Weaving Moonlight

The first in the Tales of Terrahgonia series.
Lux Robertson has a destiny.
Prince Stefan wishes to shape his own.
Jamie Cooper just wants to belong.
What do these three teens have in common? They all have a legacy to uphold. But to do this means braving a war against the tyrannical false queen of Terrahgoina, a mystical land long ago forgotten by mortals. But with hidden secrets and traitors in their midst, they may not survive to save the kingdom.


4. Cammie's Candy Coloured Hair


The battle for the bathroom began that Monday at 8am as Lux banged on the door. Her little sister, Zelda, had had an argument with her for oversleeping and yet had then decided to take her time washing her hair. With only half an hour until school started, things were not looking optimistic. Zelda, of course, was completely oblivious to this fact as she continued to sing an Adele song in the shower. When the Queen of the Bathroom at last emerged after Lux had furiously banged on the door, she walked languidly towards her bedroom with no sense of urgency. Lux rolled her eyes and finally entered the bathroom. Had the mirror not been fogged up from steam, she would have seen what she deemed an unremarkable looking dark skinned, brown eyed girl. She was also positive that her unmanageable African hair was spiked out in several directions. Sighing, she got to work on it as a thunderous knock came at the door. She knew it was her dad even before he started shouting at her. Opening the door, she found all four feet of him, his face clearly showing his impatience. Still, height was the least of his problems. He was stuck in the eleven year old body of his former self. Unable to reverse the curse, it was possible that he might remain that way forever. The only thing clear was its permanence. Curses could not be reversed after the first full moon it was cast. Lux knew that most of all.

“We have to leave immediately” her dad stated. Their cover story was that he was a distant cousin. They had false documents and her father, Aaron, was forced to re-attend high school. It had been to give him something to do, and so that he could watch over her as her powers progressed. It was definitely not an experience anyone wanted to relive, particularly a powerful warlock such as himself, for those who originate from the land of Terrahgonia are all creatures of magic. ‘Too bad it’s not the sort of thing you could brag about at show and tell or put on your CV.’ Lux laughed inwardly, knowing that secrecy was important. Zelda seemed to be outdoing herself. Whilst everyone was ready, she had not even made an appearance to grab even a slice of toast. Of course it was up to the big sister to go to her room and fetch her. After knocking for a while, there was still no response. When at last she entered her sister’s bedroom, there was no one in sight. The room was as tidy as usual. Zelda firmly believed that everything was to always be in its correct place. The floor was clear and her bed was made. There was nothing in it to suggest anything unusual. With no choice, they were forced to rush to school despite everyone’s worry for Zelda. And when Lux worried, she talked a lot so she could not help making a list of all the potential things that might have befallen upon her sibling. They just about got to school on time, and then parted ways. Lux’s mum was teaching the saxophone at their school today so she drove them there.

Lux often wondered how her mother had just accepted this world of magic her dad had introduced her to. Though the mortal realm world knew nothing of Terrahgonia- for all records of its existence had long ago been destroyed- Terrahgonians often visited the mortal realm. For example, faeries brought the seasons of the year. But recently, more and more Terrahgonians were wondering the earth. Some appeared lost and stared despairingly out into space on the streets. Others walked among mortals, well camouflaged. The only thing that gave them away was their powerful ka- otherwise known as the life force or aura. Sometimes they would catch Lux’s glance and she would find herself immersed in their grief and sadness. Her dad knew that something bad had to be happening in Terrahgonia for so many to decide to live here. But their paranoid expressions gave her the impression that they were hiding from someone... or something.

It was a surprise when Lux walked into her form room, the food technology room, for morning registration and she saw her sister seated on her usual table by the other year nine students. Zelda smiled at her cunningly and began to write something out in her notebook whilst the teacher called out for registration. They had their usual thought of the day discussion but all Lux could think about was how her sister could have arrived to school so quickly. Having not gained any powers from their father, a Terrahgonian descendant, it should have been physically impossible for to have accomplished something like that. When the bell rang, everyone headed to class and Zelda approached her elder sister, note in hand. She gave it to her and stalked off without so much as a backward glance. The note had Zelda’s usual careful handwriting and simply read:

You are no longer the only gifted daughter.

