Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


27. Back For You

Niall POV

''Where are they?'' Asks Harry anxiously, ''They will be here soon mate don't worry'' Says Zayn hugging him, they both laugh, and Harry gives Zayn a wedgy, Zayn pulls away laughing, then chases him around the studio, knocking Lux over, ''Oh baby i'm so sorry!'' Says Harry picking her up and giving her a hug, Just before she wanted to give out to them, We go over to her and start to make her laugh then we put her down and she runs over to Josh, and he puts her on her lap, and lets her drum for a while, Then we hear a car door slam, We all run up to the entrance, Then as Perrie opens the door and sees up all in a line, She smiles and turns back to the other girls and we all do a line of hugging while the all come in, ''I smell Wagamama's!'' Says Louis, ''Your right!'' Maria says, smiling at him, As Maria get paper plates from the bag, I go and put my hands around her waist and hug her from behind she turns around and kisses my nose. Then plates up the food, Since their is no chairs or table, We all sit in a circle eating Wagamama's ''Very posh!'' Says Liam jokingly, We all laugh and talk about our day, ''So we went shopping!'' Says Eleanor happily, ''Aw really babe? wotcha get?'' Asks Louis, ''I'll show you later'' She says to him. As we finish our food, Maria and Ruth begin to talk about school and teachers, ''Oh yeah!'' Maria says, She get up and runs over to Ruth and whispers in her ear, ''Oh yeah!'' Says Ruth, Getting up, ''Be right back!'' They say running into another part of the studio, They come back with their hands behind their back, And sit back down, Zayn and Liam are looking at me smiling as in 'Naww!', ''Which hand?'' Maria says to me, ''ummm, Left?'' i say, she pull out her left hand and nothing is their, i smirk and her and them say ''Right then!'' She takes her hand away and their is nothing there either, i look at her confused, she giggles and turns around to Zayn, And takes a ceramic coffee mug off him, and hands it too me, ''Aww babe you didn't have too!'' I say to her, ''Well i did babe, and i have a matching one'' i look at her and smile, she comes in and gives me a kiss, and we look over at Harry and he seems happy with his as well! Then after that, All the girls offer to take in the plates, But Liam says, ''No girls, you bought it, So we shall clean up!'' ''LIAM!'' we all shout at him with dirty grins, he smiles, ''Your welcome boys!'' As he gets up and collects  his and Danielle's plate, Then we all get up and collect plated and take them outside, When we come back in, Its another five hours till the concert  ''We better get to the arena soon'' Says Lou, from behind us, ''Your right!'' Louis says looking at his watch, We get up, and the girls stay sitting on the floor, ''What do we do?'' Maria asks, Then Paul walks in ''Right boys! for after the concert you are going to stay in a hotel in town because customers in the Gibson are already giving out that teenagers will be out tonight waking them up, So we are staying in a hotel just in the city'' He says, ''That's it!'' Harry says, ''What?'' we all say looking at him, ''Girls, Yous go to the hotel and get ready for the concert tonight!'' He says, ''Good idea!'' Says Paul, We will drop them off on the way to the arena, then we will get security to pick them up'' Replies Paul, ''Sounds good!'' Replies Eleanor. So we all got our stuff, and headed into the tour bus, We all sat upstairs and started to talk about make up  for some reason, Then as we get to the hotel, We all bring the girls downstairs, and High five them as they leave, They get out and walk into the hotel, then about two minutes later, Maia comes running out, ''Paul? we need you to confirm that you booked the room!'' She says panting, ''I'll be right back boys!'' He says, ''Hurry up we're gonna be late!'' Liam shouts at him, Then about three minutes later we see Paul walking back to the bus, ''RUN PAUL RUN!!'' WE all shout at im, ''THE DEVILS AFTER YE RUN PAUL!'' He runs back and gets into the bus, ''Take us to the arena, and now!'' Says Paul to the driver. 


