Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


17. Magic

Natalie POV

''I'll pour the tea'' i say cheerfully, then i ask everybody how they like it, ''I like strong with a drop of milk'' says Louis, ''i'm the same'' says Eleanor, ''I'll take, weak with a drop of milk, and two sugars'' Danielle says smiling at me, ''Same here babe, except strong'' Says Liam, ''i know how you like it Harry'' i say to him, he blushes and smiles, ''Maria, i know you too, So Niall tell me how ya like yours?'' i say to Niall, ''Just give us some Irish tea, and i'll be happy'' replies Niall, i go off to Perrie and Zayn and take their liking  then i go to make the tea, i decide to write everyone's name on a cup each so i don't forget who wanted what. Then i go into the sitting room with a tray of tea, and everyone gets up and takes their cup, sit down in front of the fire, and Maia turns on Coronation Street.

As everybody is finished their tea, and Tina had the baby in Corrie, Everyone decided to get some sleep, ''Well i'm off lads, i have a breakfast show to do in the morning, ''says Nick Grimshaw getting up and hugging everybody before he goes upstairs, ''Hold on a minute Grimmy ''says Maria, ''You don't have a particular bed to sleep in, so just find a bed, and sleep in it'' she says giggling, then her hugs her and heads upstairs, then Josh decides to go up with Dan and the rest of the band, Maria escorted then to a suitable room for them, they said their goodnights and hugs as well, then wasn't heard from again. Then Lou and Paul decide to share Maria's sisters room, they say their goodnight's and hugs then its just Andy, And he went and slept in Maria's bed, Then it was just, Louis, Eleanor, Danielle and Liam, Perrie and Zayn, Me and Harry and Maria and Niall, we all decided to stay in the sitting room and Maria went upstairs for more blankets and pillows, Zayn went out to the plane and came back almost instantly with 'The Notebook' As we all got changed into our Pj's,me and Maria went to go make the popcorn.


Maria POV

 As me and Natalie, Headed into my room quietly to get our pj's we were frightened by Andy snoring his head off! we tried not to laugh because we would end up waking everybody up. We put on our pj's and i gave Natalie a wipe to wipe her makeup off, as i did the same, then put my hair up in a messy bun, and we headed back downstairs, As i root in the press to find Popcorn, And start the microwave, Me and Natalie look at each other, and then run up and hug each other tightly just to see if this is real, ''I can't believe this is actually happening!'' Natalie whispers into my ear, ''I know!'' i say back, we are interrupted by the microwave telling us that the first lot of popcorn is ready, Then just as i put the second batch in and me and Ruth begin to giggle about things that has happened throughout the day, Louis and Zayn walk in and come over and we start to chat, Zayn comes up to me and i hug him, he hugs back tightly, and pulls away to tell me a funny story, and Louis went over and hugged Natalie, we haven't even known each other a day, and we are acting like we have known each other our whole lives! As the beep goes off on the microwave again indicating the second lot of popcorn is ready, we split them into five bowls, for five couples, Then we all walk into the sitting room together giving them out to Louis and Liam, i handed a makeup wipe to each of the girls, then as we are ready and comfortable, Liam starts the movie. 



Harry POV

As me and Natalie fight over the last popcorn, i let her have it, she felt guilty and fed it to me, i giggled and Louis told me to shut up, we were getting near the end of the film now, and Zayn and Perrie are lying on each other asleep, Eleanor and Danielle are lying on Liam and Louis and Maria is lying on Niall's shoulder, Natalie then lies on mine. And as we start to cry, i look around and all the girls were asleep, and Louis and Liam are crying as well, Even Niall shed a tear, As the screen went black, Liam turns off the telly. as i lie down, i put my arm around Natalie and hold her close, Last thing before i went to sleep was whispering in her ear, ''Goodnight babe, sweet dreams''


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