Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


41. Irresistable

Niall POV

As the girls spot us i feel butterfly's flutter around in my stomach, They cover their hands with their mouths and we can see tears in there eyes it makes me s happy to see them, Then me and Harry put arms around each other and share Liam's solo "Midnight doesn't last forever, Dark turns to light, Heartache flips my world around, i'm falling down, down, down that's why" Then all of Maria and Natalie's friends come up behind them and embrace them and we all sing the chorus together, "its in your lips, and in your kiss, its in your touch and fingertips, and its all the things and other things that make you who you are and your eyes Irresistible. I find your lips so kissable, and your kiss so unmissable, and your fingertips so touchable and your eyes, Irresistible" Then the word "Irresistible" echoes all around the hall, Then when the last verse starts me and Harry get off the stage and walk towards the girls, everybody stands in two lines across from each other and we look and them walking past, "It makes your lips, So kissable, and your kiss unmissable and your fingertips so touchable, and your eyes, your eyes your eyes your eyes, your eyes, your eyes" Now i am face to face with Maria as Harry is with Natalie and we finish the song and whisper into the microphone, "Irresistible" Then we put our microphones by our sides and hear cheers and clapping, we face the girls and bring them into a tight embrace, After about two minutes we split and just hug individually, I hug Natalie, And Maria hugs Harry, Then i hug Maria and we are in an embrace for the whole of the next song same with Harry and Natalie. Then Maria pulls away and we kiss passionately as she combs my hair with her fingers, Seemingly Natalie and Harry are kissing as well, We pull apart and start to dance, Maria and my foreheads are pressed against each others, We look over at Harry and Natalie and they look so happy. "I'm so sorry!" I whisper to Maria, "Don't be babe, I know your here now and i couldn't be more grateful" Maria says looking up at me, And i swirl her around. Then the song ended and the DJ asks everyone to pick a partner they haven't attended with this evening, I go over to Natalie and Harry gives me her hand, And i give him Maria's, "Your in my arms and all the world is calm, The music's playing on for only two" Natalie starts to tell me how her and Harry waltz to this in the tour bus kitchen, Me nd Natalie joke and giggle, We talk about stuff and dance, Harry and Maria look like they are in deep conversation as well. Then the song ends and Natalie takes a bow in front of me and we hug and i kiss her hand, Maria hugs Harry and he kisses her hand and she comes back near me and holds Natalie's hand while passing her then they look grip slowly, Then Maria takes my hand and i notice her charm bracelet, "So you's got our gift then?" i ask her smiling, She looks at me puzzled, "what?" she asked, "Those charm bracelets? We told the lady at the dress shop to give them to you!" I say to her, She gasps and looks at her bracelet, "Oh Niall!" she says and pecks my lips, "You really didn't have too but they are beautiful so thanks you!" She says, "Notice the numbers?" i say, "Yeah i don't understand that" She says laughing, "Well its pretty much the day we met Maria!" I say to her smiling, A big smile is wiped off her face but she smiles again and there is a tear in her eye, "This means so much that you care Niall" She says happily, "Of course i care babe we al love you's to bits!" I say to her then she rest6s her head on my chest and we continue to dance.


Harry POV

We overheard what Niall told Maria, And Natalie just stared into my eyes, I looked into her big brown eyes and got lost, We kissed and carried on dancing, "So you got these charms for us?" She asks, "Yes babe" I reply, "So, how did you get them to us?" She asks then pauses, "Roisin!" She says, "Yup" i reply, smiling down at her, "How did you know?" she asked, Well, I say on Facebook she was your sister, And you had mentioned her before, I gave her a quick contact, And she agreed to give them to you!" I said to her, "Naww!" Natalie replied, "So did she know you were gonna be here tonight then?" She asked me, "To be honest babe, I didn't even know i was gonna be here today.." I said looking at her still dancing perfectly, "what do you mean?" She asks, "Well, We flew out this morning and we thought we were going to do the European leg of the tour, But it turns out Louis, Liam, Zayn and the girls planned for us to be here tonight to surprise you's! And surprised ourselves because we didn't realize this was your school!" I say, She smiled and started to hum 'Irresistible' "Promise me something Harry" Natalie says, "Anything babe!" I say to her, "if the day does come where we decide to get married, Please make Irresistible our first dance" She says, "Of course babe! Nothing else would have done!" I reply and kiss her nose. I look over at Niall her is the happiest he has been for months, With Maria, And i couldn't be more captivated with Natalie's accompany, This moment just couldn't get any better. 


Natalie POV

We just dance and breath, The occasional look up at each other, but it was so peaceful and this moment just couldn't be ruined, Then Maria comes over to us hand in hand with Niall and asks to see me privately for a moment and we leave the boys together alone on the dance floor. Maria leads me to a free bathroom and we both squish in, Then Maria locks the door and we stare at each other and just start screaming "Is this actually happening right now?" I asked Maria she nods and tears start flooding out of her eyes, I grab her and tightly squeeze her i begin to burble out tears as well, Then we straighten up and talk about the dance and about the charm bracelets, "How did they know we were going into that particular dress shop though?!" I ask Maria, "Oh yeah!" Maria replies, "I don't know but its so cute and the date!" She says, "Oh the date was an amazing romantic touch!" I reply, "And Louis Tomlinson! that was him talking to the limo driver! And that was Danielle we walked past!" I said happily, We decided to go on Twitter and Casey uploaded a picture on Niall and Harry when they came near us singing Irresistible and they were in front of our faces, Then the next picture is both of Niall, Maria me and Harry kissing! It was a cute picture. 

"@MariaLThompson @NataliebThorne just had an amazing surpise very unexpected from these ovely fellas @niallofficial @Harry_Styles Thank you for making my girlies happy big love.xx Pic.Twitter.dfjgir" 

The picture was me and Maria's expressions when we first saw the boys on stage then one of them coming towards us then one of both of us kissing, It was like a collage very beautiful of Casey to do that. We decide to eave the bathrooms and go back to our boys. 



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