Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


43. Magic

*Three days later*

Natalie POV

Me and Maria are at my hose getting ready for London! We are so excited to see our boys again. When we finished packing we go downstairs and hug mu mum and dad and Roisin, Then we get  into the cab and go to Maria's to say goodbye to them, Mari'a mum made cupcakes but we didn't take them due to the last accident we had with her cake! We said out goodbyes and hugs and were off to the airport.

@MariaLThompson "Holiers now;D @NatalieBThorne.xx"

Maria updated on Twitter. We stopped for petrol and we went in and got some rolls and cokes with our names on them! We took selfies with them, And uploaded them to Instagram and Twitter, Then we were off to the airport.

At the airport, There was Paul! "PAUL!" We shouted at him, He looked over at us, And we hugged him! "Ah girls! The boys sent me here to bring you to London!" Paul said, "Great!" We said, And squished through fans, "How did they even know we were gonna be here?" Maria asked Paul, "Lucky Guess probably!" Paul answered, Then we checked in, and left our bags in baggage area, And we went to Starbucks, We ordered coffee and Paul said he would pay for it, We thanked him and sat down and too advantage of the internet and went on Twitter, 

@EleanorJCalder "Off to see my girlies! @DaniellePeazer @PerrieLMEdwards"

Eleanor tweeted! I knew she didn't tag us because then Harry and Niall would know, "That means Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie are picking us up!" Maria said, "YUP!" i replied happily, Paul came with the coffee and they were in take away cups, "We better go then!" He said we agreed, giggled And headed towards our gate  and boarded the plane! "London here we come!" 


Eleanor POV

"C'mon girls!" i shout upstairs at Danielle and Perrie, We are at mine and Louis apartment about to pick up Maria and Natalie, We thought it would be a good idea to pick them up and hide then to surprise Harry and Niall! "Were off too Starbucks" i shout at the boys in the kitchen, Louis gives me a sly wink and i wave, And me Danielle and Perrie are off to pick up the girls. 

We figured we left a little early, So on the way to the airport we stopped at a card shop, And bought cardboard and different coloured markers. After we bought them we went back into Danielle's car, And started to write "Maria and Natalie" On our big cardboard cut outs, "This will be funny!" Perrie said, We agreed coloured the letters in a bit then headed to the airport.

*At the Airport*

"Guys Maria just tweeted they landed so they will be here any second!" Danielle says, We get out of Danielle's car, along with getting mobbed by fans, Perrie stopped for some as they has Little Mix merchandise, we decided to talk to some fans, Then we headed into the pick up area, And held our banner up and people started taking pictures we could see flashes from everywhere, Then this pap came right in front of us and blinded us with the flash and we literally could not see! Next thing we knew, Two fans came up to us and started laughing, "Hey love the banner el, Dani and Pez" One girl said, We still couldn't see who they were because we kept seeing the flash, "Yeah babe thanks, But eh we are kinda busy tryna find our girls, They are coming off this flight been nice talking to you" Danielle says to the girls, "Wow, That's pap got you good!" We heard the other girl say, Then We looked up at the girls, And it was Maria and Natalie! We let out a yelp and dropped the banner and a fan picked it up, "You can keep it babe!" i said to her, Then i hugged Maria a big long hug, Then i hugged Natalie, We did our round of hugs and headed back to Danielle's car. "I can't actually believe we are here" Natalie said, Maria agreed, "Babes, I can't wait till the boys see yas, The look on their faces! Awe we gotta get it on camera!" Said Danielle from the front seat "lord yes!" They replied, I texted Louis to say we were home and to create a distraction on Harry and Niall so the girls wont be seen going into the flat. 

*To: Louis Boo<3*

Babe, The girls are in the car, were gonna stop for food, gives you some time to go somewhere for a while so the girls can settle in and get ready.xx


*From: Louis Boo<3

Okay babe, We're going to Josh's flat for a while, We wont be long.xx

"Right diversion is in place, But right now, I'm starving!" All the girls agree, "I just want Starbucks!" Maria said, "Agreed!" i replied so we headed for the nearest Starbucks. 


Louis POV

i call in Zayn and Liam to the kitchen, "Guys, They girls are on their way home and i was thinking Josh's yeah?" I say to them, "Great! Yeah we will go get Harry and Niall ready!" Says Zayn leaving the kitchen, "Oh my god Harry, Look, they are going on Holidays together!" Me and Liam hear Niall say from the sitting room, We can't help but giggle a bit, "I wonder where they are going.." Harry said trailing off, "Right guys were going out!" Zayn says, We enter the sitting room and agree, "C'mon guys! We haven't seen Josh or Joey in ages! Lets go visit!"Liam says enthusiastically, "Nothing better to do!" Harry agrees, "Clearly" Zayn mutters. We grab our coats and leave the apartment, Lock it and get into Harry's jeep and are on our way to Josh's. 



A/N Hey guys i know the story is so boring right now, i hate writing boring stories._. But i will try and make them better! Who you's ship? I LOVE ALL romances here<3 i know rumors say Payzer broke up, But i love Danielle, And love her with Liam all the same so Danielle stays!  please keep reading thanksssss!.xx

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