Maria POV

As we finally get into the hotel room, it's huge! The room is about the size of five average hotel rooms, Their are Seven double beds, A kitchen, And en suite bathroom, and a little sitting room through a door and their is a plasma screen on the wall, and instead of sofas there are beanbags, We all squeal, And look at each other, And run into the sitting room area, and jump on all the beanbags, then we hear the hotel room door slam closed, We all froze, and looked at each other, Then the footsteps got closer, ''SURPRISE!!'' We hear a familiar voice shout from the hallway, We see a shadow, that becomes a figure, ''Girls! it's me!'' She shouts again, ''Clarrine!'' I say, ''Yeah babe, remember me?'' She says coming into the sitting room and sitting herself down beside Eleanor, She smiles at Danielle and the girls look at us wide eyed, ''Natalie can i talk to you privately?'' She asks Natalie, Natalie looks at me and i nod at her, ''Okay'' Says Natalie walking past her, ''Ehh? help me up maybe?'' Clarrine says to Natalie , Eleanor's jaw drops, As Natalie takes her hand and Clarrine pulls all her weight on Natalie and almost knocks her over. 


Natalie POV

As i walk out of the room, and turn around to the girls, they nod at me, and i go into the main part of the hotel room, ''Okay listen here!'' She begins to say, ''You have always known that i have loved Harry, And your living my dream right now! so what your gonna do is, Your gonna pretend to be my friend, And i'm gonna go to the concert and meet the boys, Capiche?'' ''Ehh no!'' I say walking away, Then she grabs my arm and squeezed it tightly, ''You sure about that?'' She says to me, ''Fine!'' I say ''just go through their and sit down, i'll be right back'' i say seizing my arm back, ''Great, knew you would understand'' She says smiling at me, As she walks out of sight, i go over to the hotel phone, And dial Paul's number ''Hello?'' He answers, ''Paul?!'' I say whispering, ''Natalie? why are you whispering?'' he asks, ''There's a girl from school that's in our hotel room and threatened me to bring her to the concert tonight, please send security over here immediately Paul!'' i whispered anxiously, ''Security are on their way Ruth stay put and make sure she does too!'' he answers, ''Thank you so much Paul!'' I say hanging up, Then i take a deep breath and walk back into the sitting room, ''Ah Natalie! i was just telling the girls how good friends we are'' Clarrine says to me, ''Oh yeah?'' i say, ''Eleanor and Danielle, whats up? I don't really like Little Mix'' she says looking at Perrie, Perrie raises an eyebrow and looks at me, i nod my head, ''So girls, you will be happy to hear, that i am coming to the concert tonight! its gonna see so cool!'' She says enthusiastically, Then the door is opened, And there is security, Clarrine looks at me, ''How could you Natalie!'' She says, i grin at her and we all wave at her ''Bye babe gonna miss you!'' We all say wiping a fake tear away, Then when they are out of sight we all look at each other and start to laugh uncontrollably, Then after we have let our stomachs calm down after them aching with laughing so much, Then Eleanor looks at her phone, ''Shit!'' She said ''We gotta get ready and now' I look out of the window and i see our taxi already outside, ''Shit' We all say laughing running around the hotel room half naked putting on our new jeans and tops we bought earlier today, Then Eleanor get her curler out and curls her hair, I straighten my hair, And  Danielle asks if she can use it, Then Perrie just plaits hers, and Maia just curls hers, Then we all do each others makeup  We grab our phones and bags and run out of the hotel, ''Sorry we are so late!'' We apologise to the taxi driver ''Its grand huns, get in'' Then we head straight for the o2 arena in Dublin.


