Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


26. Isn't She Lovely

Harry POV

As i wake up to Maria and Niall singing upstairs, i think to myself, ''I will never get to sleep again!' but frankly  i did!. Then, i woke up again, and felt the warmness of Natalie pressed up against me, I am instantly craving a hot cup of tea, i get down from the bunk and quietly as i can, I crept downstairs, and started to boil the kettle, ''Make that two'' i hear Natalie's voice say behind me, ''I tried not to wake you up'' i said doubtfully, ''Well you didn't do a good job'' She says smiling at me and walking toward me, She comes in close to me, and puts her hand behind me and then takes them out again, i realized she taken two tea bags from the box behind where i was standing, I giggle to myself and she turns around smiling coming back over and hugs me this time, i put my arms around her and squeeze her tight, I then kiss her head which is just under my chin, Her hair smelt of fruit, As he kettle has been boiled she pulls away from the hug, feel an instant chill go through my body, As i see her run around in her bare feet i quickly run up back to the bedroom, as i come back to her i have my hands behind my back, and she turns around looking puzzled, i take what it is from around my back, A pair of slippers, ''I hate to see your precious so cold'' i say smiling, she giggles at me, and takes them off me and sits down, ''Put them on for me will ye?'' she asks me chuckling, ''Of course'' i say smiling taking the slippers of of her, As i slid them onto her feet she giggles ''Tickles aye?'' i say to her, She nods her head constantly smiling, ''No harry don't!'' she says laughing, I tickling and she lets out a little screech then covers her mouth with her hands when we realize its four in the morning! We giggle and her smile with her tongue coming through the gap in her smile, is making me overwhelmed, i get up and pour the water into two cups, Natalie stand up and pops the teabags into them, As i get the sugar out and she gets the milk, we sit down and start to blow our tea to cool it down, We giggle at each others puffed up cheeks. As i take a sip of mine, we begin to talk about the tour, which i was hoping wouldn't come up into conversation. ''you know i have to leave soon'' i say with a sigh, Natalie drops her head, ''Hey! look at me! as much as i want to stay here with you, you know i can't'' ''I know, its just, that i'm living my dream here with the others and you! and now its being grasped out of my finger'' She says sadly, ''I know babe, but i can't help it! I'm in a band! its my job'' ''I know, i know, its just that i'll miss you so much when you're gone, and this time we have spend together, We haven't even talked about each others interests or about ourselves  i mean i know everything about you, But the feeling isn't mutual'' She says gloomy, ''I have no word for that because its all true, But we can have a mini quiz right now?'' i ask enthusiastically, she smiles a bit and agrees, She moves into the seat beside me and moves it closer to me, i bring her into a hug, Her head in resting on my shoulder, ''So your name is Harry Edward Styles, From Cheshire, Has a sisters, and you used to work in a bakery'' She says, ''correct'' I say, She sniggers and says ''Of course i'm right!'' i laugh at her, ''Your turn'' She says to me, ''I know you would love to dance right now'' I say looking down at her, she smiles, and i stand up in front of her, with my hand out, She looks at me and puts her hand in mine, We stand in front of each other, As i get my phone and put on the movie 'Enchanted' soundtrack and i put on 'So Close' I pull her in close, and hold onto her waist, our hands up by our chins, her other hand on my shoulder, ''Your in my arms, and all the world is calm'' i begin to sing in her ear, I can feel the warmness of her butterfly's in her stomach, ''So close, together and when i'm with you, So close, to feeling alive'' i sing again then she sings instead, ''A life goes by romantic dreams will stop so i sing mine goodbye and never knew'' She drops her head to look at our feet i pull her chin up so she is looking into my eyes, Then as it comes to the chorus we sing quietly together with our feet going in the same direction, ''So close, to reaching that famous ending, almost believing this is not pretend, and now your beside me and look how far we've come, So far, We are, So close'' Then during the instrumental bit we dance in a hug, Then as the last chorus comes on, we don't bother singing it, we just dance with the time we have left, Then as the song comes to a close, We look at each other in silence, Then Natalie says ''C'mon Harry, Lets get to bed with the time we have left'' I agree and she waits at the door, while i put the cups in the sink, Then we walk into the bedroom, hand in hand, Together.