The words could not have been any clearer. Lux desperately wanted to chase after her sister and question her but she was aware that she had her own lesson to get to for first period; maths with Mrs Summers.

Lux Robertson’s mathematics teacher was a pale, wrinkled woman who liked wearing long skirts, strong boots and occasionally, turtle necks. An attractive, tall boy stood next to her at the front of the classroom. He had shaggy blonde hair and bright emerald eyes. Everyone seemed to be staring at him like he was fresh meat. Being the new kid was never an easy thing. Lux had joined her current school in year eight when strong friendships had already been forged. But this was different. A new kid was joining her school in November, in the middle of year eleven, the final year. Yet somehow this guy remained unperturbed and radiated confidence.

“Class, this is Jamie. I hope you will all make him feel welcome.” She announced. Jamie had a backpack hung over one shoulder. He placed it on the other half of Lux’s desk and pulled out a chair.

“Um. My friend sits there.” Lux said nervously, worried about appearing rude. Immediately after, the friend in question entered. Her uniform was immaculate as usual, with those strange blouses she preferred to shirts, tucked into her not-too-short skirt. Her tie was long, down to her belly-button, as regulated for all prefects.

The strange thing about her, though, was her baby pink hair. Cammie had done a few weird things in the past, but this was uncharacteristic. Having only joined the school last year, Lux had decidedly taken her under her wings because Cammie had told her she used to be home-schooled. Her hair was styled in two long pony tails with a fully fringe. Whilst the pony tails would have looked immature on most people, Lux thought she managed to make it look sophisticated in a strange way.

Cammie gave Jamie and Lux an enquiring glance when she noticed her usual seat had been taken. Not one to face confrontation, she simply rolled her eyes and sat on the table next to them by Amy, the Queen of Snobs.

“Did you dye your hair in the dark or something?” Amy retorted. The class snickered, save for Lux, a few other friends of theirs, the new kid Jamie, and of course Mrs Summers who looked anything but sunny. As Cammie was about to sit in her seat, Amy moved it with her foot and Cammie came tumbling down. Just as she was about to hit the floor, Jamie somehow managed to catch her. Lux was dumbfounded.

No one seemed to be more shocked than Cammie, however. Her amber eyes were wide and her face was contorted. She quickly got up and shoved Jamie back. To some people, this may have seemed mean and unreasonable considering he had saved her from injury. Lux, however, knew that Cammie hated physical contact at the best of times and kept mostly to herself.

“Hey, I was only trying to help” Jamie complained.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just a bit shaken up.”

“What is going on?” Mrs Summers questioned. She had been writing some quadratic equations on the board and was completely oblivious to what had just happened.

“The new kid and Cammie were getting a bit intimate,” Amy grinned.

“Well, sit down, both of you,” She snapped.

“But she...” Jamie began, pointing at Amy.

“Just leave it. She’s not worth it.” Cammie cut in. Amy looked at her distastefully. “I’ve had to put up with far worse than you before, Amy. Don’t think you’re anyone special.” The class emitted low rumbles. Amy raised her eyebrows at Cammie in shock. This was the first time Cammie had stood up for herself. Lux had once thought she had no back-bone. It turned out she was just very good at ignoring people. ‘I shall turn the other cheek’ was her famous line and strangely enough, for the most part it worked. People saw that they could not annoy her easily and gave up. But the pink hair was like asking for ridicule.

“At least I don’t look like some heinous manga character... actually I take that back. At least they have more style and flair that you could ever possibly hope to possess.” Amy back lashed. A few snickers and more deep rumbles were heard.

“Amy! Cammie!” Mrs Summers shouted. “The two of you can talk about the latest manga comics at break time, assuming you have any left. Waste my time and I’ll waste yours.”

“Yes, Miss” They chorused.

Cammie took her seat next to Amy and the two didn’t talk much after that incident. Lux on the other hand was stuck with Jamie, who loved to talk. They discussed the pros and cons of having to wear a uniform, having to go to school and just about anything and everything. She got the feeling that he considered himself a bit of a rebel.

“Anarchy all the way” He said between solving a quadratic equation.

“Nah, things would be too chaotic.” I replied.

“Things are already chaotic. The system is getting old. It needs to change.” He countered.

“I’m all for change. I just prefer knowing that a responsible government is in power.”