Niall POV

As we check our watches we think to ourselves 'Where are they?' then we are called over by Lou to come and get our make up done, And our stylist tells us to get changed quickly, We can already hear the fans as they doors have opened already, ''You know what?'' Says Louis as we start to get undressed, ''What?'' Harry asks, ''Lets swap clothes'' Louis says energetically, ''Aw sound!'' I say. Then after we have gotten changed and Lou is doing our make up, Paul calls us over, ''Lads i have to tell you something'' He says sternly, ''What's up paulllyyy?'' Zayn says smiling, ''Well lads, Remember that day of the All Ireland, and i came in and i had the phone in my hand?'' He asked, ''Yeah'' We all say looking at each other, ''Well, I was on the phone to management, And they were angry that we even stopped at Maria's house and met the girls, They were saying 'Bring the boys to Dublin now!' and it was a really hard decision for me to say that we have to hold a date, And now management are raging that this is only your first concert, and they don't want you too see those two girls again'' Paul says faintly, Then all the boys look at me and Harry, We are shocked and  i can feel my heart sink to my stomach, And i am speechless, We can see that all the boys look remorsed, they all come over to us and pull us into a group hug, Me and Harry have a long hug, and i can feel a tear on my shoulder, As i begin to lose it, and i let the tears fall, Then we hear the girls behind us, And we pull away quickly and wipe away the tears, Then face them, As they come over to us they are the most beautiful girls i think i have ever seen, Then Maria comes into my arms and i squeeze  her tightly, She laughs and tries to pull away, But i don't let her, And Harry does the same to Natalie, As they pull away they notice that we had been crying, 'what's wrong babe?'' Maria asks me, coming closer to my face, ''um, I am, just realizing now, How lucky i am to have you'' I say to her looking into her eyes, ''aw babe!'' She says hugging me again, ''Oh and there's this girl, Who attacked us in the hotel room__'' Says Natalie, Then Harry's eyes widened  ''What are you okay?'' Harrys says pulling her into a hug, ''Yeah we're grand'' ''Paul?'' Says Louis, ''Paul the girl that attacked the girls earlier, Don't let her in tonight and make sure she stays within 1000 meters of all of them'' Paul winks, And walk away, ''Boys you out in five'' says A producer  The boys turn back at us and smile we all do a group hug, and separate hugs, As Natalie and Maria comes to me, I try hug them for as long as possible trying to hold back the tear, ''Thank you'' I whisper in Maia's ear, She smiles and kisses me, As Natalie does the same to Harry, They are lead to their seats by security. As i feel the boys coming over to hug us, We have a group hug and then were on. 