Liam POV

Too my surprise, me and Danielle are the last couple too wake up, But we notice Niall isn't here and neither is Maria, Everybody else is lying on their bunks talking, I decide to have some fun ''Hey guys i have an idea'' i say to them as they come in close i tell them my idea, They all nod and squeal as Harry gets the guitar from the top of the bus and begins to tune it, He explains he can't play the full song, ''Ugh! Harry! i have the song on my phone'' Natalie says taking out her phone and turning the volume up full blast  As we creep upstairs, we see Niall and Maia together asleep, Then as we form a circle around them, Natalie starts to pay the music, ''It's time to get up in the morning,  In the morning'' Louis echos, ''Got McDonald's breakfast for you, Just for you, Or any other brand, And we drove two miles to get it'' Niall is beginning to wake up but Maia still isn't budging, ''So you better get up and eat it'' And Niall opens his eyes as quick as lightening, as he sees us he falls back asleep again, We all laugh and sing louder, ''Don't wanna be a selfish lazy crazy boy.. SO WE GOTTA GET UP! TIME TOO GET UP! ITS TIME TO GET UP, ITS TIME TO GET UP! ITS TIME TO GET UP X5, ITS TIME, ITS TIME TO GET, SHHHH! GET UP ITS TIME, DOOBY DOO'' as we end the song, everyone decides to do a huge group hug, on the floor, on top of each other, and that's when Maria and Niall woke up. 


Maria POV

As everyone decided to get off us, eventually, We all sat around in a circle before breakfast, ''You's had some sleep last night'' Zayn says to us, winking, we all snigger at him, as i yawn, Then i get up and go to the bathroom, everybody follows me downstairs and gets into the kitchen to start breakfast, ''Where's McDonald's then?'' Niall asks, Everybody looks as each other and starts to laugh, he laughs too, But doesn't know why, As i lock the door, I look at myself in the mirror, i have black under my eyes, i forgot to take my make up off proper last night, as i rub my finger under my eye catching most of the eyeliner, i wash my hands and redo my hair its everywhere. I must have been about an hour in the bathroom because as i open the bathroom door, i can smell the scent of sausages and toast already, As i hear the kettle being boiled i volunteer to make the tea. As everything i cooked and laid on the table we all sit down and tuck in, Then just as we were in deep conversation about old soap characters, Paul comes in with his phone in his hand, ''Right lads, You have missed a couple of dates these past dew days, and Management need you to catch up! we we are here for another week to catch up on concerts you's didn't bothers attending'' Paul said stressed ''ll getcha tea Paul'' Natalie says, ''Thanks hun'' He replies, ''So concert tonight yeah?'' Louis asks while gulping down a mouthful of tea, ''Yeah, and until then soundcheck all day!'' Paul says, Everyone grunts then, ''Don't worry lads it will be great fun!'' Says Andy entering the bus, ''Where we're you all night?'' Liam asks him curiously, ''Oh me and Grimmy stayed the night in a motel last night because you thought we were fans, so you's locked us out'' Says Andy no impressed, Everybody can't control their laughter and has to laugh, Even Andy does a bit and grabs a slice of toast, and heads back out, ''Where you off to now mate?'' Zayn asks him, ''Shopping dude! need new clothes! see you's later!'' He shouts back walking away, ''Bye!'' We all say together. ''So sound check'' I say, ''Yeah'' The lads reply, ''This is gonna be a sick day!'' I say the all smirk at me as if i'm being sarcastic, ''Seriously thought, it will be'' I say smiling, As everybody is finished their breakfast, We all head back into the bedroom, and we all have very violent games of rock paper scissors to see who goes into the shower first, ''Lets save water and shower together'' Louis says laughing, But i think her was being serious, ''Ladies first i suppose'' Zayn says, We all squeal, And try to be as fast as we can. Then as we get out of the bedroom, We see all the boys are dressed already, ''You's missed it we we're naked'' Says Louis giggling, we all laugh, we grab a pair of sunglasses each, And we get out of the tour bus, And is about fifty fans outside the bus, The boys were every so nice and took pictures with them, Then Paul told me and the rest of the girls to stay inside until they were finished. It took a good half an hour to get all the pictures finished  Then we all get out of the bus with our heads down, Then we all get in a big cab, that surprisingly fits us all in, As we we're in the cab, We stopped in traffic, and a swarm of girls came to the car window, with their phones taking pictures, I started to feel claustrophobic and took short breaths, Niall saw me having trouble and put his arm around me, I put my head on his chest, Then the traffic started to move,  And Niall put down the window for air, Then i felt a lot better, Then out of no where, A pair of knickers flew in through the window and landed on Harry's lap, He started to laugh and picked them up with a pen, He shook them around everyones face ''EWW!'' we all screamed, Then we all laughed for ages as Harry threw them out of the taxi again.

