Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


33. She's The One

**A  week later**


Natalie POV

''I'll be back tomorrow mammy don't worry'' I say to Mammy picking up my bag and heading for the door i half hug her and then leave, Maria is outside in her car waving at my Mammy, ''Get in loser we're gonna get some'' She says laughing,  laugh back and throw my bag in the back, ''So where did you say we were staying?'' i ask her buckling my seatbelt  She starts the car and reverses outta the driveway, ''Well i asked my cousin, And he said we can stay at his'' she says to me, ''Maria?'' I ask her, ''ummhmm?'' She says concentrating on the road, ''Why are we going so early?'' I ask her, She looks at the clock and laughs, ''I don't know, I suppose we can go to town and go to cousins to drop our bags and all and we can leave the car here, And take the bus to the o2'' She says, ''Good idea'' i agree, ''Tunnnnessss!'' she says to me, i slide in Up All Night and we jam to that down the county.

When we get into the car park, We get our bags and our mouths drop at the flight of stairs we have to climb in our heels, We 'oh my goded' about fifty times, But we eventually got to the top, And knocked on the door, ''Ah Maria!'' Maria's cousin Oscar said with a smile on his face, ''Oscar!'' She says hugging him, I have met Oscar before only once, But he hugs me to anyway, he brings us upstairs to our room, And we went downstairs and he made tea, and we sat down and just chatted,

''So whatcha doing going to this concert tonight anyway?'' He asks sipping his tea, ''I don't know to be honest, We had tickets before we met them, So we just agreed we would go for the music, Not cos they're there'' Maria answers, we all pause and sip our tea, then Oscar gets up and grabs his phone off the coffee table, ''Pepperoni on your pizzas?'' He asks dialling a number into the phone, ''Yip!'' We say together, Oscar leaves the room and says the order and comes back in a while later, ''So Maria, I also heard you got suspended''  He said pretending to sound shocked, Maria and i look and each other and try not to giggle, He smirks at us, ''Well lets just say there was a girl, i didn't like'' Says Maria shrugging, Oscar laughs sarcastically, ''I'm gonna leave it there cos i don't wanna hear the rest'' He said smiling, Then the doorbell goes, ''Thats the pizza"'' Oscar says excitedly, ''Poor chap goes on as if he has never had a pizza'' I say looking at Maria she laughs, And we get up and go into the kitchen the smell of pizza filled the air, Then we take a plate and fill it, As we sit down to eat, Its half four, We decide to eat, then hit the town for a couple of hours.

We eat and leave, Oscar gives me a spare key to the apartment, When we walk to the bus stop, We put on our sun glasses, And then the bus comes we are taken into the town, We go into some shops and shop!

Then as it turns six, We decide to take the Luas and it takes us into the arena, The Luas is packed! there is no seats, and barely any room to stand! But its only twenty minutes, And as we get there the security let us past because i think the recognise who we are, And they didn't even check our tickets, so before we went in, We saw two directioners trying to get in but the tickets they bought were counterfeit! We felt sorry for them, So we gave them our tickets, And we went in and securtiy guided us to seats near the front, We were half an hour early, So the lights were still on, Then as the arena started to fill up, They turned the lights off, We sat down and went on Twitter and Facebook for a bit, ''Concert tonight <3 With Maria<3'' I tweeted, She smiled at it, And the spare seats beside us just went occupied by two grandparents! We couldn't help but laugh our heads off!

Then the arena started to get louder and the tour video began to play, No matter how many times we see it, You have to smile. Then as it ends and the stage goes dark the boys silhouettes appear, And Liam's solo in Live While We're Young begins to sing, The arena goes mad, We stand up and clap along. After about five songs i look around the arena, And i see the back of Eleanor's head, I smile and try not to catch her attention, Then when i turn back around the the stage, I'm eye in eye with Harry! Then as he is two seconds later for his solo in Kiss You i look away, and he begins to sing, Whenever i look at him, He ignores us, Maria shouts in my ear the same thing happened to her and Niall! She gets her phone out and texts Niall, And then puts it away. We just sing along to the rest of the songs then when the boys introduce their last song What Makes You Beautiful, Then as they take their bow, and they turn around one last time, Liam waves at us, And we manage to smile, Then as the lights begin to dimmer, Two security guards guide us out, And we go out an exit door, And then the security guards leave us, We call them back, but they don't come back, We look at each other and look around for a way out, We don't recognise it, Then we decide to split up, As Maria goes one way, I go another. Then, No one other than Harry Styles himself is standing in front of me. 


Harry POV

As Natalie takes one look at me, She turns to walk away, I catch her arm, ''Nat please! Two minutes!'' I say to her, She loosens my grip, and stays with her back to me, she takes her phone out and dials a number, ''Maria? Yeah, erm! i just met someone, And we will be here awhile, So why don't you go back to Oscar's il be there in about half an hour after you!'' She pauses as Maria replies, ''No i'll be alright, Ok babe, Talk to you later'' Then she turns around to me, ''This better be good!'' She says in a raspy voice, 'i miss you'' I say, She looks at me blankly, ''That it?'' She asks, ''No, Trust me, If it was up up me, you will still be on tour with me! yous and Maria!'' i say raising my voice a bit, ''Well its not up to you is it!'' Nat replied, ''Exactly! its not up to us! so why are you still angry at us!'' I ask, ''I'm not angry at you! i'm angry at the fact you made me fall for you, We had an amazing night! amazing days with amazing mates! then you leave us! i know it wasn't your fault! but look at it from my perspective!'' She says looking me right in the eye, My eyes begin to water, ''When can i see you again?'' I ask her, ''You tell me'' She says, We hear a noise she looks behind me and i turn around, I can hear management, i turn back around and Natalie is walking away, i don't bother to stop her, I turn around and walk the opposite way, I begin to tear up, Then as i go in the emergency door, i run straight into management, ''Where were you?'' He asks sternly, ''Porta Potty!'' I say sarcastically. i go into the dressing room and i see the boys around Niall, He is looking at his phone, ''What going on?'' I ask them, Niall doesn 't look at me, He just hands me his phone,

From: Maria<3

''Nice to see you too!'' 

I sigh and hand the phone back,  ''Nothing we can do lads'' Zayn says standing up and heading out, The rest of the boys follow, And i go and pack my bag, Louis waits for me and we walk out together. 


Maria POV

 As i sit on the sofa looking at my phone every two seconds, i keep thinking 'Who was it? why didn't she want me to stay? Why is she taking so long?' Then i hear to apartment door open and its Natalie, She looks exhausted, Without word, we head upstairs and get changed into our pajamas, then head back downstairs, i flick the kettle on, And Natalie turns on the telly, We watch repeats of Father Ted, Old but sound! then as i come in with two cups of tea, I look at her for answers, She stares at me blankly, ''c'mon spill!'' i say to her, She sips then begins to speak, ''Well i met Harry'' She says, i stare at her, ''and?'' ''Well we chatted, And it lead to nowhere he just ended up tearing up'' She says sadly, ''He has gotta learn to let go!'' She says, i nod my head in agreement, And we drink our tea and pay full attention to the telly. 


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