Maria POV

As we get into the crowd of screaming girls, We are noticed quite quickly by fans, They scream and shout at us, and look for photos and throwing pieces of paper with their Twitter names on it, As we are lead to our seats, We are pretty close to the stage, Then the tour video comes on, And as loads of fans get their phones out to record the video, The boys come out of the floor, on the automatic floor, Then concert fog, Shows the hourglass figures and the stadium echoes with screams, As we put our hands up, They boys start to sing 'Live While We're Young' ''And if we get together, Yeah get together  Don't let the pictures leave your phone'' Sings Zayn looking at us, We all laugh and dance around the spot. Then after Little Things, And Kiss you and then They ask for quiet in the stadium, Then they start to sing Moments, ''If we could only have this life for one more day, If we could only turn back time'' Harry sings looking at Natalie, Shes smiling back at him then the all sing, ''You know i'll be, your life, your voice, your reason to be, My love my heart is breathing for this, Moment in time, i'l find the words to say, Before you leave me today'' They all sing together, As a tear falls from eleanor and Danielle's face, We all have a big group hug in the crowd and you can hear the boys ''Nawwing'' Then they sing something very unexpected, ''Well you done done me and you bet i felt it, i tried to reach you but you're r so hot that i melted, i fell right through the cracks, and i've been tryna get back!'' We all look at scream, and we sing along ''Listen to the music and dance of people sing, We're just one big family, And its our godforsaken right to be loved loved loved loved LOVED!'' We all sing pointing at the boys, and the point back at us, We smile at them, as the run around the stage and look like they're having such fun, Then as it comes towards the end of the concert the crowd echo, ''ENCORE ENCORE!'' The boys laugh and run backstage and everybody be's very quiet, and waits for something to happen but nothing does, the  everyone begins to pick up their belongings and leave, Then the lights turn back off and its pitch dark, And we hear, ''whenever i close my e eyes i picture you there, i'm looking out at the crowd you're everywhere, I'm watching you from the stage yeah, your smiles on every face yeah, but every time you wake up you're hearing me say,  GOODBYE! BABY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY I'LL BE COMING BACK FOR YOU, BACK FOR YOU, BACK FOR YOU, YOUUUUUU''  They all sing and point at us, Then run all around the stage, hi fiving and having fun, Then Liams acoustic solo starts, ''Lately, i've been going crazy so i'm coming back, Yeah i'll be coming back'' Then Zayn screams a high note, ''FOR YOU!'' We all smile so big it starts to hurt, Then when the boys finish the song, they put their arms around each other and take a bow, Then thank us all for coming out tonight, And says that they will be back soon. Then they disappear backstage and we are taken backstage by security, As we see them, The security are talking to Paul, and we aren't allowed go see them for some reason, So we just wave and they wave back, and we go to wait in the tour bus, Then about three quarters of an hour later, The boys come on the bus, With Lou and Paul and the rest of the band following them in, We all congratulate them and we all do hugs again, Then as we head to the hotel, We just sit in the middle of the bus and Me and Niall go upstairs to get blankets and pillows, as i go to one end of the room to pick up a couple, i feel pillow hit my back, i turn around, ''HEY!'' I say to Niall as he is laughing throwing more at me, I block them with my blankets and run up full speed t him, But fall over pillows, He comes over and puts more pillow on top of me, Then i giggle, and try to struggle ''HEY! you two! comes down its freezing down here!';' The Others shout up at us, Niall help me up, And we bring the pillows and blankets downstairs, We all grab one each, And wrap them around us like cloaks, And Zayn puts on some tunes, And we dance like mad ones, Shuffling and the Harlem Shake. We all laugh and then lie down, but just as we get comfortable, The bus has stopped and we are at the hotel, As we get out one by one, We all stand in a line and hold hands like school kids on an outing, Then as we get into the reception, All the staff come up and ask for autographs for their children and nieces  Then Me and the girls head up the the room, As we get in the elevator, Live While We're Young comes on the radio, And we dance and we can feel the elevator wobbling, As we laugh and get off at our floor, There are about five teenage girls sitting on our floor, One girl has a cast on her left leg and her crutches lie beside her, They look at us, then look at each other, As we walk towards them, and we sit beside them, ''Hi girlies'' Danielle says, There speechless, ''Eh hi guys'' One says nervously, Then we all just have a conversation about the boys,and then the boys come out of the elevator, And all the girls stand up and then me and Ruth help the girl on crutches up, She thanks us and goes over to the boys, They do pictures and sign their poster, and then hugs, then the girls are asked to leave the hotel, We can hear them fangirl until the reach reception, Then we go into the hotel room, And put our stuff down, The boys mouths are open in shock of how beautiful the hotel room is, ''Close your mouth babes you'll catch flies'' I say to them giggling. 


