Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


12. I Want

Niall POV

''Ok, is everybody in the kitchen yeah? okay gather round people, alright, so! apparently the nearest nandos from here is dublin, and we can't take away cos they wouldn't deliver here, so heres the plan, girls, Maria, Natalie, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie you's take baby Lux and go to dublin in the helicopter, Paul and andy you's go with them! lous you and the rest of the boys stay here and we will bake something, and tidy this place up a bit right?'' ''right!'' everyone shouts, ''okay lets get to it! Maria come here!''

''yeah hun?'' i ask, ''babe, i'm going to write down me and the boys regulars, and you and the girls get whatever you want! here is the black card and travel safe'' ''thanks niall!'' i say as i get him a kiss on the cheek. ''lets go girls!'' she says then they're gone and its just me and the lads in the house! 


Eleanor POV

''okay girls its time to spill! since it just us and the other two girls over there'' *pointing at Andy and Paul  they're sniggering at us now,  we laugh, and Lux joins in ''so, tell us girls, what do you think of Harry and Niall cosying up to you's'' Eleanor asks ''we all take a minute to laugh at this, then Maria began ''well i love niall! not as a member of one direction, maybe that's ow i got to know him, but in interviews, today! he is just being himself and that himself is so cute!'' Maia says beginning to blush, ''nawww'' everyone says, ''so Natalie?'' Eleanor says looking at Natalie '' well Eleanor  its the same story, i got to know harry, and i know he is not that bad dark person the press makes him out to be, he is amazing!'' ''nawww'' 

''How do you girls cope with all the hate the whole time?'' Maria asks, ''well its quite hard!'' Danielle replies, ''we go on twitter and instagram just to see what's going on and we are raided by haters that say we don't deserve our men, and all that!'' Danielle says almost in tears! ''oh my god that must be terrible'' says Natalie. ''but its alright' says Eleanor, ''we have eachother'' Eleanor says smiling big 

''oh come here everybody'' Perrie shouts, we all form a group hug with Lux in the middle of it all


Maria POV

''We are here now!'' i say as the helicopter lands  in central of Dublin, we all get out of the helicopter and have to laugh at the position the pilot parked in, after out little giggle, a couple of fans, have noticed Danielle and Eleanor and Perrie already! so we went into the nearest shop which was toymaster  after a couple of rides on the bikes for Lux, Eleanor bought Louis sisters a present, and Danielle got Loki a chew toy, So i got Natalie a deck of cards and she got me a lollipop, ''seems legit'' i say to her smirking, we were about to leave until Dani warned us to put on glasses or a hat or we will get spotted easier, o we did just that, and walked out, but as we walked out there were paparazzi everywhere! ''wow! good news travels fast huh'' i saw speechless, Eleanor nodded and kept her head low, as did the rest of us, i picked Lux up and barged through everyone, it was hard to see where we were going, but we got out of their eventually! as we did we went into Nando's and was at the back of the queue, ''The shopkeeper must of recognized  one of uz if he is telling everybody to let uz in front of them!'' Natalie says to us, ''no'' says Eleanor ''that's not fair on everybody else they were here first'' ''just come on!'' says Danielle  as we skip the queue Eleanor is saying sorry to everybody now behind us.





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