Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


40. Forget you

Niall POV

It was a long night, and i'm on Louis sofa, Explains a lot.. But everybody is packing and moving stuff around in suitcases, And i see HArry being dragged outta bed too, Then Eleanor comes over to me, "C'mon Nialler babe you gotta get up right now" i didn't complain so i just got up and Danielle handed me a bag, Familiar, My backpack, With clothes in it, i didn't open it, this scene looked very familiar to the morning wee left Maria and Natalie. Louis told me not to i was too tired to complain but we left Louis house and the taxi headed us for the airport, The others were full of chatter, but me and Harry didn't speak a word, We got there and no fans knew were were leaving the country, Because i didn't either, I just figured management changed their mind about the two weeks off, so i just played along we weren't mobbed, so we just got our flight and left, Until i saw that we were only on the plane for about half an hour, Then realized we were not going to Finland, We were on the outskirts of Ireland. 


Natalie POV

"Well the grad went down good last night, i tell my camera, i am currently in Maria's house we are getting ready for debs AHHHHHHHHHH" Then Maria comes up behind me and screams into the camera, We scream together then smile at the camera and the Keek video time runs out, and i upload it, I already have two hundred views, I don't know why i have accounts dedicated to me, i went out with Harry for like a week! Anyway, i saw that Louis liked my Keek, i put my phone away and we went to our nearest town and went to the salon and got our nails and hair done, "It's been ages since i have been pampered" i say as we enter the salon,"Same! tonight is going to be amazing!" Maria said giggling. After our pampering session, We head for lunch we have been on a low carb diet until the debs but on the night of it, you can't gain any more than what's on you, so we go for a bag of chips and DIET coke, "Can't be too careful" Maria teased as she paid for the lunch, We laughed and sat in the park on a bench, After we finished eating and talking, we went to the hairdressers and got our hair done, I got mine straightened and  layered and it had a lot of volume and bounce in it, Maria, got her hair curled and some hair tied back to her sides tying a neat bow at the back of her head. After we got our hair done, we stepped outside the hairdressers and walked back to Maria's car, but when we got there it wasn't there, Instead a white stetched limo was marked where Maria's car was, "W-w-Where is the car?" Maria asked faintly, I was lost for words, A Familiar face steps out of the limo, And opens the door for us, We look at each other,And i follow Maria into the limo the man closes the door after us, as he walks back to his seat, Maria whispers in my ear very fast just so he can't hear, "He is the guy who drove us home from Dublin after that night!" I look at her face she nods and the man gets into the limo, and rolls down our windows, "Verys warm isn't it girlies" He says, "Yup" Me and Maria saw together. It was a very awkward journey home, because we thought we might as well make an date of this opportunity, So we lay on the floor of the limo and made about seven keeks talking random shit and talking to the limo driver, "I swear we're not drunk" Maria says into my phone, as the limo reaches to a halt and i parked outside my house, Roisin and My Mammy come outside and they're jaws have dropped, Just before the man left, Maria asked him to open his window, and she said "Who ordered this limo for us?" the driver said nothing and put his sunglasses on, "Well at least where is my car!" Maria said shouting now, The driver rolled up his window and drove off, Maria flew her hands up in the air and looked at the limo drive away in the distance, We turn around to Roisin and Mammy who are still pretty speechless, I go over to Roisin and hold her jaw and snap her two jaws together "Careful, You will catch flies" I hear her laugh as me and Maria go into my room and dance to the radio downstairs, Little Things, We hold each others hands and slow dance, Not a care in the world who sang it, We were just living, Then roisin comes in, "Practicing for tonight aye?" she asks, in a real Aussie accent we laugh as she joins in, Then after a while we sit on the bed, "So girls, i made a friend today" Roisin said, "OHHHHHH" I began, "Not like that babe" Roisin said well he gave me something to give you's these" Roisin said handing us two more boxes very similar to the last ones she gave us before our exams, Before we got to open the Roisin's phone rang and she left the room, Me and Maria looked at each other and opened the boxes together, It was another charm for our bracelets, The last charm had the date, 27th 5 now this one has 2013, this date must mean something, but i don't know what, Maria is still pretty confused, "Maria its a date" I told her, she looked at it for a while, and nodded and said "ohhh" we helped each other put them on, and just sat there staring at them trying to remember the special date.. but it never came to either of us. "Shit Maria we only have an hour!" i say an sprung into action, i took my dress out from my wardrobe and slid it on, I got Maria to zip up the back for me as i repaid the favor we look at each other in the long mirrors in my room and we still can't believe that we are here, Six years ago we started school and hardly knew each other, Now Me and Maria have been to the moon and back, ups and down we went through we were together, And we have stayed through family troubles and relationships and we are still here. We love each other, I hug Maria, And it isn't like any others hugs we have had before, Its was long and passionate and meaningful, And i feel a tear in my eye, We pull away and stare into each others eyes, I look at Maria and she has some eyeliner under her right eye i rub it off and we giggle. Roisin calls us to come downstairs and we hold hands going down the stairs, Natalie's parents, Roisin and Maria's Older sister are downstairs taking pictures of us as we walk down, Maria is really happy to see her older sister and goes over to hug her, i hug Roisin and she takes my picture with my mum. We all get in a group photo, and put the photo on timer, After about a million photos we go outside to be taken too the debs, And we see the exact same limo that took us home from Town earlier! "This is so strange!" i whisper to Maria, She nods and we don't complain but the same driver steps out and compliments our dresses and we thank him, "Bye bye my babies!" Roisin shouted to us, We sat in the limo and pulled the windows down and stuck our heads out and waved and shouted back. After they were out of site we got back in the limo and headed towards the debs. 


