Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


37. Dreaming

Natalie POV

As i am just finished the last page of my last exam forever. i look around and everyone else is finished, So i sat back and watched the clock go by, round and round in circles, then the last minute the teacher collected the paper, and the whole room counted down, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" Everyone let out a big roar, And jumped out of our seats and hugged whoever was the nearest, Mark Conway ended up hugging Mr. Dave! But he didn't care! I grabbed Maria and swung her around in a hug! "i can't believe they are over!" she says happily, "I know same!" i said to her back, We got ou of the big hall and went outside original school wasn't over yet so me and Maria split up to go talk to other classmates, I go over to Caitlin and she asks me to sign her blouse, "amazing idea!" i say signing her blouse, i take off my jumper and she returns the favor! "thank you babe have a great summer and best of luck!" It wrote, "Awe babe!" i reply hugging her, "Good luck for your future keep in touch!" i say to her she agrees and we embrace and Maria comes over to say goodbye to Caitlin so i walk away, and go over to Dylan, I haven't properly spoken him in months and i never realised! Dylan has been my closest guy friend for my whole life, /we did everything together until the last year i haven't seen him as much.  "Dyl how did they go?" i ask happily, "Nat!" he says hugging me, "They we're alright pretty confident" He replies, "that's amazing!" i reply, "Please sign my blouse hun?" i ask him "course babe" he replies he writes, "Hey hunny bunny! Good luck in the future and keep in touch! Luv ya! Dyl x" "Naww thanks babe!" i say quickly hugging him, "Going to the debs?" he asks, "Yeah but with my gf" i say cheekily, "I have been keeping up to date with your facebook yeah i saw" He replies, "oh nice!" i say, Then his friends pull him away they sign my blouse and he leaves with them, "Il text you" He says, "okay" i reply smiling. Maria is over with Casey and they are talking, And Maria is signing a bunch of blouses so i go over to her, Then as we are signing them all the teachers get the hose and they are on the roof spraying down on us! Its feels like heaven, Me and Maria hug in the rain and we turn around to classmates and hug other girls and boys too! Then our hair is soaking and he blouses are also wet which is making the blouses hard to write on, Then the bell for the last class went off, and everyone ran out of the school and came up to us, A lot of people from other years came up to us and asked to sign our blouses, We agreed, hen a small girl in first year wanted to sign, I agreed and handed her the marker, She thanked me, and walked away, I couldn't read it because she wrote it on the back, But when i turned to talk to Brandon, Maria stood right behind me and whispered in my ear, It might have looked a bit inappropriate so i stood up straight and turned to her "No no!" Then our nemesis, Clarine tapped me on the shoulder and started to laugh, But as i didn't know what was on my back, It was hard to know what it was, "At least you know where you stand" she said smiling, Then walked away, "what is on my back Maria!" I asked Maria, She got a marmer and scribbled it all out, "It's about Harry Nat! It was the first year!" She said calmly, "It's alright Maria as long as it is gone!" i reply, "yeah it is hun!" she says back to me, As the buses begin to leave we pack up our stuff and tie up our hair. "wait wait before you leave we need a year photo!" Shouts Mrs. Fitzpatrick over the loud crowd, We all stand in six orderly fashioned lines smallest at the front and tallest standing on benches stacked up, "Say WE JUST FINISHED OUR EXAMS!" shouts the photographer, "WE JUST FINISHED OUR EXAMS" We all shouted, I imagine the photographer got us all with our mouths open shouting, But it doesn't matter! We're free!! We jump into Maria's car and drive into town, We make a quick stop to Maria's house to dry ourselves up dry our blouses and Maria's mum made us a cake! "Congratulations ladies!" She said welcoming us downstairs, "awn mammy!" MAria said hugging her, I hugged her as well, And she lead us to the kitchen, The cake is beautifully decorated triple layers, And they're were miniature figures of people in graduation robes, and Big blue writing 'Congratulations Seniors!' "Awe Mary its perfect" I say hugging her again, "aw do you's like it girlies? Take it into town and share it with your year!" she said, "will do mammy! Thank you" Maria says hugging her again and i carry the cake to the car. 