“You clearly put a lot of faith in the government” Lux simply shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s ok”

“Well I hope you realise that politics is full of liars and deceitful pricks. People are never who they really claim to be.” He said this with such seriousness; Lux got the impression that he was referring to something more than the risk of rising VAT. For a moment longer, his eyes matched the tone of his voice. It then softened into a sad expression and he looked so distant, a dark cloud seemed to hang over my head.

Just as quickly as his sullen mood had come, he managed to pull off a smile so radiating it was hard to tell he had been anything buthappy all morning. And when Mrs Summers finally decided that it was time to read out the answers to the first half of the exercise- which Lux had just about been able to do- she was shocked to see that Jamie had finished the whole thing. Between their various arguments- or creative discussions, as Lux would prefer to think- she wondered how he had managed to complete them all. Her class was not exactly top set or anything, after all.

When the lesson ended, Cammie immediately bolted towards the door. Lux could tell that she wanted to get as far away as possible from the teasing gossipers, so she quickly followed.

“Well done back there” Lux congratulated her.

“For what?”

“For standing up for yourself; you ought to do that more often.”

“Yeah, it felt good.” Cammie smiled faintly. 

“So why now? Why haven’t you stood up for yourself before?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I’m sick of letting people walk all over me, I guess.” They both walked down the hallway as they spoke but as they reached the bottom of the staircase, Lux knew she would have to go up to art and she herself would have to go outside to music.

“I’ll talk to you later then” Cammie nodded in agreement.

“Wait!” Lux quickly stopped and turned to face her friend. She had a worried expression on her face.


“I... standing up for myself isn’t really that simple you know?”

“Well practice makes perfect. Anything else you need to say?”

“I...err, not really.” She seemed to be in debate over whether she should tell me something.

“Well if you need me, you know where I am.” She gave a thin smile and the two parted ways.

As Lux walked to her locker to get her book, she saw the shadow of a tall male figure stood next to it. In fact, it looked more like it was part of the locker. It was nothing more than a silhouette but the strange thing about it was that it was stood on its own, with no man made of flesh to have cast it. Against her better judgement, she walked up to it slowly. She looked around to see if anyone was in sight. All clear. It waved at her to acknowledge her presence.

“You’re the shadow of that stranger.” It was not a question, it was a statement. It gave her a ‘thumbs up’. “What are you doing here?” It stroked its chin and she could only imagine the sly smile she could not see. “So you can’t talk...great.” She rolled her eyes.

“I’m just messing with you.” It chuckled. This response shocked her. A talking shadow was not an everyday occurrence.

“So where is you master?”

“My master? Oh...him.” She found it strange that she could not see his facial expression. It was just black. He seemed to step out of the locker and become three dimensional. But he was still black everywhere. “He’s in Terrahgonia dealing with some business. You have me all to yourself.” It took on a happy tone, which contrasted to its naturally intimidating nature.

“I don’t understand. Why are you here? Who are you and what exactly are you?

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Lux was starting to become frustrated. It chuckled again, in amusement. Its solid figure shifted to two dimensional as she yelled at it.

“Yes, I would!” A few girls walked by and stared at her.

“Freak!” A year eight commented. Lux didn’t care.

“That was funny” The shadow said. Lux imagined that if he was made of flesh, he would be smiling.

“I’m glad you find me entertaining. Now answer my question.”

“Fine. I cannot tell you much of myself at this present time but let it be known that despite my natural charisma, I am not one to be taken lightly.” Lux could not help scoffing at his self-flattering. He simply ignored her.

“By shutting yourself from Terrahgonia, you have isolated yourself, making you vulnerable. You need to be with your own kind.” It explained.

“Why do you care?”

“We have more in common than you realise.” It shrugged.

“I doubt it”

“Then perhaps you would believe that it is in my interest that you remain unharmed.” This conversation was getting weirder and weirder.

“What are you? Are you even human?” Lux shook her head, ruling that possibility off. He... it, was Terrahgonian. Not to mention it had been able to travel between the realms at will.

“Are you a warlock then?”

“Not hardly” It replied. Then before she could ask it to explain, it disapperared.

“You are going to be late to lesson!” A school supervisor yelled. Lux sighed andheaded off. She had been left with more questions than answers.

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