Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


29. Cry Me A River

Niall POV

As I wake up to Louis in my face telling me to get up, i nod and try to push him away, But i can't, Louis has one hand and Zayn has the other, As they get me out of bed and stand me up, i haven't properly woken up yet, So i stumble a couple of times, But open my eyes, And its still dark outside, i look at the bed, Maria is lying their peacefully, As the boys see i'm too weak to dress myself, They put a shirt on me, And Zayn sits me down and takes off my pajamas and Louis hands him a pair of jeans, I see Eleanor walking into the room, And picks up my belongings and puts them into a suitcase, As Zayn hands Eleanor my pajamas bottoms, i loo at her and she doesn't look happy at all. Then as the boys get me out of the room, i am walking by myself now, As Louis closes the bedroom door, I yawn and go to the bathroom, As i lock the door i stare long and hard into the mirror and look at the scruffy and pale tired face staring back at me, I go to the bathroom, and then leave, As i go into the kitchen, Louis and Liam head into Harry's room to wake him up too, As i pour coffee into my ceramic mug, Maria bought me i sit down beside Perrie and Danielle who is sorting out their makeup bags and swapping makeup, I just stare into space, ''You okay Niall?'' Danielle asks patting my shoulder, i look at her, She looks exhausted as does Perrie, ''I'm okay babe thanks'' I say trying to smile, Then i gulp the coffee down and go to collect my things from the bathroom and brush my teeth. Then as i see Eleanor packing everybodys things i go over to her, ''It's alright babe you go sit down i'll do this'' I say to her, The relief on her face is relentless, ''Thank you so much Niall!'' She says to me weakly, As she walks over to the other girls and pours herself a cup of coffee i pack away everyones things. I go into the sitting room, And there's wrappers and drink cans everywhere! the bean bags are all flat and there is a stain on the carpet, As i sigh and plump up the bean bbas making them look all big again i put a few over the carpet to hide the stain, I collect a bin bag from under the sink in the kitchen, And i fill it up with wrappers and cans, Then i put the black bag in the main bin, And i go over to the television, and eject the disc inside, 'Love Actually' I decide to put that movie into Natalie's bag, And i put Step Up in Harry's. ''Niall'' I hear Liam call me from the kitchen, ''Niall i cooked a few sausages and ran out and got a roll, Do you want me to make you something for the road? its a long journey'' he says to me, i nod my head, ''No thanks mate, i'm not hungry right now'' Liam sighs, And leaves the food on a plate and covers it and writes a note and sticks it onto the plate. 


Harry POV

As i can feel somebody's hands lifting me out of bed, i struggle to break free, But there grip is no match, I'm tired, Weak, I hear Louis voice saying soothing words to make me feel better it doesn't work, I feel Zayn's warm hands on my back as he puts o my shirt, And Louis gently massaged my feet as he puts my socks on, I an carried out of the room as the door is closed behind me, All the lights in the hotel room are on except the bedrooms ones, I look out the window its still dark outside, I head over to the kitchen, And grab Nialls ceramic mug by accident ''Hey!'' I hear him say, ''Sorry mate still sleep'' I say, ''I feel ya bro'' He relies i pour the coffee into my mug and go into the bathroom, i take out my phone and look at Twitter, 'I don't feel like spam right now' I think to myself, So i look at myself in the mirror and sigh to myself, i fix my curls and finish my coffee so i can brush my teeth, After that, I go and i see everybody running around the hotel room, with bags and clothes and food, Liam is leaving sticky notes everywhere. As everyone is busy i sneak into Natalie's room, And i write her a note and leave it beside her bed, As i kiss her forehead and watch her sleeping, I realize i have been here for twenty minutes! ''I better leave babe, But i promise, Ill be coming Back for You'' I whisper, i kiss her one last time, and leave the room as i close the door quietly, i turn around and everybody is looking at me, i can't help it, I break down into tears, I'm there crying in front of everybody Niall comes over and gives me a hug, Ad we sob together, Then we are interrupted by Paul barging into the hotel room, ''SHHHHH!!'' Everyone says to him, ''Sorry'' he says, and he walks over to me and Niall and whispers something, We agree and we go into Maria and Natalies bedroom, And we make a trail of rose petals leading from the bedroom to the middle of the hotel room, And where the flowers end, We left a note, As we all went in and said goodbye one last time, We left the hotel room, and we were on the elevator, We all looked really depressed, Then as we got of the elevator and got on the bus, Management was sitting right in front of us, We put our stuff down in the corner and walk past them, They look pretty appalled that we did so, We all headed straight for the bedroom, And we all just fell asleep. 


