Running Wild *Niall Horan FanFic*

Zoe and two of her friends, Maddy and Abbie travel to Paris together for a little holiday. Zoe doesn't believe in love or will this soon be changed? To find out, read the book and enjoy.xx


5. under the Eiffel Tower


In Niall's hotel suite

●●Zoe's POV●●

"I'm taking you out for dinner tonight," Niall stated with a cheeky grin, I giggled,

"You are, meet you under the Eiffel tower at urm...7?" I asked, unsure,

"Perfect," He replied wrapping his arms around me kissing my neck. He pushed me onto the bed and lay next to me. I pushed my hand through his hair as we kissed passionately. I gasped for air and said,

"Never leave me" I could feel him smiling as we kissed, he whispered in my ear "I never will.." He pulled me on top of him, our lips never parting, me began to feel down my leg,

"Niall,not now later I have to go back to my room," His eyes filled with disapointment . He smiled and kissed my forehead, then got out of bed,

"See you tonight love,"  I also got out of bed, picked up my bag smiled and made my way to the door,

"See you tonight, love you," I said whilst shutting the door behind me. 



"Girls you ready to leave?" I smiled as i placed my sunglasses on my face,

"Yes," Maddy and Abbie replied. We returned our key to reception and left the hotel. 

"Eiffel tower here we come!!" She shouted as we skipped down the road singling on the top of our voices. Old, pretty houses lined the little streets we went down, the smell of summer filled my lungs. 'this is the life' i said to myself, I was so happy, the last couple of hours had been the best of my life. And then theres tonight, even better. I was the first to  spot the Eiffel tower, towering over all the little cafes and shops full of busy people. We followed meandering streets, never losing sight of the Eiffel Tower, and finally our search had come to the end. The three of us stood at the foot of the tower , we turned on our cameras and the photography started. We chatted away as snapped away. 

*end of Zoe's pov*



"I'll race you guys to the top" Maddy said cheekily, the girls agreed,

"!"  The girls started to run up the long flight of stair. After clearing around 30 steps Zoe stopped , worn out and shouted "This is impossible!", gave a small smile then continued to go up, jogging. Maddy was at the front  her curly brown hair blowing behind her, she shouted down to the others ,

"there's 1665 all-together, good luck guys," They all sighed but laughed. Abbie replied but shouting weakly,

"Were going to be going all day, till the sunsets..." After allot of stops and downing bottles of water they were a couple of steps from the top. They all began to walk breathlessly. It made you feel uneasy if you looked down, it felt unsafe just a thin bit of metal holding your life in its hands.

The view from the top was breath taking. The girls gasped as it came into view. You could see for miles it felt so scary leaning over the edge, they clutched onto all belongings to make sure none would fall. The feeling for the girls was amazing, it was fear, adrenalin and happiness all combined. They all smiled at each other as their eyes looked over Paris.


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