Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


21. Loved you First

Liam POV

''Were back girls!'' I call out to the girls, ''ah we will help with the shopping'' says Perrie, taking a bag off Zayn and Eleanor taking one of Louis, I handed one to Danielle but she is on the phone, so i take them in myself, ''Where is the others?'' i ask, ''they said they would be back around half four'' says Louis  putting something in the fridge, Then Danielle comes out and stands beside me, ''Who was that babe?'' i ask, she was interrupted  by the others coming back, and hugging us all, the Lux comes down the stairs and has a marker in her hand, and Josh not too far behind, ''you got something their mate'' Maia says rubbing her whole face with her hands, Uncontrollable laughing, ''Well, get the kettle on then!'' says Natalie putting her bag down, We all sit down, and drink our tea, Then we are interrupted by Paul who walks in with a faded smile on his face with his phone in his hand.


Paul POV

I stand there  all eyes on me, I couldn't do his too them, not now, so i put a smile on my face, ''Where's the tea lads?'' i ask, Maia points to the pot, there's none left, so i boil the kettle ''anyone for anymore?'' i say i hear about twenty yes's so i just bring the pot over.


Natalie POV

As we are just finishing our tea my phone rings, i don't bother leaving the table to answer it, so i answer it at the table, ''Where are you?'' i hear a bellowing voice at the other end of the phone, belonging to our Camogie coach, ''what do you mean?'' i ask, telling everybody to be quiet, ''how could you let us down, we are in Croke park remember? maybe you would if you turned up for last night's training session! we have an All Ireland remember?'' he shouts, ''SHIT!'' i say, we'll be their hold on! then i hang up, ''MARIA!'' i shout, ''what?'' she replied smiling, '''Did you remember that we have an All Ireland tonight!'' he smile quickly faded, ''OH SHIT!' she exclaimed, she grabbed my hand, and we ran upstairs, we put on jerseys, jackets and tracksuits on over our shorts, we run downstairs redoing our hair, and i go into the kitchen to explain what's going on the the others, Maia gets the football boots, ''Right! we forgot about this all Ireland final, and we need to go! its in croke park, in about 45 minutes, everybody in?'' i ask, ''yeah!'' i hear immediately, ''great lets go!''


Niall POV

i help everyone get on the plane, and i see Lou talking to Paul  she looks worried she whispers something to him and he nods then i help her in, ''What was that about?'' i ask, ''nothing sweet'' she says, ''All aboard'' i shout to the captain, And were off the ground in no time, everyone is going n about how exciting it will be, and then i interrupt ''Wait! i haven't eaten in ages!'' everyone sighs, ''There is a hot dog and chips stand their Niall!'' Maria answers, ''then we can go for food after'' she says smiling, then what feels like five minutes later we have landed, Maria and Natalie are speed walking to the stadium at this stage, As we get to the entrance, They hug each of us, and Maia hands us tickets each, Your seats are located on them'' she says, ''good luck!'' everybody says, ''thank you !'' they say, before they are outta sight


Maira POV

As we walk down the wall to the dressing rooms and pass people from our club wishing us luck, the nerves begin to kick in, As were standing outside the dressing rooms i hold Ruth's hand, and we walk in together, as we walk into the dressing room a wave of sighs flutter around the room, Our coach comes over and teases us or being late, he tells us he will meet him on the pitch, and we get changed, As we put our helmets on ready to go, I hear a familiar voice, we walk out into the park and look up at the commentary box, and there's MR. Nick Grimshaw himself  i giggle and the butterfly's begin to flutter, we go for a lap to warm ourselves up, we wave at fans calling our names, and i look for the others on the stand the park is full but i can not see them anywhere, i begin to lose hope that they left but as we passed our bench their they were, hot dogs in hands, and with wexford jerseys on, the girls and Lux are our cheerleaders, i continuously start to smile, and i feel the butterflies fly away.


Louis POV

As Maria and Natalie go in center of the pitch ready to fight for the ball, the whistle blows, and then before you can see it, the ball is in Natalie's hand, she is speeding down the pitch with it on her hurl, she hand passes to a teammate and they bury it into the back of the net, ''GOOAALLLLL!'' we can hear Grimmy's voice echo around the stadium, the crowds gone wild! Danielle is teaching eleanor and perrie to dance, and as the goalkeeper goes to hit it out, Maria is in front and as it comes to her she catches it with skill, she flies past us and a wush of wind, flys by us, she is up at the goalkeepers face, but takes her point, the other teams coach is going wild! ''NOOOOOOOOO!'' he screams ''somebody forgot to have his weetabix this morning!' i say to Liam chuckling, He laughs and Niall turns around and says''well if i didn't have to go to school i wouldn't be so moody'' We giggle and focus back to the match, as the whistle blew for half time, we all run into the middle of the pitch, with water and oranges we peel them for the girls, and give everyone a hug, we give advice to them, and the ref kicks us of the field  As the whistle blew to indicate second half is beginning, We hear the girls put their hurls in a huddle, and scream ''THREE TWO ONE WEXFORD!!!!'' As Maria takes cornerback  and Natalie stays her position the whistle blows and their off! immediatlyNatalie sticks her hurl up, it broke, i hand harry a new one, and he runs out to give it to her, he kisses it and hands it to her she laughs and runs on, The opposing team is leading bye three point, and with two minutes to go the atmosphere is pretty tense, ''Wexford! **clap clap clap**'' i shouted Niall joins in ''WEXFORD**clap clap clap**'' Then the whole stadium is shouting it. 


Natalie POV

As sweat streamed down my face, i look at the scoreboard two points into it, I look over at Maia she looks as if shes gonna drop dead,  two minutes left, game on! i start to sing high school musical, and Maia begins to join in ''So whatta we gonna be? T-E-A-M TEAM!! right now its up to us, this is the last time to get it right, this is the last chance to make it alright  we gotta show what its all about work together!'' we stop and the boys take over, and then soon the stadium is singing hight school musical!! ''WORK TOGETHER!! AWWW YEAHHHHHH!!'  Then Maria has the ball she's flying she puts it to bed in the back of the net! 


Niall POV

I don't believe it! They have done it! WEXFORD ON!! all the lads have a group hug we run onto the pitch and start spraying everybody with water! The girls are screaming and hugging each other, we go over to Maria and Natalie they are crying with happiness! hugging everyone! As me and the boys get to them, they are speechless and are weak to their knees, we had to hold them up while hugging them, as Harry got to Natalie he picked her up and hugged her so tight, He kissed her forehead, and she buried her head into his neck. And just as i got over to Maria, our lip were inches away, Then it decides to rain, and just as it does, i try to pick her up like Harry did, but i failed miserably, and we both ended up on the ground under loads of people, and that's  when we had our first kiss. As i heard Grimmy's voice presenting the cup, Maria and Natalie made a speech and were received the cup, they were delighted with themselves


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