Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


23. Save you Tonight

Eleanor POV

''Hopefully that creep wont be here tonight'' I say laughing, ''What creep?'' Louis asks, I turn to him, ''I'll tell you later sweet cheeks'' I says kissing him his nose, ''Hello, i will be your server tonight'' Says a familiar voice to Liam, ''aw thanks mate, listen we have loads of people here so if we have to spread out across the restaurant, That's grand'' Liam answers, ''Right this way'' Jez replies, ''Camogie girls here'' he says pointing to a table, ''Others here'' He says pointing to another, ''And 1D and Girlfriends, here'' He says handing us our menu's, As i receive mine i hide my face behind it, As Jez comes around to take our order we think, its time to face the music. As i put down my menu and start to laugh, all the girls do too, the boys look at each other confused, ''Ah Elly'' He says, ''Elly?'' Louis repeats looking at me, ''Jez, How are you?'' i ask, ''Great to see you have moved on so quickly'' he says, Then Louis hold my hand, Jez decides to go to another table come back to us, when he leaves everybody is looking at me and the girls, looking for answers, we laugh, a lot, then start to explain.


Natalie POV

After explaining what happened yesterday to Harry, He laughs along with me, Then Lou and Lux arrive with Paul, ''Sorry guys, We were looking for a toilet'' Lou says, Coming to join us, Paul goes off and sits at the coaches table, And we find room for Lou  to squeeze in beside us, ''I'll take Lux??'' i offer, ''Great!'' Lou says, Not complaining, i sit Lux on my lap, and i help her colour in the place mat that Jez kindly gave us for her. 

A while later, when we get our food, We notice we are the only ones left at the restaurant, Just before we eat our food our coach stand up and bangs his fork against his glass of coke, until he gets our attention, ''Just before we start to eat, i would like to say a couple of thanks'' He begins, ''I would just like to say, thank you so much for being with us today, every single one of you's'' He says looking over to our table, and winking, Everyone laughs, ''And thank you to the bus driver who brought us here, And to the Nando's staff for putting up with us tonight!'' He says, ''Three cheers for Nando's! Niall shouts, ''Hip hip, HOORAY! hip hip, HOORAY! hip hip HOORAY!'' Everyone cheers then claps all the Nando's staff comes out of the kitchen and takes a bow, Then Niall goes up and hugs each and everyone of them, ''Right! back to me! Just last couple of thanks to my amazing ladies team sitting in front of me right now, Just looking at them now'' He says, then stops and rubs his eye, ''AWWW!'' everyone says, ''Shut up!'' he says laughing ''Thank you girls, without ye's we wouldn't be here tonight!'' ''YES!'' Niall agrees, ''What would we do without these young fells here aye!'' He says, ''So enthusiastic ' They all laugh, ''And one more thing, Eat your dinner before it goes cold!'' He says, Loads of cheers comes from mostly our table. As we dig in Our food is cold, we laugh, a lot, and go over to the coaches table and jump on him, then it turns into a group hug/tackle. 


Maria POV

About half an hour after we finish tackling our coach, We have eaten ever single thing on the plates, Then we get bottomless frozen yogurt, Niall was delighted! As we cleared up our plates for Jez to collect, I see Lux asleep on Natalie's lap, 'Naw' i think to myself, As Zayn turns to me and starts a conversation  ''So where are you's going tonight? Back home?'' Zayn asks, i don't reply for i while, i just stare at him, ''I don't know honestly'' i say to him anxiously, ''I'll be right back he says getting up and walking over to Paul and whispering in his ear, Then Paul stands up as if he's gonna hit Zayn! Then nods his head Zayn hugs him and comes back over to me, ''You can stay in the bus with us tonight'' Zayn tells me happily, i smile and get up and hug him, as i sit back down, Natalie asks me the very same question, i tell her they will let us sleep in the tour bus tonight, she squeals and accidentally wakes Lux up, that's when we know its time to leave.

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