Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


11. Kiss You

Maria POV

''May the odds be ever in your favor'' i shout to ruth from the defence line, Then Harry turned to Natalie '' have you read The Hunger Games babe?'' he asks her, ''yeah i have'' ''oh they're so good aren't they?'' ''oh unreal'' then, louis shouts, ''ehh harry? chat her up later, he have a match to win!'' harry blushes and goes back to him marker. 

As louis is skilling the ball down the field, Eleanor goes in to tackle him, and she trips him up and he lands on her, and she lands a peck on his lips, he gets up, and helps her up too. ''cmon lads we can do this!'' he shouts turning around and smiles at eleanor and runs on. 

then its Liams turn to shine, as Danielle has the ball Liam picks her up and runs away with her in his arms, ''true love!'' josh jokes as he is doing keepy uppies, and lou goes in to tackle him, he picks Lux up and puts her on his shoulders, he runs and gives the ball to her, she holds it, and then louis shouts, ''throw lux! throw!'' lux drops it at josh's feet and josh kicks it into the back of the net! 

Zayn and Perrie are lying down on the ground, and as ruth has the ball and is running down she only notices him last second and she trips over his shoe, but he doesn't move a muscle he stays on the ground, Natalie gets helped up by harry, who offered. As i have the ball and i'm cruising down the garden, paul acts as a guard and anybody that came near me he pushed them over, then out of nowhere just as i'm about to shoot Niall comes and picks me up and hold me in his arms, and spins me around and around until he got dizzy and fell over i fell on top of him, he looks at me i look at him, he leans in closer, as do i, then suddenly, Harry kicks the ball and it hits Niall on the head! his pain face is so adorable i had to laugh, now everyone is laughing! as Niall helped me up louis shouts ''next goal wins!'' as i haven't seen andy all the game, andy steps up, and fights for the ball, he's controlling it then, Harry and Natalie decided to team up, and then both got andy to the ground and they were cruising alongside each other down the garden, ruths laces untied, and harry fell over, she fell next to him there was a silence then as harry was moving in closer to kiss Natalie, She Sneezed, and everybody started laughing uncontrollably! then i went and joined their little lie down on the ground and next thing i knew, everybody was on top of ruth and harry. ''lads this has been unreal!'' louis said chuffed, everybody agreed and laughed, then after everybody stopped laughing, Niall shouts '''right im going to nandos! whos with me!'' everybody shouted ''yeah!'' and we all headed inside. ''You got skill'' Niall says walking beside me now, ''yeah, skill of the terrible!'' Niall giggles, and puts his arm around me, ''you know, before i got hit in the head with that football, i should've kissed you!'' i smile and him and bury my head in his shoulder,  ''There will be other times'' i say.


i see Natalie and harry a bit ahead of us, ''hey niall?'' i ask ''yeah hun'' he answers, ''harry really likes ruth doesn't he?'' ''yup'' he chuckles, ''what?'' i say smirking, ''i really like you'' he replied ''i like you too niall''

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