Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


38. Another world

Natalie POV

I wake up in Maria's house the next day after the mini graduation. I don't remember drinking, But i also don't remember coming back to Maria's last night! I head into the bathroom where i clean myself up and go back into Maria's room where she just got  up looking a bit hung over as well. "What happened?"  she asked her voice is hoarse, "I don't know" i replied laughing a bit. But we shook it off and got dressed, i borrowed some of Maria's clothes, she gave me some dip dyed shorts and a v-neck white shirt, I slipped them on and brushed my hair, i let it down for today. We went downstairs for something to eat, and then had to go to school for the day, But no for work, we had to finish up rehearsals for grad tonight. we took toast to go got a cup of tea poured that into a flask and went on to school. 

*At school*

We met everyone from last night and the same question was swirling in everybodies mind, "What happened last night?" We went over to Casey who we embraced then asked the very same question, She nodded she didn't know either, "But didn't Mrs. Fizpatrick tell us not to drink because we will be drinking tonight?" Casey asked, "Yeah i remember that!" i reply to her, "I remember everything except after the cake we had!" Maria said, Then we all looked at each other, Then i looked at Maria, "MAria, What was in your mothers cake?" i asked her, She nodded, Then took out her phone and dialled her mammy, She put it on speaker so we could all hear, 

"Hello?" her mother answered

"Mammy?" she asked,

"Yeah Maria?" She asked,

"What was in that cake last night?" 

"Rum..." Maria's mother trailed off..

"Mammy!!! We all woke up hungover this morning and the teachers haven't even arrived to school this morning!" Maria said, 

"Your welcome sweetie" He mother replied then hung up. 

We all stood there with our mouths open but we burst out laughing. Then the teachers arrived, Who looked way worse than us, And the cake had put on a extra few pounds, Or they weren't wearing the right clothes.. 

"Everybody take a seat!" Mrs. Fitzpatrick yelled into the microphone, deafening us all. "My apologies!" she said afterwards, "Now, we have a busy day ahead, get the decorations done, and sound check, get the band ready and then we will be off!" she said then stood down from the stage, it was time to get to work. 



Louis POV

It still hasn't sunk in, the feeling of landing in an airport and nobody else is there. But it felt different and different is good. Then we head outside and thats a different story, They're are crowd of fans for another kilometer at least, "Welcome home!" I saw a banner, "Home?" I asked the other boys, "Eh guys, we are home" Danielle said, "But.." Liam said then was interrupted by Paul, "New plan everybody, We are home for a good two weeks as next concert is in finland then" We all looked at each other in relief. "Well get in the taxi!" he yelled at us, We waved at the fans and then drove on back to mine and Eleanor's flat. 

I started off the Barbeque, And Zayn called Perrie to come. We went to the shops to get drinks and food with Danielle and we came home and started the small house party, We took advantage of the wifi, And checked social networks, I sat next to Niall who was looking at Maria's profile again, she updated about the debs this time, 

"Grad tonightttt;D Then debs tomorrow, Whataaa busy week xD loving live! As a good friend of time said, Live for the moment as everything else is uncertain"

Niall let out a little smile, then said "your her good friend" He said, I nudged him, Then went over to Liam and Zayn, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie, And started to talk to them, "Guys, Natalie and Maria's debs is on tomorrow night and i'm thinking, we get Niall and Harry on a plane and get them over there!" I said, Everyone nodded and agreed with what i said. Then i felt happy with myself and me and Liam went into my bedroom and booked ten tickets to Ireland tomorrow morning and then return flight the exact same day, but night, "What? same day?" Liam said, "But" I interrupted him, "I know what i'm doing daddy" He smirked and got his credit card and punched the details into my IPad, and that was it, Half ten tomorrow morning! "Great! Lets go tell the others!" Liam said, i agreed and we headed out back to the others. 

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