Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


36. Our Voices

Natalie POV

*alarm clock rings at half seven* i turn around and stretch expecting to see half six so i deide to just snooze for a while... ''NATALIE!'' Roisin screams from downstairs, ''Whaaa?'' i say still half asleep and trailing off. ''NATALIE! ITS HALF FUCKING EIGHT! YOU SHOULD BE IN SCHOOL RIGHT NOW!!!'' she shouts i hear her running up the stairs, i feel like she playing a trick on me so i pretend to be asleep, she barges into my room, ''Its not half eight!'' I say to her, ''Your right babe, its not half eight! hehe'' She says, ''No its not half eight, ITS TEN TO FUCKING NINE NATALIE! GET UP! YOUR FIRST LEAVING CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION IS TODAY AND IF YOUR NOT THERE IN TWENTY MINUTES YOUR GONNA MISS IT!'' She shouts, i run as fast as lightening downstairs and i make toast as Roisin is dressing me ''Give me your foot!'' She says i attempt to run over to the other side of the kitchen to get the butter but rosin is still holding on to my leg and i fall over her kneeing her in the face, and i landed on some chipped glass which scraps the top of my forehead, i almost faint as i saw blood, not because i'm scared, but because its almost nine o clock, i run upstairs and brush my teeth, comb my hair and decide to apply mascara in the car. Roisin jumps into the car with a pack of frozen peas on her temple, ''I'm sorry Ro'' I say to her while moving the mirror to my direction, ''Just please don't sleep in again!'' She says, ''Promise babe" i say to her, she smiles and drops me off outside the school she wishes me good luck and hand me two small boxes, I look at her confused she waves her hands to tell me to get inside and i look at the boxes on the way in, One has Maria's name on it, And one has my name on it, I enter the examination hall very brave as i am the only one not in my seat, i am so happy to find out Maria is right behind me as i walk past her desk i hold her hand and place the box firmly in it. She doesn't realize until she lets go, As the teachers are giving out the papers, we open the boxes and find a charm, to go on our charm bracelets the old lady gave us at the dress shop. We ''awwed'' And got told off by a teacher, I tried massively to but the charm on myself, But a girl in the back suddenly fainted for some reason and i turned to Maria and she helped me put it on as i did to her, We whisper each other good luck and the teachers are handing back out the exam papers again. 


Niall POV

I woke up in our tour bus, But i'm he only one in bed, i checked to see what time it was but my battery just died. i can hear the boys and Eleanor and Perrie at the main part of the bus, Giggling and listening to music and what sound like eating! I got out of bed and realized i wasn't wearing any pants.. But then also wondered how i got on the bus last night because i remember getting back to our apartment and falling asleep, FULLY CLOTHED! but i am trying to recover from a hangover, bu when i enter the main part of he bus it seems like i'm the only one. "ahh Niall! nice of you to join us! Finally" Liam jokes, "what time is i lads?" i ask , and i notice i have a croaky voice! "oh Niall hard for you mate! we have a show this evening!" Liam says, "bull_" "Oii! no swearing hun!" Danielle calls from the kitchen, ''C'mere Niall hun'' Danielle calls, I look at Liam, He smiles at me suspiciously, hen laughs "mate, She has something for you!'' He says i nod and go into the kitchen, "hey babe!" Danielle says o me, "Hey Dani" I say sitting down, She seems very busy running all over the place, "wanna hand hun?" i ask getting up, "no no Niall sit down" she insisted, i sat and she poured some sort of mixture into a mug, "alright babe, This is my grandmothers famous (in our family)'s recipe of a hangover cure!'" Danielle says proudly, ''No way!" i reply, "does it work?" i ask, "well look at all of those out there?22 She says pointing to the lads and girls in the main part of the bus, ''They had more than they're share of this stuff and hey are fresh as a daisy!'' Danielle says, "savage!" i reply she hands the mug to me and i take a quick whiff, It doesn't smell too appetizing, i don't hold my nose because i don't want to seem rude, but i chug it down and its gone in seconds, "well howda feel?" Danielle says putting on a good Irish accent, "I felt like i'm gonna vomit, But its alright now!" i say quite surprised, "thanks dani!" i say getting up and hugging her, "no problem babe!" she says i walk back into the 'social' area of the bus, And i feel instantly better, "what is in that stuff mate?" i ask Liam, ''Magic pixie dust!" replies Perrie. "so now that i fell hungry, Where's he food??" i ask, Everybody looks at each other in panic, "can we stop at the next shop yeah?" Louis calls to the bus driver, I stand there with my arm folded can't help but budge a wee smile, Louis points at a freakishly large supermarket, "there is your breakfast mate!" Zayn says, going into the bedroom to get his wallet, "while we're here might as well get some supplies!" he says, "good idea" Eleanor replies, "you going in Pez?" she asks, "might as well" Perrie replied, "Dani?" "no babe! but please get me some thing!" "Of course babe" then Eleanor, Perrie, Louis and Zayn leave together, Which leaves me and Harry with Liam, Danielle and of course Andy, Who is just up, "going for breakfast mate you in yeah?'' Liam asks him, "yeah yeah, One sec tho, Dani?" Andy asks, "yeah babe?" She answers "some of that miracle in a bottle to go please" he says, She smiles and hands it to him and we head off for breakfast, "oh and by the way Niall" Andy says while taking the last swig of the drink, "i brought you onto the tour bus last night" He says and then splits up with Liam when we enter the shop and i'm on my own with Harry, "oh great mate thanks !" i reply to him and he starts to walk away, Then i stop for a minute and look at Harry he is smirking "you knew!" i asked him, "well we did dare him too..." Harry says, "im too tired to hurt you Harry, Il get your later!" i reply as we hit the Deli counter. 

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