Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


44. Little Things

Louis POV

*Message from: Eleanor J<3*

"Love, We just got here, So leave where ever you are in about half an hour that will give time for the girls to settle, love xx"

Right, "Liam, Zayn kitchen!" I shout at the boys playing fifa in Josh's living room, We make our way to the kitchen, "Lads, The girls are there.." I say, "What girls?" Harry says walking over to the fridge,  "Oh, Eleanor and Danielle and Perrie, The rest of Little Mix are over for a bit!" Zayn said, "Oh right!" Harry replied and left with a can, "That was close!" Liam said, "What was close?" Niall asked getting a bag of crisps, "Oh eh, That goal Josh just saved!" Liam said looking through the glass window showing the plasma on Josh''s wall  from the kitchen, "Oh yeah, Magnificent that was!" Niall said leaving the kitchen, "unreal!" Zayn said putting on an Irish accent, Niall laughed and sat back down, "Guys we better whisper!" Zayn said, "Good idea!" Liam whispered, "Oh guys, They girls are at home and we gotta leave soon!" I whisper, "OK" They agree, And we walk outta the kitchen and sit down to play one last game. "Loser buys dinner!" I shouted. 


Maria POV

"So where are we staying?" I asked Eleanor, "Well, Maria, You shall be sharing a guest room with Niall" And Eleanor winked, "And Natalie, Same with you, but for Harry" "Savage!" Natalie replies, As we head upstairs, Eleanor leads us into Harry's room first, It smells of him, There is a lot of socks and hats on his floor but his bed was made, "Very Chic!" Natalie says, And leaves her bags down on the bed and we are lead to Niall's room, Its a medium sized bedroom, With a very high ceiling and an un-suite bathroom, With a nice soft bed, But it wasn't made, And his desk was full of hair products and dyes, But smelt of him, "Lovely!" I say and leave my bag on the bed and start to unpack,  Eleanor, Perrie and Natalie go into her room to help Natalie unpack, But Danielle stays with me. 

"SO.." Danielle says plonking herself onto the bed, "so What?" I say to Danielle smiling, "So.. They haven't shut up about you since we came home!" Danielle says, I smile and fold my clothes and put them in the drawer, "What i'm saying is!" Danielle says taking clothes outta my hands, I face her, "Niall is happy anyway with the fans and his job and his mates, But its a certain happiness i have never seen Niall before, When he's with you!" Danielle tells me, "Really?" I answer glowing, "Yes, I have known Niall for a long time trust be babe i know!" Danielle says smiling, I smile back and she helps me fold my clothes. 

"Were back!" Louis shouts, "Great!" Eleanor shouts, Then comes into Niall's room and grabs Danielle hand and Danielle leaves going downstairs with Perrie, Listen, Go into harry's room with Natalie, And the boys (Liam, Louis and Zayn) Will be right with you too tell you what to do!" Eleanor tells me, "Okay!" I reply, And head into Natalie's room, I close the door softly, And we jump up and down, And hug! "I can't believe they are downstairs!" Natalie says, "We sound like right fan girls!" I reply to her still hugging, "Yeah yous are!" We hear a familiar voice say, We entwine from each other and its Zayn, With Liam following behind him, We silently scream, And run up and hug them "Its been so long!" Zayn said, Then Louis comes in and shuts the door behind him, And we go to hug him too, "Right girls, Boys are downstairs, But you gotta make an entrance i don't know how thought" Louis says, "Well, we can just hide downstairs and jump out during dinner and sit down as if nothing happened" Natalie suggested, "Great idea!" Zayn said, And they stayed for a bit longer then Harry called them down that's dinner was ready, "Okay So in about two minutes you run down the stairs!" Liam says to us, "Make sure there are seats beside Harry and Niall free!" I said to Louis, "Of course" He said and they left. After two or three minutes, Me and Natalie began to walk downstairs, The floorboard kinda gave us away before we were even in sight, And everybody turned to face us, We just run the rest of the way down the stairs and took seats beside Harry and Niall, They're faces are shocked and happy morphed into one, "So whats for dinner?" Natalie asked, Grabbing a plate, Then Niall and Harry took our hands and stood us up from the table, And we embraced for what felt like hours, Then Niall passionately kissed me, And everyone cheered for some reason, And Natalie and Harry were as well, Then eventually, After all the hugging, We sat down and began to eat, Conversation was bursting out of people as if we haven't seen them in years, "This was a surprise from us to you!" Louis told Harry and Niall, Putter his hand over Eleanor, "So you's all knew?" Harry said, "Yup!" Zayn and Liam said together,Niall looked at Danielle, "You told me you weren't good at keeping secrets" Niall said to her, "I'm not!" Danielle insisted. Then Niall and Harry got up and did a round of hugs as a thank you. 


*End of book one*

a/n HEYYO! Well thats the end.. no its not>:D i am in the middle of writing a second book now:D please read that tooo! Thanks for reading.xx


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