Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


34. Chasing Cars

Natalie POV

Its sunday morning and i find myself asleep on Oscar's sofa with Maria beside me, Then Oscar walks in and stares i nod my head and smirks, Then i get up trying not to move Maria, ''What time is it?'' i ask Oscar walking past him to the bathroom, ''11:45 hun'' He says walking into the kitchen. I come back downstairs and i see Maria sitting at the breakfast bar looking at her phone, ''Whats up hun?'' I ask her sitting beside  her, ''Well l you kneed me in the back getting off the sofa'' She says smirking at me, I purse my lips together trying not to laugh. Then Oscar comes in, ''What was the point of me making your beds if you were gonna sleep on the sofa?'' He says standing in the kitchen facing us, We shrug, Then Maria look at the clock, ''I suppose we better head soon'' She says looking at me, I nod, And she heads upstairs for the first shower, I headed to Oscars laptop, And logged onto Facebook, Its nice to see feed from people in school, Other than mad directioners for once! 

It only felt like 20 minutes, but it was an hour when Maria came back downstairs ready to leave she looks at me, ''I'm heading up now!'' I say smiling, As i walk past her she tickles me.  

When i walk down the stairs i see i see Oscar packed our suitcases, ''Naww that was nice of you!'' I say to him taking an apple from the fruit bowl, ''You're welcome'' He says, ''I did it!'' Maria walks into the kitchen with hers in her hand, I smirk at Oscar he gives me a cheeky wink back, Then Oscar helps us put the suitcases in the car, And he gives us hugs goodbye. On the road we stop for lunch but go back home then, We see some mates on the side of the road, And we pull over for a chat, Then drive off, As Maria was changing the Radio stations, We got Nick Grimshaw's Radio one show for about five seconds and we kept going back and we couldn't find it we sigh in disbelieve! then as Maria drops me home, I give her a hug and tell her i will call her later. I open the front door, And Roisin is sitting on the sofa looking at one of my magazines, I don't snatch it away, I let her read it, Then as i drop my suitcase and made the noise, She looks up and run up to me and gives me a hug, I hug her back, ''So babe! Debs soon aye?'' She says in her most Australian accent, ''Hah!'' I laugh at her, ''Oh come one!'' she says nagging me, ''Just go with Maria, i can ask her to come!'' She says, ''Come where?'' i say looking at her ''dress shopping of course!'' She says happily, I grin at her, ''aw come one!'' She says holding my arm now, ''Tomorrow or never'' I say to her, ''But you have school tomorrow!'' Shes says to me, ''Tomorrow or never'' I repeat myself, She thinks about it, ''Okay okay!' She says, i smile and hug her, Then log onto Facebook, 

''Whatcha think about dress shopping with ro tomoz? Maria''

Maria: i'm in babe! xx


''Better go get your beauty sleep!'' Roisin says to me, I smile at her and run upstairs. 


**The next day*


Maria POV

When Roisin and Natalie pick me up at half nine in their uniforms, I go out and tell mammy we are going to school i bring my pe bag, ''bye Mom!'' I say kissing her, ''No punching today Maria'' She says, ''Yes mother'' I say laughing at her, She smiles and goes back to her paper.

When i get into Roisins care and she begins to drive, Natalie climbs in the back and starts to get changed so do i, Then as Roisin kept moving her mirrors to annoy us, we eventually got to the shopping center.

We get out of the car and walk up to the ground floor, So just in case we see someone we know, we put our sunglasses on, Then we went from store to store looking for debs dresses, we eventually passed a little dress shop on the corner, we have never recognised it before we went in and were amazing bye all the beautiful dresses that we are looking at! ''They're beautiful'' Natalie whispers, ''I wish  was having my debs this year!' Roisin joked. We squealed in excitement and ran in opposite directions, We were brainwashed in all the beautiful designs and colours. I was looking at a rack of dresses as an old woman who smelt of roses came over with a measuring tape around her neck, She smiled at me and asked me if i was alright, i asked her to measure my waist and recommend a couple of dresses that would suit me, as she did just that, i went over to Roisin and Natalie, They were looking at dresses with lace, i told Nat about the woman helping me and she went over to the lady and asked for her to do the same, Then i started talking to Roisin, ''So how have you been Maria?'' she asks me, ''I've been really good Ro, I think those boys thought us a life lesson'' I said looking at Roisin, ''So you didn't enjoy time with them?'' She asked puzzled, ''Yeah i did and so did Nat, i just think that if they left us another way it wouldn't have been any easier'' I said smiling at her, ''But hey, thats over now, lets go see Nat'' i said linking arms with Roisin and we skipped over to Natalie.


Natalie POV

As i see Roisin and Maria come over i am still talking too the old lady that owns the shop, Then she goes away to find suitable dresses and Then come back and hands dresses to me and Maria, We walk into the dressing room together, and help each other fit into our dresses and take long looks in the mirror, We don't speak but we are beautiful, Mine, is a light blue piece going down to the very top of my ankle, with a pearl neck strap which is holding the dress up, it is made of silk and feels like a cloud. Maria's, is also silk but a puffy purple dress down to her ankle with a jeweled belt and one strap. We look at each other and without saying a word, we leave the dressing room,and stand in front of Roisin and the little old lady, We agreed to get the dresses as we are at the till paying Roisin's phone begins to ring, She steps outside to take it, We paid for the dresses and the lady came out from behind the counter and gave us both beautiful charm bracelets. "oh no we can't take this," i say, Maria nods in agreement, "no no i insist!" the lady says, as she takes the bracelet if Maria and put it on for her. Maria hugged the lady and said thank you, i did the same and we left the shop. Then Roisin came up to us with a expression on her face which told us something was up. "okay girlies, bad news or good news." she said, "bad!" me and Maria say together, "ok, well i was just on the phone to my boss back in Australia, and he has just offered me a spectacular job offer guys!" Maria smiled because she was happy for Ro, but i didn't know what to say, "So your going home then soon?" I asked Roisin, "thats the good news babe! not for another full month!" Roisin said happily, a smile crept up on me and we all joined a group hug. Then Roisin decided to celebrate so she took us to Starbuck's her treat.


A/N Heloooo:) im sorry i havent been on for agessssss i had exams last week and now im finished school so i shall be on a lot more often:))) im sorry the story is a bit shallow at the moment but please read on:) fankssss babbbeeessss.xx

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