Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


28. Let Me Love You

Niall POV

As Maria asks everybody ''Who want drinks?'' Everybody replies ''yup, Please!'' Everyone replies, As she leave the room and heads for the kitchen, I get up and follow her, Then in the kitchen she has her back to me, And i shake her and whisper ''boo'' in her ear, She jumps, '''You scared me shitless!'' She says laughing, then she turns around and opens the fridge to get the beers out and she brings them to the counter, As she is there, I picked her up, And sit her on the counter, She laughs and puts her forehead against mine, We close our eyes and just silence for what felt like forever, i open my eyes squinting, and she is biting her bottom lip, she wraps her legs around my waist, and puts her hands around my neck, I am carrying her now, She comes in close, and our lips are inches away, And Liam walks in, ''Oh sorry guys!'' He says, Maria buries her head in my neck and i put her down, ''Liam!'' She says laughing, He is running away, She grabs a handful of beers and i help her, We walk in the sitting room, and everyone stares at us, We sit down and grin at everybody, They turn around again, And pay full attention to the film, As we pass beers  around to everyone, Maria lies on my chest with her legs linked into mine. 

After a couple of beers, I want to head to bed, But Maria doesn't seem to want to, And she seems so happy in the company of the others, So i get up and get more drink, She gets up to come with me but i stop her and tell her to keep the bean bag warm, Then as i leave, Louis comes in afterwards, ''What was that all about mate?'' He asks me, I turn around and look him in the eye and i can feel the tears coming, ''Aw mate'' Louis says pulling me into a ug, ''You'll see her again don't worry!'' he says soothingly, ''But what if i don't '' I answer him, ''Of course you will!'' Louis says pulling away and looking me in the eye, ''Alright'' I say, ''Good lads, so anyway,'' He says walking away, ''There's something on you bed, From me to you, Use them wisely'' Louis says winking before he leaves the kitchen, I smirk, and laugh to myself for a while, And i hear complaints coming for the sitting room, ''Hurry up!'' Eleanor shouts! ''I'm coming!'' I shout back. 


Natalie POV

As my phone made a text sound, i picked it up, And Harry text me, 

''Ready for bed babe?:)''

''Yeah one minutes babe i'll just go to the bathroom, Then i'll be with you:) x''

''Grand babe, Don't be too long:) .xx''

So as i put my phone down and bring cans into the kitchen, I get a glass from the cupboard and fill it up with water, i take slow and small sips, Then i go to my bag, And Take my night dress out of it, I go into the bathroom, And get changed, I go into the bathroom, and Wipe of my makeup, Apply moisturiser, I put on lip balm, And get changed into my night dress, It's a cute black lacey one that comes half way down my thigh, And a bit see through, But not that bad, and i look long and hard into the mirror, I tie up my hair, and clip my side fringe out of the way of my face, And i unlock the door, Just as i turn the handle and open the door, Maria is standing in front of me and headbutts right into me, I was about to let out a yelp, But she covered my mouth and pushed me back into the bathroom, As she locked the door with the hand she wasn't using to hold her forehead where we bashed each other, She turns to me, ''What the hell?'' I say to her, ''shh!'' She says, ''What is wrong?'' i say taking my hand away from my forehead, ''Listen'' She says, ''Somethings not right!'' ''what do you mean?'' I reply, ''Well ,The boys are acting really suspicious and iffy around us'' She says, ''Yeah, Well, There tired'' I say, ''Its not tiredness, You and me both know that the boys don't get tired so easily'' She says, ''I suppose, But what would they be hiding?'' I ask, ''I don't know, But has Harry been acting skeptical? Like you need to be in his sight wherever you go?'' ''Yeah, But i'm sure they just don't wanna loose us!'' I say to her, ''but why would we leave them?'' She asks, ''Ah jeysus Maria! they love us! thats why! now stop worrying! And do you like my night dress?'' i say giving her a swirl, ''Beautiful'' She answers smiling at me, ''So do you plan to go all the way tonight?'' She asks me winking and giving me a little nudge, ''No! Just make out, and hopefully some abs'' I say winking, ''Hehe'' Maria says beaming at me, ''What about you sweet cheeks?'' i ask her, ''Well too be honest, i don't think Nialls up for it'' She grunted, ''Why?'' i ask trying not to laugh, ''He has been so emotional all day!'' She replies laughing, ''Just if you do, Don't forget what Louis the tooth fairy left on your bed'' I say to her standing beside her now, She laughs, And we embrace.