As we got to the studio, The boy's to all us girls to go shopping while we are here, We all look at each other and agree. As we get back in the cab, I take out my phone and take a quick check at Twitter, All over my timeline is ''Niall and Maria'' ''Natalie and Harry'' Their are mostly haters, But their are people telling other off to be happy for them, And respect what they do, Then i notice they found my twitter account, And i have a Directioner account! So i decide to delete it and start a new one, ''@MariaJRose'' As i tell Natalie she decides to do the same thing, ''@NatalieLThorne'' As we just add a profile picture of ourselves and follow the boys and Eleanor, Danielle and Little Mix, We have arrived in the city, And we get out and thank the bus driver, I look in my purse and notice i have no money! i ask the girls can we go to a ATM, and as we do, we have to wait in a queue, When i get to the machine, i notice i only had my Mammy's card, ''Shit my Mammy!'' I say turning to the girls, She hasn't a clue where we are!'' They gasp and Natalie remembers as well! ''We better call them!'' I say, ''Take some money and then we will go shopping and just call her on the way'' Says Danielle, I agree and put in her pin code, Then as we start walking away from the ATM, We head to Forever 21 in the shopping center, As we get into it i get my phone out and dial my Mammy's number, ''Maria! Where are you!'' She shouts through the phone, ''Calm down Mammy its fine, Here i'm okay'' I reply calmly, ''Where are you then?'' She asks sternly, ''Well, As the morning after you came to check on us, Coach called,, and reminded us that we had our All Ireland__'' ''Oh my god! your All Ireland! i completely forgot!'' She interrupted me, ''Its alright Mammy, We got their we went in the plane and we got there and we won, And then we went out for Nando's, and then we went back and slept in the boys tour bus last night, And now we are shopping still in Dublin'' i say waiting for a reply, There is a long pause of silence before she answers me, ''So you're alright then?'' She asks me, ''I'm fine Mammy!'' I say back to her, ''Just promise me you will come back and don't run away will ye not!'' She says chuckling a bit, ''I won't mammy'' I reply, ''Oh and i kinda took money outta your account because i am broke at the moment'' I expect to be shouted at but she just says, ''I am taking the money outta your credit union and i will make you and account and put in in hun'' She says, ''Oh my god Mammy thank you so much'' I reply '' Love you!'' I say, ''Love you too'' She echos back. Then i get off the phone and turn to the girls, ''Right lets go shopping then!'' I say happily, linking my arms in Eleanor's and Natalie's and we start shopping. 


