The Mechanical Bed

A poem about a memory of mine
Its about this really really strong brave guy I met. His name was Charlie and he was my best friend, he died just after having surgury on his ribs...This is about me sitting with him while he was in his hospital bed.


1. The Mechanical Bed

I remember that bed

I sat by you all those months,

the slow steady beat of your lifeline

keeping you connected to me.

The wires joining you to the bed

keeping you captive.

No. Way. Out

The days and nights we shared,

I dreaded our last goodbye.

You told me not to worry.

You told me not to cry.

You said be strong as you slowly left me,

and then you did leave me.

Sat there holding your hand.

Tear tracks down my cheeks,

dreading that last goodbye.


Although I cried for days i'd do anything to do it again

Just to spend a few more moments with you...

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