Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


13. I Would


''ahh welcome welcome welcome pretty ladies aye, im Jez i will be your server today, oh and pretty child! yours?'' ''oh god no! we are just minding her for a friend'' Maria replies, ''ahh well then so where do you's live eh?'' i ask ''Well me and Natalie here, lives in  wexford'' says Maria, ''ahh wexford, no nandos up their aye?'' ''no sadly their isn't ' ''lovely, we move ahahah'' ''ahhahhaha'' everyone laughed, ''so you girls from wexford too aye?'' ''oh no, were from England'' replies Eleanor, ''i'm from Manchester, Danielle is from London  and Perrie is from South Shields'' ''i have no idea where any of those places are so aye take your order yes?'' ''oh yeah alright then'' ''Wait!'' Maria says ''girls what are we having?'' ''ahh, we will have the jumbo platter please'' says Danielle  ''sides?'' ''erm all chips please'' ''what chips?'' i say surprised, ''yeah is that okay?'' Natalie says, ''no! five chips is too much! you will be showering in chips! get Three chips and two garlic bread''' i say, ''oh yeah okay'' Agrees Eleanor  ''and the one direction boys and bodyguard and makeup artist and the rest of the band, will have their regulars'' Says Maria, ''ahha regulars and jumbo platters coming right up!'' 

''wait!'' says Eleanor, ''what about Andy?'' she says, ''oh yeah!'' says Danielle, ''erm,, Jez?'' says danielle, ''aye?'' i say, ''can we also have a chicken wrap please with a side of coleslaw?'' ''sure darlin their cooking now take a seat and we shall bring to your table'' ''thanks!'' says Eleanor.


Natalie POV

''while we're here we might as well have a look on twitter and see things that going on'' i say enthusiastically ''good idea Maria agrees'' we get our phones out and go on twitter, and as we are fangirls, yes we follow fangirls accounts, and all we can see, is a picture of Me, Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie and Maria holding Lux! ''oh my god!'' i say nearly falling off my seat! ''how do they get these pictures so fast!'' i ask ''eleanor, danielle and perrie shrug. ''Have you seen the comments?'' Maria asked me, 

''@Maia1Dx @RuthT1Dx @EleanorjCalder @DaniellePeazer oh look guys, eleanor and danielle and perrie have found two new slut to join the club nice!'' 

''oh my god!! El and danielle! how do you's put up with this behaviour?'' Maria asks worried, ''i dont know'' Danielle shrugged, ''we just get over ih'' Perrie says. ''but it must be hard! cos thats not the worst!'' Eleanor says ''but__'' ''MARIA NATALIE ELEANOR PERRIE DANIELLE AND LUX ORDER IS READY TO GO THANK YOU!!'' jez shouts 


''thanks jez!'' i say giving him a five euro tip ''come back soon love'' Jez says




Niall POV

''oh god lads they will be home soon hurry up!'' i say my patience lowering ''Their here!'' Says harry! 

''right remember guys! the can't go out the back until we have finished eating!'' 

''right'' everyone agrees

''we're back guys'' i hear Maria say, everyone welcomes the girls back and we all share embraces

''right then! lets eat!'' i say hungrily  

''weyhey!'' everyone shouts



**After Dinner**

''Enjoy that everyone?'' Maria asked proudly 

''i wouldn't of ordered it better myself'' i say kissing her forehead

Then we all hear a bang from the back garden, harry comes in and he smells of smoke, all the girls are getting curious, so we each take a girl, i have Maria, Harry has Natalie, Liam has Danielle, Zayn has Perrie, Louis has Eleanor, Paul has Lux, Josh has Lou and Andy has Nick Grimshaw (stan has an unexpected trip home) We each put a blindfold on each girl, and guided them outside, as we got down to the grass, we let go and we ran away, ''stay their and remove your blindfolds in three, two, onee.........'' 

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