Natalie POV

As Maria link into my arm, i pull away to contact my Mammy, ''Hello?'' She answers, ''Mammy?'' i say, ''Natalie! Where are you!'' She says determinedly, ''I am Okay, i'm in Dublin with Maria and a couple of friends we will be home in a couple of day, i just needed a break from school'' I answer, ''You better get me a luxurious bar of chocolate the next time i see you!'' She says jokingly  i laugh through the phone, ''I'll be home soon Mammy'' I say back to her, ''Stay safe, Love you'' she replies, ''Love you too'' I reply and hang up on her, Then i relink my arm into Maria's, She smiles at me and i smile back ,Then we see an amazing pair of jeans, All in our sizes! We all squeal and take a pair each, they are so soft the material, is so comfortable on the inside, They are in a kind of wine red colour, ''Like the colour of their Up all Night clothes!'' Perrie says, ''aw yeah!'' We all agree, So we Look around and grab a couple of blouses that catch our fancy, Then we head for the dressing rooms, As we we're not allowed go in to one together, As we all go in separately,  And then grab a big dressing room, we all put on our jeans, and stand in front of the huge mirror, And we take a picture in the mirror, we all look at it and giggle we put our blouses on, and take loads of pictures,  Then all decide to get the jeans and i also buy a ceramic cup that looks like a coffee cup but it has rubber on the top, And its covered with Cats, They come in two colours, So i decide to get one for Harry, And I told Maria about them, and she got two with mustaches, For her and Niall, Ad e are in the queue, Two fans come up to us and ask for a picture, Me and Maria step away, But they say ''No yous' too please!'' We look at each other, and then walk beside them and i put my hand around one of them'' We smile as a boy, Who we guess is a brother of one of them, Then after the picture, they start to talk to us, ''Girls, you's are our role models, Even you and Maia'' They say looking at us, ''We hate to see the hate you's get, But we are the better half of the fandom'' We all smile and give hugs, ''Hey girls'' Maria says, they turn back around, 'Me and Natalie are directioners too! and we want to make a lot of their wishes come true, Do you's have twitter?'' They nod and a smile begin to form their faces, ''I will tell the boys to follow you's! thank you's for being so nice to us, it means a lot!'' Maria says to them, I nudge Maria and smile at her, They write their Twitter names on a piece of paper and hands them to us, ''Thank you girls so much!'' They say, ''No problem babe!'' I say, As we do another round of hugs, Then they walk away, As we get to the till and pay, We walk out of the shop, and their is a TopShop right in front of us, We head straight for there, As we head straight up the stairs and avoid the mens department, We see amazing cartoon t-shirts with Batman and Boom and even Zap we all laughed and looked at Perrie  and she winked at us all, They were e only €29.99, so we decided we would get one each, And Eleanor and Danielle got a pair of shorts, and a pair of braces for jeans caught me, Maria and Perrie's eye, So we got one of them each, We all then got eyeliner and new mascara, Then as we went to pay, 'What Makes You Beautiful' started to play, and we couldn't help but do a little jig, We all laughed about it, and then Maria's sunglasses fell off her head and they broke, So she went and picked up a new pair from the sunglasses area, and put them on modelling them in front of us, Started to sing ''She not afraid of all the attention, shes not afraid of running wild'' Then we all join in ''How cum shes so afraid of falling in lo-ooo-ve'' Now the whole store is looking at us, We take mini bows and its our turn at the Register, Then when we have finished paying, we walk out of the shop, ''I really feel like Starbuck's right now'' Eleanor says, We all agree, ''Their is one in this little shopping center over here'' Says Maria, ''Great'' Replies Eleanor, So we all link arms again, And i see a flash, And we have been snapped by fans, As we walk into the shopping center, We take our sunglasses off and start to walk to starbuck's. As we walk in we can instantly smell coffee, We get in the queue and look at the menu, Eleanor is first, Then Danielle, then Perrie then Maia is in front of me, As Eleanor is at the till first, She orders a Java chip Frappuccino, ''Whats you name hun?'' Asks the waitress, ''Eleanor'' Eleanor replies, The waiter grins at her, And writes the name down, Then Danielle orders a Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino, then the waiter asks again her name, when Danielle replies ''Danielle'' She smirks again, And writes the order down, Then Perrie orders a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, Then once again, The waiter asks for her name, and when Perrie replies, ''Perrie'' The waiter looks pretty ticked off, Then he turns to us and says, ''Okay! You know how many times everyday we get teenagers in here saying that their names are Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie! everyday!'' The waiter says bitterly, 'Well for your information sir, We happen to be Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie'' Says Perrie, Then the waiter turns to them, and takes a hard luck, ''Oh my god! I'm so sorry!'' He says, ''It's okay, just do your job, you're holding up the line!'' says Eleanor, ''Oh right!'' He says, ''Nice to meet you's, sorry again'' He says, ''Right what would you like?'' He asks me, I turn to Maia and tell her too order for us both, ''Erm two Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino's please'' Says Maria, ''Maria and Natalie'' She also says, ''Grand'' He says, while writing our names on a piece of paper. After a while, They call our names and we collect our drinks and head off, As we are about to leave the shopping center about four or five girls come up to us, and ask us for a picture, we agree and stand beside them, ''Eh huns, We meant a picture of you five together with your starbucks! and turn the names around so we can see them'' They say excitingly, We all look at each other and then get in close together, ''Smile!'' They say, We put our sunglasses on top of our head and smile with our starbucks in our hands, ''Thank you so much!'' They all say, And we give them hugs, ''Its been an eventful day!'' i say sipping my frappuccino, All the girls agree and we sip together and walking in a line down the street   We keep seeing flashes, ''Does this happen wherever you go?'' i ask Eleanor, ''Yup!'' She says putting her head down a bit, ''Oh an Urban Outfitters!'' Says Perrie squealing, ''C'mon lets go in!'' Says Danielle. When we go in all the staff come up and greet us, We smile and look around, We see amazing jeans with graffiti, to denim jackets, As Me and Maria get a pair of shorts and glasses with glass just as a fashion accessory. Then me and Eleanor we're walking around talking, and some beanies caught our eye, ''Got to get one of these!'' I say, Eleanor agrees and we pick out another three and catch up with the others, and hand the beanies to them, They smile and give me and Eleanor suspenders, We all giggle at all the trendy accessories we purchased today, Then we get to the cash desk, and their are nose rings, Perrie picks up a beautiful cherry coloured stone, and buys that. Then when we are saluted by staff we say our thanks and we are off again, ''Its Half three!'' I say to the others, ''I feel like wagamama's tonight'' Says Eleanor, With a smile spreading across her face, ''Agreed!'' Perrie says, We all then say yeah, and catch a bus to the nearest Wagamama's. When we get off at the stop, we walk in and ask for take away, Then we order and as we wait for the food, We go on Twitter for a bit, As i log on all i can see is photos of us and fans that were taken earlier today, i retweeted one, And then logged off. Then our names were called and our food was ready, Just as we get out of the restaurant my phone rings, its Harry ''Hello babe'' I say, ''Hey babe, listen, We ordered you a taxi to pick you up in the shopping center, cos we miss you's'' He says pretending to cry, i giggle, ''Okay babe be their soon i have a surprise for you's'' ''Yay!'' i hear several other voices cream in the background  ''See you soon love yah'' He says to me ''Love you too babe'' I reply, then hang up, ''They ordered a taxi to pick us up'' I say to the other girls, ''How kind'' Says Danielle grinning, We all laugh and walk through the shopping center, Then their is a huge taxi, That has a big ''1D'' on it,That's when we know. We all get in the taxi and are taken back to the boys. 

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