Louis POV

''What are those girls doing in that bathroom'' Ask Eleanor, ''Liam and Zayn go get Niall and Harry and bring them in here!'' I say to Liam and Zayn, All the girls looked at my puzzled, ''I'll explain when everyone is here'' I say, Then Harry and Niall follow Liam and Zayn into the sitting room, ''What?'' Niall said, ''I only have one night left! i can't spend it here with you!'' ''What does he mean one night?'' Perrie says to me, ''shh Perrie they'll hear'' Zayn says, ''What do you mean? Tell us Louis'' Says Eleanor, I take her hands and then look at everybody, ''Girls, Earlier when you came backstage before the concert and Niall and Harry were crying, Paul was on the phone to management they are pissed of because we missed so many tour dates, And we are going to Belfast tomorrow morning, And management don't want Maria and Natalie to come'' I say, There is a long pause, Then that pause is interrupted by sniffles coming from Niall, Everyone turns to him, And he walks out, ''Niall..'' Zayn says, ''Leave him Zayn'' Liam says patting his shoulder, As we hear a bedroom door slam, Everybody looks straight back to me, ''So what happens tomorrow?'' Asks Danielle, ''Well, We are gonna leave, Early, And without a trace'' Says Liam, ''Guys this isn't fair on them, They don't deserve to be walked out on, Especially without an explanation, They'll never forgive yas'' Says Perrie, ''Look guys,We know they don't deserve this, But we shouldn't have even stopped there in the first place, this wouldn't of had to happen'' Says Zayn, ''Oh what? so you wouldn't want me to have a go in a relationship? you don't want me to be happy?'' Harry says looking at Zayn ''Mate of course i want you to be happy!'' Zayn said, ''Bullshit!'' Harry says, And walks into his room and slams his door. ''They are our friends Louis, We can't keep this from them!'' Eleanor says, ''Eleanor! you have to! our careers are on the line here!'' I say to her, ''I'm going to bed Louis'' She says as she kisses me on the cheek and get up and hides into our bedroom, As the other girls follow them, It's just me, Liam and Zayn we decide to turn on the telly, And watched it. 


Maria POV

As we hear slams of doors closing we decide to get out and see what's going on, As we leave the bathroom, There's nobody in the hallway,  And as we stand at the door of the sitting room, We only see Louis, Liam and Zayn watching telly, with beer in there hands, ''Where is everybody?'' I ask, They all turn around and look at us in the hallway, Natalie runs of the find a dressing gown, and comes back, ''Well?'' she asks, ''They were tired, So they took and early-ish night'' Says Zayn, ''Right, Well we're gonna head of now too, night lads'' We say as we walk away, ''Wait! What about hug?'' Liam asks, So we go into the sitting room and the all stand up as we hug one another, Then have a group hug, ''sleep well'' Louis says, ''We will'' We say smiling at him, ''Well nigh night Natalie, Have a fun night'' I say to her, ''Oh i will'' She says while untying the knot on her dressing gown and we both enter our rooms.

When i enter mine and close the door there's Niall, Lying on the bed, Fully clothed, ''What's going on?'' i ask him coming towards the bed, ''We are gonna have fun tonight'' He says taking of his shirt and exposing his vline ''Are you sure?'' i ask, coming closer towards him, ''More than i've been about anything ever'' he replies, As i lie on the bed, he slithers on top of me, And looks deeply into my eyes, before kissing me passionately, As i feel the warm sensation of his lips pressed up against mine, He pulls away and kisses my neck, Then moving slowly up towards my lips again, As he takes off my pajama top, i pull away, ''Niall, Are you really ready for this?'' I ask, ''We wouldn't be right here right now if i wasn't'' He replied cheekily, Then continued to take my top off, As he kisses my nose, i giggle and undo his belt, He smiles as we kiss, As i have taken it off, I struggle to take his jeans off, He takes one of the many presents Louis left him, Then he looks at me as i put my hand behind his head and feel his hair tangle through my fingers, I push him in closer, And he kisses me passionately. As we decided to take a break because Niall needed the bathroom, I checked my phone, Its 4.30am, I have a lot of FaceBook and Twitter notifications, But i ignore them as Niall comes back in ready to go again, As he climbs on top of me, And we passionately begin to kiss again. By the time its 5.00 we decide to stop, As we lie in eachothers arms for the rest of the night, He sings in my ear, ''You know i'll be, Your life, Your voice, Your reason to be, My love, My heart is breathing for this''then he pauses to take a breath and i take over ''Moment in time'' Then we sing softly together, ''I'll Find the words to say, Before you leave me today''


Natalie POV

 As i enter our bedroom the room smells of roses, Or my perfume, I look at Harry, And there he is shirtless and smirking, ''How you doing?'' He asks winking at me, i chuckle at him, ''Harry, You're adorable'' I say moving closer to the bed, ''And irresistible ' I say deepening my voice, coming closer, I'm on the bed now crawling towards him, ''But, We will have the best make out session you have ever witnessed'' I Say whispering raspy in his ear, Then he grabs my waist and fung me on the bed passionately kissing my lips, I tease his curls in between my fingers, And i can feel his abs up against my stomach, then as we turn around and i'm on the top, i can feel his hands move from my hands to my butt. As he kisses my neck, i kiss his head, Then he makes his way back up to my lips and we passionately make out. About half an hour later, I pull away, And we lie on the bed, hand in hand, Then look at eachother, and crawl under the covers, As i lie on his chest, He whispers soothing love quotes, And kisses my forehead. 

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