Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


20. She's Not Afraid

Niall POV

As Harry gets a near parking space to the school, As we get out, it feels weird not getting mobbed, it actually feels, kinda nice! as Maria and Natalie lead the way down a dark corridor with people standing at the walls, sticking their feet out to see if anyone will actually trip over, Maria and Natalie must have a foot technique they use everyday, Because they avoid them easily as me and Harry are having trouble. As we pass the lads, we pass girls with their feet out as well, They look at us weirdly and start whispering  ''its kinda weird not getting noticed no?'' i ask Harry quietly, ''yeah!'' he mouths back. As we finally get to the girls lockers, I help Maria with her books and Harry helps Natalie with hers,

''i asked Maria about classes and what do we do for classes and she tells me to just follow them'' i say to Harry on the way to assembly. ''Alright'' Harry says.

As Maria and Natalie normally sit beside each other, They decide to each sit beside one of us, Maia decided that we sit beside the opposite, So Maria sat with Harry, and i sat with Natalie, As Maria's name was called on the role, The teacher asks her who is the boy beside her ''Well sir, he is an exchange student, from_'' ''ENGLAND!'' Natalie interrupts Niall lets out a little giggle and everybody stares at him, As the bell goes i get up and hold the door for everybody walking out greeting them and wishing them a good day!


Harry POV

As me and Niall follow Maria and Natalie to their next class, a teacher stops us on our way, and asks us a questionnaire of questions, the teachers tell Maria and Natalie to go ahead to class so the walk on a and turns a corner, then ten minutes later when the teacher stop talking and lets us go we run around the corner and Maria and Natalie jump out in front of us scaring the hell out of us! as we started to laugh, Maria and Natalie's English teacher comes out and asks what's going on, Maria jumps in and takes the blame, explaining that we are exchange students, The teacher lets us away with it this time because its our first day, we quickly go into the classroom and sit in a table with four chairs, as the teacher introduces us to the class and asks us to take out our novels, Maria takes hers out and shares with Niall as Ruth shares with me, 'Romeo and Juliet' Niall mouths to me, i nod and pay attention to the book, '' As sweet repose and rest. Come to thy heart as that within my breast.''  As the girl just finished reading that line, Me and Niall can't help but burst out laughing, As the class looked at us, We can't stop, As the teacher, Told me to then read, I took a pair of 3D glasses  with the lenses popped out, out of my oversized baseball jacket, and put them on for a laugh, then i start reading 

'My only love sprung ... It's all, all of it, to keep us safe from the thing that we know is going to get uz anyway. ...'' 

''sorry what did you just say their?'' asks the teacher, ''uz?'' i reply, ''no, its not uz! its us!'' he says, Then the bell goes lunchtime finally! 

''feels like forever since i have eaten last'' Niall says skipping the line in the canteen, ''large roll, with sausages, bacon, pudding and a whole lotta sauce !'' says Niall, he payed, Then we left. 



Maria POV

As we get our lunches and meet the boys in the social area, we head outside to do laps, As we are walking around we hear a few whistles being whistled at us as we walk in a line of four, Me beside Niall, and Natalie beside Harry, Then i look my way, and i see someone i do not wanna see right now, ''Natalie!'' i say shaking, ''yeah'' she replies, i point in front of me and she looks at me seeming scared too, ''Just walk on!'' Ruth whispers to me, As we do, Niall and Harry begin to ask questions, But we tell them not to worry about it and we go on, Then about half an hour later, the bell goes and we have our last period left, As we are at our lockers collecting our bags, Harry bumps into Clarrine, ''Watch where you're going!'' she snarls at Harry, ''Sorry hun, no harm done!'' he replies, She looks at him walk away and looks suspicious, ''We call her faggy,'' Natalie tells the boys, '' i see why,'' Harry says laughing. As we walk into Sexual Personal and Health studies, Niall turns to me and says ''This is gonna be a fun class!''  


Faggy POV

As i enter the classroom of hell! i notice the new boys sitting beside Maia and Ruth i turn to Sarah and see what's she knows about them, ''Nothing sorry!' she says, ''uh! useless bitch!'' i reply Sarah goes and takes a seat beside Kellie and i'm left alone! ''I don't need you!'' i shout to her, ''You need me but i don't need you'' i hear a familiar voice sing, i turn around and i see the voice come from the table, With Maria and Natalie with their exchange students, i'm very suspicious now. All through class i have been thinking to myself ''Where have i heard that voice before?'' then it became clear to me! and i'm gonna get some, and live while i'm young...


Natalie POV

as the last bell of the day goes, i feel like throwing my books up in the air! As i turn to Harry take his hand, and i run, Maria and Niall cop on to the idea, and starts to run too, Then i lead them to the bathrooms, ''Here i brought your normal clothes!'' Maria says, handing them a bag, ''Ah sound!'' says Niall happily, then they get changed and a couple of minutes later, come back out, ''Put these on''  I say to the boys, giving them each a pair of sunglasses, then we head out the front door of the school, and i couldn't believe my eyes! i look at Maia and she is speechless too! i look at the boys and they look worried, standing in front of us, were thousands upon thousands of screaming fans waiting to just catch a glimpse of either Harry or Niall! they grab a beanie from the lost and found box at the door, and we head out getting lost in the crowd, As we are meters away from the car, i hear a familiar voice scream ''their they are!'' i turn around and its the one and only Clarrine! ''Run!'' i shout to the others! We run and reach the car, ''Step on it!'' Niall says to Harry, He starts the engine and speeds off, ''NEVER AGAIN!'' I say to Niall, he nods and gives and gives me and Maia a hug. ''TAKE ME HOME!'' Harry says, singing 'kiss you' all the way home, Then Harry breaks a silence and shouts, ''AT THE END OF THE DAII!'' we all laugh and he blushes, we joke all the way home. 

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