Harry POV

This day has been very confusing, On the plane we were told we were going to Finland to get on with the tour but the airport wasn't evacuated when we arrived the journey was short, It is just as warm as it was in the uk, We then realized, We were in Ireland, Me and Niall kept trying to ask the boys what were we doing here but the subject was always changed, But we eventualy got Eleanor to speak she just said she thought it would be nice if Niall was home for the time off and it would be cool if everyone was together, Niall smiled and neither of us complained. We went on Twitter and updates account just said we were MIA which made me smile, Then the plane landed in a field in the middle of know where, But Niall said it looked like WestMeath so we just said okay, There was a bus waiting for us which looked a lot like our tour bus, we rushed inside and Louis threw our backpacks at us and told us to change, Me and Niall went into the big bathroom on the bus and we got changed together, We never really took notice of what we were changing into until we have finished, Me and Niall were wearing similar black suits with a white shirts and i had a black bow tie and Niall had a tie, We looked at each other and wondered why we were dressed up in suits, we left the bathroom and saw loads of flashes, Everybody has taken a picture of us in our suits and uploaded them to the internet and soon enough our mothers commented on them. I took a selfie with Niall in our suits and uploaded it to Instagram. And in a matter of minutes it was almost everybody's icon on Twitter. Me and Niall still hasn't a clue where we are going, But we just let it go and enjoy the bus ride. Then we arrive outside a building, Which looks familiar but i am not sure in the dark but Louis, Zayn, Liam, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie get out of the bus behind us and Louis leads us into this building and we can hear music getting louder as we neer closer to the hall where loads of teenagers are standing around and dancing, Me and Harry look at each other and then look behind us and all we can see is there backs running away and turning a corner, And we are pulled by security guards near back stage of this dance. 


Maria POV

We step out of the limo and thank the driver again, and walk into the school, We turn around to the limo and there is someone talking to him and looks a lot like someone we know, Beanie, Bum and Hair looks a lot like Louis Tomlinson, but that's impossible! I look at Natalie and she is thinking the same thing! We just leave that and move on, And we walk past a girl with her head down and smells a lot like Danielle's perfume, Everything is very suspicious, But this is our night so we just drop it and move on. 

We enter the hall and every girl looks spectacular! We go over to our class group and compliment them and we call embrace and get pictures taken together. Our friend Casey uploads them to Facebook and Twitter , Selfies and a lot of pictures we don't even known are taken are uploaded and loads of fans are retweeting them, I also saw a manip of us in our dresses and Niall and Harry in tux's! I gasp and show Natalie she looks at it them a slow song starts and we grab each other and start to dance, Then we realize its a familiar song, "Don't try and make me stay, Or ask if im okay, i don't have the answer" I look at Natalie and smile, Then we hug each other, Then the chorus of the song comes up, "It makes your lips so kissable, and your kiss so unmissable and your figer tips so touchable and your eyes, Irresistible  We laugh and whisper along, Then Niall's solo comes up and it sounds live "Iv'e tried to ask myself, should i see someone else i wish i knew the answer" We break up the hug and look at the stage at the top of the hall, And there they are, Niall Horan and Harry Styles. 

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