Harry POV

As we all settle in and grab a bean bag each, Niall turns on the telly and we watch Jonathan Ross show for a while, then Natalie puts on little britain, As we laugh i say, ''I'll go into the kitchen and get stuff to eat'' As i get up, And Ruth put her hands up, so i pull her up, and we walk into the kitchen hand in hand, ''Whatcha want babe?'' I say walking over to the presses and opening them, ''Lets go out babe'' She replies to me, ''Good idea huh  What about Niall and Maia comes?'' I ask her, ''Good idea, we can go in our pajamas'' she says agreeably, As Natalie goes out and get Maia and Niall and they go to get into their pajamas, As i stand in the hall waiting for them to come out, I have a quick check of Twitter, and i tweet, ''Having the craicstagram with close matestagram.xx'' Then Natalie comes in with Maria and Niall behind her, ''We right then?'' I say opening the door, ''Any requests?'' Niall shouts, ''No we're good!'' Louis shouts back, As we put our hoods up and walk out of the hotel, We hold hands, And its dark, But the lamp lights brighten our path, We walk past a couple of bars, and restaurants, Then finally we get to Tesco, ''Right! Split up'' Niall says, holding Maria's hand, ''We will go get food, You's go get movies and other stuff'' Says Niall, ''Okay'' Me and Natalie agree, Holding hands and walking the opposite direction to Niall and Maria. We go down the back of the shop to all the movies, And we go to each end of the stand, then look at movies moving closer to each other, Then by the time, We meet each other halfway, natalie has three movies as i have two, ''Show them in three, two one!'' Then we show each other the movies we picked, Ruth picked Step Up 3, Bridesmaids and Love actually, ''Oh lord natalie'' I said, ''what?'' She said, ''I have two of those movies!'' I say showing her Bridesmaids and Love Actually, we laugh and put both of them in the basket, Then we move to the next aisle, Which is Health and Cosmetics, As Natalie goes down to the Ladies section and picks up some pads, toothpaste, moisturiser, And new mascara, I meet up with her and she throws her stuff into the basket, Then i grab some lynx and hair gel, Then we link in arms and go to the The end of the aisle, And we see a mirror and grab it for Zayn, Then we think thats it, We walk around the supermarket looking for Niall and Maria, And not surprisingly meet them in the confectionary aisle, Their basket is full of sweets and Irish crisps, ''Gotta get them Harry!'' Niall says as we are walking towards him, Maria and Natalie smile at each other, And then i say, ''Niall! Drinks!'' ''Will you's go get them?'' i ask the girls, They nod and go off to the fridges and come back with drinks and Coke, and juice for Lux, ''Right i think we're done here!'' Says Niall proud, ''Lets go payyy'' I say as we are walking to the checkout, These girls start to laugh at us because we have pajamas on, But we laugh at them ''Ehh nipslip...'' Maia says to them as we pass, Then when we have walked past, They shriek and run away, And we burst out laughing. As we get to the self checkout, We play with the machine taking turns scanning items, Then as we paid, And we are leaving and Maia stops at the magazines, And stares at them, ''What's up babe?'' Niall asks her, ''Come here'' She says to us, we walk over and the very front cover is Her and Ruth during the game from last night, ''The press!'' I say, They turn to me and nod, They didn't dare pick it up to read we just went on back to the hotel.


Natalie POV

As we walk out of Tesco, We see flashes, ''How did they find us?'' I say to Harry, trying to hide my face, ''Directioner give FBI a bad name'' Replies Niall, ''Got that right!'' Maria agrees, Then as we have left the Tesco grounds, We lost them, Then as we pass all the bars again, People wave at us, And Niall and Harry wave back, Then as we get back to the hotel, We jump on the elevator, And when we get off at our floor, Zayn and Louis are outside the room, ''What up lads?'' Niall asks, ''You don't wanna know...' Zayn answers, As Niall squeezes past them, He opens the door, And we instantly smell burning, Maia looks at me smirking, We see Liam running out of the kitchen and going to open a window, Then Eleanor comes out with a tea towel in her hand, And greets us back, ''So all you missed is that we may have burnt a pizza, But that's it'' She says quickly, We hear Zayn and Louis sniggering from behind us, We all begin to laugh, As Niall enters the hotel room he goes straight into the kitchen and we walk in but go no where near the kitchen and leave the shopping bags near the entrance of the kitchen, then sit back down in the sitting room where Danielle and Perrie are chilling, Then Niall come sin with Liam and Eleanor, Louis and Zayn, And sits down and puts on Love actually, ''What happened Niall?'' Harry asked, ''I put another three pizzas on,and after that i'll Get the maltesers and the drinks, ''Don't stay up too late'' Says Paul laughing, The boys nod, and pay full attention to he film. Then awhile later, The oven beeps to alarm that the pizza's are finished, niall runs into the kitchen and gets them and comes back in, And eats them, ''Ahem?'' I say, ''I never said they were for you's''He says, We all give him dirty looks and he begins to laugh, ''only joking lads'' As he takes a slice and passes the pizzas around.


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