Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


15. One way Or Another

Ruth POV

As we are lying around the campfire snuggled up in blankets singing away, i think to myself ''what a night its been'' 

Then next thing i notice car lights deeming down from the front of the house, i look at Maia, i think she noticed it too, we both nodded and just ignored it, then a couple of minutes later we hear a familiar voice calling us from the house, ''Oh lads, we ran outta drinks i will go get some''  Maia said, ''I'll help!'' i say jumping up, ''Ah girls sit down i will get them'' Louis protests, ''oh no Louis its okay, stay here, we know where the drinks are anyway'' i say immediatly. ''alright'' Louis said with a smile. Then as fast as we can we run up to the house.


Harry POV

As i watch them run into the house all i think about is Ruth. I let out a sigh, and people do not hesitate to begin to jeer me, ''Got a little crush their do we young Harold?'' Louis says happily, ''shut up Louis!'' i say quickly. ''Fast to react their aye Harry?'' Niall says laughing, ''You can talk Niall!'' i say smirking, ''Ah now Harry! Don't turn this around on me now!'' Niall says. I can feel myself burning up, 'I really like her, but i don't think she likes me back, shes not sending out vibes or mixed messages!' i think to myself. ''Harry, Can i speak to you a moment?'' Liam asks, as he gets up from Danielle, ''sure'' i say worryingly, as i get up fast and run over to where Liam is standing.

''What's up mate? you seem a bit down'' Liam asks sounding concerned, ''i don't know mate, i really like Ruth! but i don't think she likes me back! shes not sending any mixed signals!'' i say ''ah now! shes really into you mate!'' Liam says, ''really?'' i ask, ''yeah man its pretty obvious! just give her time she'll come through eventually'' Liam says convincingly, ''i'll take your word for it man, thanks a lot'' i say embracing him. Then we walk back to campfire and sit back down and wait for the girls to return with the drinks.


Maia POV

''Maia! Maia come here now!'' i hear my mammy call from the kitchen as we walk through the back door, ''Mammy your home!'' i say trying to sound cheerful as i rush up to give her a hug, she hugs back then steps away, ''What the hell is going on here!'' she asks trying not to loose her temper, ''well funny the way you asked.. you know the way we were waiting for one directions plane yes? of course you do!'' i can see my mammy beginning to loose her patience, ''well we sorta pained a big sign saying 'ONE DIRECTION LAND HERE' and, well guess what?'' ''Maia, You better not say what i think your about to say..'' Mammy asks worryingly, ''Ahh jeysus Mary your looking well'' Ruth's starts to say ''Did you get a parking ticket? cos you got fineeee written all over ya'' Ruth says laughing, i begin to laugh too and we can't stop laughing, about ten minutes later, still laughing, ''Girls, girls are you's alright?'' we hear Zayn's voice and soon his face too, Mammy gets an awful fright, Zayn screams, ''intruder! intruder!'' As mammy is dressed all black and has never met them before, Then everyone comes up to the house and asks is everything alright, Ruth explains that it's only my mother, and all the boys kindly introduce themselves 

''i'll put the kettle on'' mammy says speechless, as we all sit down at the table, mammy brings over biscuits sugar and milk, then a few minutes later the tea, everyone pours themselves a cup, and i start explaining to mammy what happened, She listened and thought to herself for a while, then soon speaks ''okay, i will let you's all stay the night, please don't wreck the house more than it is already!'' she says smiling, everyone cheers and heads out to the campfire again, but mammy calls me back. 

She tells me that her and my daddy and sisters are staying in a hotel tonight, and that she will be back tomorrow, ''thank you so much!'' i say to mammy and giving her a huge hug, i leave and she goes upstairs. 


i run back outside and sit back down beside Niall, then Zayn says ''you's forgot the drinks!'' 


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