisin says slinging a pillow at my face, I laugh and Mammy goes off to get changed, Then Roisin leaves the room and comes back with a massive suitcase, ''Well, What shall i wear?'' She says enthusiastically, i gasp, ''What's with all the clothes?'' I ask laughing, ''Well i'm not staying here all my holiday, i have to visit friends as well'' She says, ''Oh'' I say adequately, ''Don't worry, i'll be spending most my time here!'' She says smiling, my smiles began to extend, Then i go over to her and i pick out a jumpsuit, And a long sleeved top to go under it, Then i did her hair and she did my make up, We both went into the bathroom to brush our teeth, And we kept elbowing each other out of the way of the mirror, Then as i elbowed Roisin, She dropped one of her false eyelashes into a pool of toothpaste and saliva, ''Oh my god!'' I say laughing, Roisin looked at me and hit me on the shoulder, We both laughed and our Parent called us from downstairs, At the end of the stairs, There was Mammy and Daddy standing beside her, ''Ready to go ladies'' Daddy says, holding our his arm, I go to link mine in with his, But Roisin pushed me outta the way and sticks her tongue out at me, I laugh and then link in with mammy. And we get into the car and drive to the restaurant. 

When we get there Rosin held my hand, And we walked in together, As the waiter showed us to our table, I saw a flash, I Looked around and turned my head forward and started to pick up the pace to our table, 

''Whats going on Nat? slow down!'' Roisin calls, 

''Paps, They're here!'' I say to her.

''How do they?'' ''i don't even know!'' I interrupted her, As the waiter gave us our menus, my phone vibrated, i looked around the table, Nobody else seemed to have heard it, i take it out and hide it behind my menu, IT's a notification from Eleanor Calder, ''@DaniellePeazer @PerrieLM @MariaJRose @NatalieLThrone Beautiful outing with my girlz<3 ''www.Pickdiiwq.'' And the picture was the picture of us with our Starbucks that one of the fans took, I was shocked, 'Does Eleanor not remember what happened this morning?' I decide to text Maria

To: Maria<3

Mariaaaa! did you get a notification about Eleanor updating a picture? x


I look up and everybody is looking at me even the waiter, ''What?'' I ask, ''The waiter has asked you five times what you want darling'' My Mammy says to me, ''Oh i'm sorry, Erm, I'll just have the chicken caesar salad, Thanks''  I say handing him the menu, Everyone else does too, ''You alright hun?'' Roisin asks, ''Grand'' I reply,Then my phone beeps and i looks at it, Its a reply from Maria, 


From: Maria<3

No babe, she didn't update a picture i just  checked x


I looked at the text and got confused, I went back onto Twitter, and i noticed it was taken down!


To: Maria<3

Ohhh haha sorry babe my mistake:P Have a good night ly xx


From Maria<3

Nice:P ly2 xxx



As i look up and i see my Daddy staring at me, ''So what happened Nat?'' he asks me, ''What?'' I asked startled, I look at Roisin, She nods and says, 'I didn't tell him' i look back at him, ''What do you mean?'' i ask, ''Shopping? cinema?what did you do?'' He asks, ''Ohhh'' I say relieved, ''well we went shopping and eaten out that sorta stuff'' i answer, ''Ahh, and where did you stay?'' He asks concerned, ''Oh just a little hotel noting much'' I answer, Then the waiter comes with our food, ''Enjoy'' He says leaving the food down, As i was about to start eating my phone rings again, I ignore it because i figure its just someone from school looking for gossip so i ignore it, then it goes off again, ''Aren't you gonna get that hun?'' Mammy says to me, ''Yeah be right back'' I say heading towards the bathrooms, And i see another flash, I put my head down and walk in, I pick up my phone and look at all my messages, Two from some dude in my year called Brendon, three messages from Caoibhe, Five from Jessica, And one from Clarine, But at the very top there is about 15 messages from Louis I sigh and open them all.

''Nat, Call me please. xx''

''Nat, Don't ignore me!''

''Its hurting me more than its hurting you'' 

''Nat, I can't express how bad i feel! Can we please talk? call me? or i'll call you? Please i need to tell you the full story, I need to hear your sweet voice, And this time, There will be no cutting us off, please Nat..xx''

I laugh at how he never mentioned it was him before now, I stop and think about it for a while, Then Louis number comes up on my screen and i hit the answer key,

''Louis listen, I'm busy at the moment and i'm not in the mood so go away, and leave me alone!'' I say through the phone,

''Well if thats how you feel,,,'' I hear a familiar voice say through the other end of the phone, My spirits rise,

''Harry?'' i say happily,

''Nat its me! Management took my phone earlier in so sorry!'' He replies, I can tell he is crying, 

''Harry don't cry'' I whisper, Because a girl is in the cubicle next to me, 

''Nat i need to explain__'' ''Yeah you do!'' I interrupt him, 

''Ok, well first of all__''

 Then Roisin walk in, I hang up quickly,  And put the phone behind my back, ''Who was that?'' She asked curiously, ''Nobody Ro! i'll tell you later'' I say trying to push past her, ''Eh no you'll tell me now!'' She answers, Then  someone comes out of the cubicle, ''Sure bout that?'' i ask, she sneaks a smile, And we go out of the bathroom together, As i sit down again ,I text Louis number

''Sorry i'll call you later x''

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