Harry POV

"Thank you everyone who has come out to see us tonight what an amazing crowd!" i shout into the italian fans, They scream and look for encores but we really got to go, "Thank you!" the boys echo and we are brought backstage to our dressing rooms. And we are brought back to the tour bus where Eleanor and Danielle are waiting for us, "Perrie no?" i ask, "Perrie had to go back to England hey are going to america next week!" Zayn said. "ahh" Niall said, Paul entered the bus, With his hood up and something smelling good!"I got McDonalds!" Paul shouts, Niall runs like he's in the olympics! We all get a plate and share it out and head upstairs to the roofless bus, Liam sat with Danielle, Who sat beside Eleanor and Louis beside her, Then Zayn lat with Lou and Niall and i, sat together. We didn't talk much just ate, Then we just shared laptops and phones and checked Twitter and Instagram, I tweet once then just creeps and then log off, Niall spends a lot of time on Twitter interacting with fans, But then logs onto Facebook, And Natalie and Maria updated they're statuses, 

Natalie posted,

"Oh lads what a year!:) thank you everyone for such an unforgettable year!Good luck to everyone in the future! PArtayy nowwww;D" 


And Maria posted

"Awe this year has been amazing guys thank you exams over finally now can plan moving in with mates;D still gotta talk about that;D party tonight! Good luck to everyone in the future.xx"

"Awe they had exams today!" Niall said, "Maria is on chat mate!" I say to Niall, "I can't dude! what would i say?" he asks worryingly, "just send a message saying congrats and say 1DHQx" i suggested, "yeah il do that mate!" Niall said, "thanks" 

To: Maria Thompson<3

Hello, Congratulations on your exams and best for the future.xx ~1DHQx


*sent* *recieved* *seen* 

From: Maria Thompson<3

Thanks Niall mate.xx


Harry and i gasped and i logged of Facebook as fast as i could. We looked each other, and started to giggle, Our bus stopped and we got out at the airport, It was about two in the morning and there was still hundreds of fans outside, We asked to meet them but Paul said that its to dark and it might be dangerous blah blah blah! i also wasn't really in the mood for meet and greets at the moment. So we just went into the airport and he best we could do was wave and say hello and thats what we did. 


Liam POV

As we got into the airport building and finished waving at the fans, we went to go give our luggage in to be boarded on the plane, We went in pairs, so me and Danielle, Zayn and Lou, seen as perrie has gone back to the uk, Louis and Eleanor, And Niall and Harry, Just for the atmosphere, They held hands and pretended to be all lovey dovey, But then as they saw paps, They immediately decided not to go any further down that road. As the luggage was all boarded we had two hours until our flight took off, so we decided to just walk around and have a chat with some people. We were walking but hey're surprisingly was no fans to be seen! "This doesn't seen normal.." I say breaking an awkward silence between everyone looking in different directions, But the floor that we were on was completely evacuated! "Guys i'm actually worried right now where is everybody?" Eleanor asked, Everybody nodded there heads in confusion, We decided to go get a coffee, They're were people working, just no people travelling, "Excuse me sir, But where is everybody?" Louis asked the man behind the counter at the coffee shop, "Oh, Your Louis Tomlinson right?" He asks Louis, "Thats me" Louis says giving him a mini wave, "Well this is the rest of your band yes?" he asks, we all say yeah, His accent sounds foreign, "Well mr. tomlinson, This airport has been booked out for your departure" The amn says while making a cappuccino, "what?" We all say at the same time, "Yes, All flights have been delayed till after you depart from this airport then the doors will be open for everyone and things go back to normal" He says while handing a coffee to Danielle, "But who booked the whole airport for us?" Zayn asked, "Oh the government" "The government?" we repeat him, "Yeah, They say that airports are very blocked when bands and famous people arrive in busy airports and the airports are too small and cant afford to hold people that are not travelling also the public have debated on it and it was decided" he finished and served the last coffee, We all looked at each other very puzzled, i paid for the coffee's and thanked the man for the information and we all sat around on the floor in the airport, And we all sipped our coffee's, "I don't know, but it feels so empty without them here!" I say, everyone nods in agreement, We get up and just walk around, "It's not often we can even take a step and not be followed, But this feels like three years ago again2 harry said faintly, "Even i kinda miss them" Says Eleanor, Danielle agreed, "most of them are so nice and understanding!" She said, "thing is2 niall began, "i never heard about this 'debate' that was even held about this" He said, We all nodded, "exactly!" Zayn said. The time flew by, as we had no delays of fans to be late we decided to be fashionable late,and enjoyed the empty airort while we still has it!