Maira POV

I hear the birds chirping through the window, I stretch my arm out and feel no Niall, I open my eyes immediately and notice he isn't there, I sit up and stretch and yawn, I feel revitalized, then i look around and i see the room is clean and my suitcase has already been packed, ''Oh how nice of them!'' I say to myself, I check my phone and its 11:15am, They are leaving quite late, Considering its and 8 hour drive to the other side of the country, So i jump up outta bed, and i feel a velvet sensation in between my toes, i look down, ''Rose petals'' I say softly, picking them up and smelling them, As i notice there is a trail of them leading outside the door, i begin to feel excited, I open the door, But keep my head down, i wanna see where the roses end up without looking up at them, As i walk straight ahead, i see they have already been walked on then the end in the middle of the hotel room, i look up and there's Natalie looking right at me, Her eyes are all red as if she has been crying, i look at her and ask, ''What's wrong Nat?'' She doesn't answer me she just hands me the note written by Liam, Before i read it i look around, its spotless, But where is everybody? i look down at the note and begin to read it

''Dear Maria and Natalie :)

                                            We have had an preceding concert awaiting for us in the other end of the country

                                            You looked happy sleeping, So we didn't wanna wake you up :) so there's breakfast

                                            on a plate in the kitchen, And we have already paid for the hotel room just make sure 

                                            you leave before 5pm this evening, Nice to meet you both, Hope you see you in the future

Love Liam & boys and girls xx''


As i finished reading the letter i couldn't move, i looked at Natalie, And another stream is about to flood out of her eyes, ''This can't be..''' I say, ''Well it is'' Says Natalie, ''You were right, Something was up, They used us, And now they left us''She says looking into the distance, ''How could they!'' I whisper, ''Because their a boyband! they can do what they want!'' Replies Natalie, I look at the letter again and walk into the kitchen, their is a note on the plate,

 ''A minute and 32 seconds in the microwave:)''

I pull the cling film of the plate and smash it on the ground! I sit on the floor, And bury my head in the arms and i cry, I cry and cry and cry, until i can't cry anymore. 

After an hour of sitting on the freezing cold kitchen tiles, Natalie is still standing where she was standing an hour ago, I see another neon yellow sticky note attached to the phone i go over an angrily rip it off,

''The taxi that will bring you home is on speed dial, He's already payed:)'' 

I rip the note up and let the pieces of paper fall below my feet, I can't take it, I go into the bathroom and lock the door behind me, I turn around and see another stupid yellow sticky note, i pick it up and read it

''Don't forget to flush:)'' 

I slam the toilet seat down, and i cry again, Then i get up, i walk over to the mirror and i take a long hard stare into it, I feel rage building up inside of me, i am about to explode, And without thinking i punch the mirror, And a crack spreads through the whole wall , i can't stand it i have to leave. I unlock the door and i see Natalie, Dressed and ready to leave on the phone with the taxi man, I look at her and run into get changed. And run back out with my suitcase in my hand, And i open the hotel door and walk out, ''C'mon Nat'' I say to Natalie, She follows me quickly looking around the hotel room one last time, then as she is out i slam the door, And we head for the elevator.


Natalie POV

As Maria slams the hotel door in rage, We go to the elevator, As we get into it and press the ground floor button, I'm too weak to even cry, As we get out of the elevator, We left and saw that fans have mobbed our taxi, As we go outside and have our heads down, We throw out suitcases in first, And get in, ''Home!'' I say to the driver, ''Wanna stop anywhere?'' He ask, Before i could answer Maria does for me, ''NO!'' Then the car starts and we begin to drive off.

As it was fairly awkward in the car i decide to take out my phone and check Twitter, As i do so Maria slides closer to me and lies her head on my shoulder and looks at the tweets, As i get notifications from the boys whenever they Tweet, And the phone goes straight into it, I can feel Maria's tears ready to fall, Then as i read the tweet, i'm shocked,

''Back on the road now ! No more distractions ! we've got a tour to do !'' 

As i gasp, Maria has her mouth open but no words come out, Then i got a notification from Harry, Maria clicks to open it, and its the exact same tweet!

''Back on the road now, No more distractionagrams We have got a touragram to do. xx''

As Maria drops her head, i can feel the tears coming, Then less than a minute later they're streaming out of me like a river. Then Maria comes back and we sit together lying on each others shoulders, Then my pocket vibrates, I look down and take it out, As i see 'Har' i already know who it is, I take out the phone and put it where me and Maria can both see it.

''Babe please answer me! i'm sorry! x''

I look at Maria and she looks back at me, ''Ignore him'' She says to me, As i put my phone away, Then it goes off again, I look at it a second time.

''Babe its important!''

''I think you should call him'' Says the taxi driver from the front seat, We look up and him and grin, ''I'll keep outta it'' He say  We nod in agreement, ''I think i will Maria'' I say to her, ''Do what you gotta do'' She answers, As i dial Harry's number i am beginning to regret this already.

''Babe Babe! thank you so much for giving me a chance!'' I hear at the other end of the phone,

''What do you want Harry?'' I say impatiently,

''For You to listen'' i cut him off, ''Oh to listen? To listen to you tell me what a distraction i am to you and your career? go on Harry tell me more!'' I say shouting into the phone now, 

''Its not what you think!'' He answers, 

''Then what is it?'' i ask, 

He is whispering now, ''Its ma_'' And he is cut off, ''Harry? Harry?'' I say, I hang up the phone and throw it back into my bag, ''Never again'' I say to Maria, She half smiles half nods, Then we just wait until we're home.



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