Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


42. Over Again

Niall POV

*Message Received by Louis Tommo* 

My phone beeps, I look at it and open the message, 

"Seen beautiful photos of yous and your gals and i just wanna say congrats and i hope your happy, But i'm sorry to say but our flights to go back to the UK are in four hours and we have to leave asap! I know it will be hard but the girls will understand trust me! big love guys remember these moments in time, love from the gang! x"

I read it outloud so Harry can hear it just before we could react the girls come back and grab one of us each and we begin to dance again, then occasionally swapping people around, This night has just been fantastic!  I really don't wanna go back to the UK. I look over at Harry and he is having a laughing fit with Maria, As i am On the floor with Natalie, "Thank you" She says to me, "Why babe?" I ask, "For making my girl happy!" She says looking over at Maria, "Well it is my pleasure, And thank you for making the teenage moody head, Open up, He really does love you Nat!" I say to her she blushes and just talk, She compliment me on my Tux and asks how everyone has been, "They are very good! European leg of the tour starting soon!"  I say to Nat, "You will have to come to some places!" I say to her, "We'll see!" She replies with a grin, Then Harry comes over and Hands me Maria, "You can have her back now!" Harry says to me Maria laughs and smiles at Natalie as she walks towards Harry, Then my phone beeps and its a message from Liam 

"Time to wrap things up pretty boy!" 

The message says i smile at it, Then take Maria's hand and goes over to Harry, Whisper in his ear and tears beginning to form our eyes, We lead the girls outside the hall, And stand with them outside in the cold, Maria and Natalie shivers and hug each other for warmth but we give them out Tux jackets and they are warmer, then a car come sup behind us and we feels hands on our waists and two people pull us in the cab. 

Maria POV

I don't react much i just grin as if this is a prank, But its not,all i'm thinking about right now is "They are leaving us a second time!" Or, "Not again!" Then i see a famaiiar face smiling at me, Its only Mr. Louis Tomlinson, He waves and points to his hone to indicate to me to check mine, Then the car drives off and i can hear Natalie to start to cry from behind me, I turn to her, "No Nat! Don't cry!" I say to her laughing, "Did you not just see what happened there?" she asked me, still crying ,"Yes, but look, Louis sent us a message explaining why!" i said to Natalie, ,She came closer to me, 

*Message from Lou the Tommo*

Girlies, We just kidnapped your boyfriends, why? We don't know we just felt like it, Now don''t be depressed because you will see them sooner than you think! They will cry cos of this, Then in three days, We have booked you to fly over here and we will hide you, And surprise the boys that you's will be in London and staying there! Since you are on your summer holidays, You can consider some colleges over here maybe? You's look FAB btw, Stay fresh the gang say hi! See you in a few day, Cant wait! xxx"

We instantly smile at his idea and decide to go back in a listen to the last song of the night and we grab just a random girl and dance to "My heart will go on" We cry at this, It reminds us of the titanic, Then the same limo brought us home, And we dropped some kids on the way, Then we dropped Natalie off first and that just left me, As Natalie got out we hugged so tight, And i told her not to bother texting me tomorrow i be asleep the whole day! We hugged again and she went inside then Roisin came to the front door and waved at me, And i waved back and shouted "Thank you!" at her, She winked and went back inside, Then my hone beeped, i got a group message including me, Natalie, Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie, And the sender was Danielle and the text said

"Roll on a few days.xx"


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