Louis pov

I am the craziest of the boys and i like to be, So i grab a luggage trolley i scoop up eleanor and roll her down the abandoned corridors, We all decided to have a race who could climb to the top of the stairs first, We planked everywhere, My phone memory is full off pictures, The things to do were endless and ended up doing them all, we went into a confectionary store, and bought one of everything, and we took pictures in the ID booth, we bought magazines for the flight, And more coffee, We sat down on the floor overlooking the city of Rome, its beautiful, then we realise free wifi! i went over and sat beside Niall he checked facebook, Looking and Maria's page, Last thing she uploaded was about finishing her exams, "Timezones mate" i say to niall, "Oh Louis hey!" He said to me "Hey" i replied giggling, We decided to check Twitter at the same time, And start a Twitter fight to keep the fans happy for another couple of hours, And by the look of Twitter they needed a bit more than that, They're were italian fans in directing us with death threats because they weren't allowed in the airport, We looked shocked, i was a bit harsh but i had to set them straight! 

@Louis_Tomlison "Look, its not our fault the airport was booked just for us we apologise for flights to be delayed also, But we only found out after we got here there is nothing we can do about it so calm down and quit the death threats they hurt you know!" 


All the boys received the notification and updated the same particular statuses and we retweeted each others, "Shit2 I say looking at the clock on my phone, We are half an hour late for our flight!" i shout at the others, "What?" Liam said getting up, "why didn't someone come looking for us?" Harry asked, "Intercoms!" danielle said. We ran to the desk and they gave out to us for being late, As we boarded the plane, There was Paul sitting in a seat he was the only one on the plane, Just before everyone walked on the plane i got a picture and was going to upload it to Instagram later, When we walked into first class,  paul sat there with his arms folded and his seatbelt on, We couldn't help but purse our lips together to stop us for laughing our heads off, He started to give us a lecture about being late, We said fine fine yeah yeah and moved on, "FINLAND HERE WE COME!" Niall shouted as we were seated and the plane took off. 



Maria POV

"strictly no alcohol as this is a teachers attending event and graduation is tomorrow! So all the drinking an be done tomorrow night" we hear Mrs. Fitzpatrick call into the microphone, as we enter the hall with the cake in both of me and Nat's hands, Everybody cheers when we arrive, we shout too! We lay the cake down on a table near the front of the hall, And we got a coke and sat down with our classes, I snook my phone out and checked Twitter, All commotion about an airport? I looked up the hashtag and saw loads of paped pictures of the boys in an empty airport, And they're was a news article about "Vote of the empty airports as biggest boyband 1D depart and arrive in airport all around the world" I read this with shock and showed everyone at our table, They knew our story, and decided not to ask what actually happened but to my surprise they weren't actually not interested, "I never heard about a debate on that topic before ever!" Chris said "Same!" Casey agreed, i decided to forget in and ask the teacher to take our group photo with just the people at our table, "Say, JUST FINISHED LEAVING CERT" Says Mrs. Fitzpatrick, i nodded at the next table to photobomb the next one, "One more please mrs" i ask, she repeats herself and then the next table jump on our backs and the picture actually turned out great, i took loads of selfies with classmates and uploaded them to Facebook with a caption like, "Gonna miss you babe:*" The speeches look so long! but eventually finished and me and Nat stood up to propose a toast, "Attention please lads" Natalie shouted over everyone i stood up and put my arm around her waist, "I speak on behalf of me and Nat here, that this has been a tough year with ups and downs for us" I look at Nata and she looks back and grabs my hand, "but every single one of our school mates have made these last six years the best ones of my life, And good luck to everyone in the future and im already planning the class reunion" everybody laughed and then clapped, and we sat back down, "Now who wants cake?" Nat said as everyone pretended to be in school again and politly put there hand up, She laughed an hi 5'ed people on the way up to the top of the hall and she served the cake. 

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