Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


31. Nobody Knows

Harry POV

As Natalie hangs up, i look at the other boys who are looking at me, Louis has his hands over his mouth, Zayn is looking at me strongly, Liam is looking anxious, Niall looks at me nervously biting his nails, As i pull the phone away from my ear, The boys look at me apprehensively, As i say to them, ''She'll call back'' The room goes quiet as the girls walk in, With mixed hand signals, ''Hide the phone'' Louis whispers, As Management walks into the bedroom, ''Hope your having a nice chat'' He says, We didn't reply and just began to start a conversation, Then he interrupted us again, ''Well we are here in the arena car park, if you haven't noticed, So yous better get ready'' He says leaving the room, We all look at each other and grunt.

''Oh lads, We understand that you have been very emotional these past few hours, And we understand!'' Says Perrie standing up, And everyone looking at he, ''But you's wouldn't even be right here right now, Without each other, Or your fans! So give something back! and just be happy!'' ''Yeah!'' Eleanor and Danielle agreed, We all looked around at each other, And stared for a while, Then Niall got up and wiped his eyes and said, ''Well i'm in!'' ''Me too'' Says Liam, ''Me three!'' Says Louis, ''Zayn?'' Louis asks, ''Suppose'' Zayn says smiling, ''Harry?'' Danielle asks holding her hand out, i look at them all and then thinks for a minute, i take Danielle's hand and replied ''Sure why not!'' In the best Irish accent, We all had a group hug when Paul came in and interrupted, ''**Cough Cough**'' We all turn around, ''Erm, I was gonna say you gotta get out now, But can i join in?'' He asks shyly, We all laugh and open our arms out, He walks in and is in the middle of us all. 


Niall POV

After the hug, It does remind me at all about Maria, Gosh i'm moving on faster than i thought, ''C'mon monkay!'' Zayn shouts at me, i laugh and pick up my luggage and run off the bus, As we get into the arena, It's pack full of cast and crew, Girls with backstage passes anxiously wait in the waiting room, as we decide to meet them before the concert, They scream and hug and then come to hug us, and we take picture and we follow them on Twitter, We have a little conversation, And they are taken to their seats, As we are taken to our dressing rooms as we put on the same t shirts we had on last night, It smells of Maria, I look at the boys and they are biting the inside of their lips, I snapped out of dream world and went over to Lou to get makeup done, ''Five minutes boys''  Says a member of crew, As we take the stage, I look at the boys, The nod and i look to Harry he gives me a cheeky wink, And the music starts to blare into our ears. 


Natalie POV

As we finished our dinner, And Roisin was sharing stories from Australia, And then the waiter came with the dessert menu, ''Oh beautiful'' Rosin says taking the menu off the waiter, ''I'll have the chocolate fudge cake please?'' I say to the waiter, ''Hey hey now, I'll have the chocolate fondue please hun'' Roisin says to the waiter, ''What?'' I ask her, ''Well i don't know, I'm not the one going to Debs in a couple of weeks you know'' She says, i look at her with my mouth open ''Close your mouth hun you'll catch flies'' Says Daddy, I laugh and look back at Roisin, ''Anyway, If i'm going to the Debs, I'm going with Maria anyway'' I say, ''Ah hun, don't droop, That will be even better'' She says smiling, Then our desserts arrive and we tuck in. 

After we finished, We decide to leave, As Mammy and Daddy paid the bill, We left and walked together, Then we saw another flash in the dark, Daddy gave me his coat and i put it over my head, Then we get to the car and drive home.

When we are home, i decide to go home and call Harry back, I run upstairs and take off my dress and get changed into my pajamas, Then dial Louis's number, As its ringing, I just remember they are singing! I quickly hang up and realize i could get Louis into trouble, Instead i went downstairs and sat with Roisin as we watched Revenge, Which i recorded on Tuesday. As Roisin goes out to make popcorn, As she went i checked my phone and there was no messages or missed calls, i bite my lip, And Roisin comes back in, ''What up hun?''' She asks sitting down, ''Nothing'' I say smiling, Then my phone rings and i pick it up as fast as i can and run out of the room, ''Nat?!?'' i can hear Roisin call me.


Louis POV

As the concert is finished and we go into the dressing room laughing and sweating, We all go in and lock the door behind us, As we turn around we see Harry with my phone, ''Loudspeaker!'' I say to him, He nods and waits for Natalie to answer, There is a knock at the door, ''Look who it is first!'' Says Zayn, ''Lads, its only Me!'' Eleanor says, Liam opens the door and the three girls come in and Perrie closes the door and locks it again, ''SHH!'' Niall says to everyone as we hear a voice, 

''Hello?'' We hear Natalie say, 

''Hello Natalie?'' Harry says, 

''What Harry?'' 

''Well you hung on me earlier, so i am continuing what i said, Management found out about us missing concerts for being with you, And they wouldn't let us stay with you or let you's come with us'' He says

''Why? You know what, no! scrap that! Will i ever see you again?''she answers,

''I don't know'' Harry says tears streaming down his face, We can hear Natalie begin to tear up as well,

''Maybe before we leave for the US, its hard but, i don't know'' Says Harry to her,

''Okay whatever i'll see you when i see you'' Natalie says hanging up, Harry puts the phone away as we hear the door being unlocked by someone on the outside, ''Ready for part two of the show?'' Management asks, We all look at each other puzzled, ''Part two?'' Liam echos, ''Yes! Now get out there!'' He says to us, we are lead to the stage again and the music starts to blare in our ears. 

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